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Hair Braiders In New Jersey Are At Constant Risk Of Losing Their Jobs (HBO)

Hair Braiders In New Jersey Are At Constant Risk Of Losing Their Jobs (HBO)

So what is the name of the braids were doing today It's Ghanaian ?! Do you want me to show you the two Sure I'll look at it Anita Yeboah came to the united states in 1999 . and has been running hair business In New Jersey , for the past ten years It's the main source of income for her and her kids What do you think ? I would do two You think to? Ok , lets look at second opinion To braid hair in New Jersey you need a cosmetology licence The cosmetology schools mainly focus on cutting coloring and styling hair with tools and chemicals So , why didn't you choose to go to cosmelogy shcool If I really wants to do chemicals I have to go to shcool and pay for money because you are dealing with chemicals its not a joke When I'm doing your hair , I'm using just my comb and my hands . Thats it, not too much How much would it cost you to go to cosmetology school ? I've heard about 15 , 18 somebody told me now its higher , but I don't know how higher it is 15 or 18 what ? To 20 thousands dollars , just to have the loan to go Anita doesn't have a cosmology license so according to the state of new jersey her practice is illegal Are ever afraid that you're gonna get in trouble or gonna get fined by the state because you don't have a license ? Most of the time This is what I want to do to support my family so , sometimes you have to deal with it perfect! feel pretty fabulous ! the new jersey cosmetology board is in charge of regulating hair-braiders like anita and its executive director is Jay Malanga need to be put through, a vigorous testing process now it is possible malanga has lots of experience with black women hair. but we can't it for sure because he ,in the cosmetology board, denied repeated requests for interviews for any of its 9 current members but Peter mcgree who served in the board as recently as 2016 was willing to talk how long have you been doing it hair? how long? Have I've been doing hair? oh god… client: since I was a little boy! oh right… yeah ahhaha have you followed at all the debate around wether or not people who braid and don't use chemicals should have to go to cosmetology school? I am not sure what the question is again… right now there is a bill being proposed and a lot of the braiders in new jersey say they are raised learning how to braid don't need anybody to teach them and cosmetology school doesn't give them anything, it just costs them a lot of money would you, as a member of the board, support them? I don't know what this person is going to do just braid all his life? yeah, i think so .. someone should be trained I don't care wether it is in the barbershop as an apprentice or in a beauty shop or certainly should know what he is doing so they should .. be qualified and licensed like we are. peter and anita shops are different in almost every way except in the eyes of the cosmetology board and new jersey braiders are tired of being treated like white and black hair is all the same at a local community meeting, braiders to rally behind assembly women for a bill that would separate hair-braiding from cosmetology so this bill will allow you not to have to pay up to 17,000+ dollars to get training that you do not that you do not need and that you don't use what are some of the cultural and historical things that were behind hair-braiding? that maybe your typical law-maker doesn't understand? if you are not of african descent or African American you really don't you really don't have a clue as to how your hair was braided when i get my hair braided people say to me wow your hair is beautiful! how does that happen? your hair grew so long overnight! ahahaha exactly! so what we need to do is educate So why are the laws set up in this way in the first place? well, this law happened in 1984 and now we are in 2018, so it's time for us to actually look at this law and amend it assembly women Mcknight expects the bill to be heard in new jersey assembly floor Let me tell you guys ! We have a gift a gift that nobody can take from us

27 thoughts on “Hair Braiders In New Jersey Are At Constant Risk Of Losing Their Jobs (HBO)

  1. Braiding is our culture and something we do in our homes all our lives… they need to stop trying to regulate our blackness. I sure hope this stops in all states. No chemicals, no should mean a less restrictive process if one at all but I’m for the latter. Even branders can do some damage if they are not skilled and client does not complain about how tight it is.. however none of us had that option of complaining with momma or big momma doing our hair so 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. I learned how to braid at age 9 when I was too young to go to cosmetology school…….it was a trade I picked up that helped me pay for college to become a teacher……

  3. Chile when she said "we have a gift, that nobody can take from us" I felt that in my spirit sis cause I can't braid to save my life 😂😂

  4. "how did this law happen?"

    "this happened in 1984 and it's time to…."

    that's not the question madam. I am curious how the law came to be (other than a mode to penalize and generate money)

  5. Wow! She is truly an artist. Wish I had hair. Goes to show, the government is horrible at everything they do.

  6. maybe a sanitation class and for different scalp/hair problems for about $1000 but not nearly $20000.
    that’s crazy.

  7. Bruh imagine if white people pulled the race card frequently throughout history, time and current day of age.

  8. I'm actually surprised at how sneakily they pulled the race card in this one. Honestly couldn't have thought how that could have even happened before it did lmao. Pull in some random old white man that has no idea why hes on camera and try to make all white people look racist. So fucking tired of this shit. Go back to fucking Africa if you want to be around nothing but your own kind.

  9. I don't think anyone should have to get certified for this. Some of us learn how to braid and do various braiding styles from a VERY young age. Practice makes perfect. There are no chemicals involved so you shouldn't need any certification. If anything they should only be required to learn how to properly sanitize.

  10. If you know how to do hair then you don’t need no damn licenses I think that you need to go to school if you have no idea how to do hair and that’s facts cutting hair and braiding are two separate things don’t add then together as one

  11. Nonsense. She literally sprayed the reporter's hair after she braided it while claiming that she never uses chemicals.

  12. That old man is in his own world..! He has no clue at all. Look how old is he, there is no braiders back in a days. All he can think of is if you own a business u have to be licensed where the fact is not all business needs to be licensed.

  13. It is important that anyone dealing with hair whether, braiding, cutting, styling , etc. should have the knowledge of hair care and health. Regardless if you are braiding you still use some sort of product whether it is gel or just something natural to control the hair. Clients will have different allergies and reactions. Also a lot of braiding hair is made of synthetic fibers such as polymers amoung other ingredients for color and texture and are created from chemicals. There plenty of people who have allergic reactions from dyes in everyday items just from a one time use. Now imagine someone having a hairstyle in for multiple weeks as do most people get such styles. These reactions can cause permanent hair lose especially if paired with a style that requires an abundant amount of tension.There should be some sort of training and licencing protect both the client and the stylist. Knowledge in any profession is important. Maybe if more braiders or stylist took the time or were introduced to a greater knowledge of hair science (even if just the science of the natural makeup of hair) and focused on the hair care and not just the style itself then we could eliminate alopecia caused by braids and other styles that cause an abundance of tension to the hair follicle. Hair can be healthy and fashionable if done correctly. Braiders as well of anyone dealing with hair in any capacity should have the the proper knowledge and licensing to practice as a professional.

  14. Just a target as usual. Wash hair before braids, clean comb etc. they don’t understand us our hair is different. But when money is being spent and it looks like a race is moving forward then we all become equal very fast. But still different 😂🤣😂🤣😂. That old barber shop geezer reminded me quickly of the part in the movie who killed Medgar Evers. Same flow. They don’t want no part of us but a chunk out of us rather it’s flesh or cash.

  15. Honestly I do think they should have some type of training, I've had bad experience and little good ones hence why I went natural and stopped going to salons PERIOD . A little more knowledge and school for these salons can help save some peoples EDGES. Said what I said. 😒

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