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Haunted Store! Scary Halloween Costume Shopping with the KIDS at 3 pm!

Haunted Store! Scary Halloween Costume Shopping with the KIDS at 3 pm!

what are you so we're having a family meeting about what we're gonna be for Halloween and we're sitting here talking we're about to go costume shopping we're gonna go in like the scariest costume shop ever can you tell the kids what you're gonna be for Halloween okay I'll show you guys show okay she likes mommy's old superhero Supergirl outfit right there and what are you gonna be spider-man but that has changed how many times first you're gonna be Batman and now you're saying spider-man are you sure yes how about we decide when we get to the store yeah see what they have you already go yeah okay look guys look guys I got a pumpkin listen guys this used to be a Barnes & Noble you know happen ghosts overtook it and on the inside now there's ghosts and goblins yeah actually they just went out of business cuz nobody came here anymore so now it gets rented out every October the who who's gonna eat your braids the zombies are gonna eat your braids wait you told her what her brains is it your braids are your brains yo I thought you said braids because that wouldn't be a very big deal I was telling your sister stuff like that there are zombies in there actually she's really scared now look what you've done telling her zombies listen if the zombie if the zombies bite you don't worry about it maybe they'll bite us to all be a zombie family Oh buddy this is the haunted Halloween store what do you think son we walk through it Oh this is not scary it's a wig upgrades like you it's questionable maybe be Elsa this is the zombies see they're not so bad there's there's toys in me zombie right there yep no what just looks like her see see zombie girl this is zombie PJ party what what did you see you bigger ball hit off oh my goodness that is where y'all coming home look at this this fiery yeah look it's a candy bag yeah it's like the shooting is a limp this is so you don't have to interact with strangers who just stick it out this is for people with cold she's really scared but I think she's hyperventilating Oh Supergirl no this is her size kinda like Pinocchio costume looks like snow why you don't want to go see what the wool the rough stuff this is the doggie it's just a scary you let's walk through it yeah [Applause] did you make it he's not breathing hit the mom jump says try me you do it hurry up five four two it three two one go my nut nothing's gonna happen nothing happened oh really he could be highly queen Oh mr. Jane Oh mr. J I like it so we found a Elsa we're on Jesse Jesse Jesse won and we found a whole section of stranger things but that's that's daddy's yeah this is a pretty cool Deadshot mask Harley Quinn look at this Joker do I need a Riddler upgrade huh I don't need a Riddler upgrade all right I'm not wearing that you weirdo only this that's a Joker from Arkham Knight it is creepy I thought about maybe doing this mmm Deadpool maybe I could be Deadpool buddy what do you think you like it yeah it's got a let me show me your assuming your minions hat hmm look down there you go now you're a minion look like weirdo pajamas what are you doing we told you not to kiss a groove why he's so ugly what you hmm now give me kisses hmm no I'm kidding don't be kissing this stuff there's a Pokemon dress who would be wearing a Pokemon dress Donald hail to the chief' you're what president Trump you look like you've had a you need a facelift or something look at this costume a presidential piggyback look look you can take a piggyback on the president oh nice I like it are you in distress inflatable inflatable poop use sumo baby funny Oh daddy's little girl giant baby oh what'd you think of that giant spider huh no she don't you want to touch it you will pet it look look see it's not real it's not real that is weird look how furry it is oh oh he's your baby Danger Danger Oh No dead at a Halloween store that wasn't so bad mom city found some brains on the floor is it a brain whoopee cushion you know some brains his brains is what it's not a phone yeah it's not a phone hello hello asthma s brains how it's going how you doing brains there's flash little flash yes definitely yes I'm doing this really okay size of this you could what if we can get a small one of those okay so let's get this and take it back to the house and show everybody what it looks like so little flash decided on little flash to be little flashes Halloween and I think ava has decided to be Elsa from frozen but we need your help to let us know what mom city and dad said he should be so you guys comment below and tell us who we should be what were you thinking about she was thinking about poison ivy I was thinking about Deadpool so comment below help us out we need some advice so we're back at the house and we're looking at Ava's Elsa costume that's pretty show me your dress Wow okay and show us your can you show me hook what you what you dancin like that for that never happened in that movie now little flash there is little flashes flash costume look this is like it's drawing on so it looks like the comics that's what's so cool about this one turn around for me it's got a yeah that's got a paper belt and a little bit of a wedgie no wedgie it feels good this is a muscle costume so flex for me he's impressed he's impressed with his own muscles you know you want to take a lap and see if it makes you any faster three two one go whoa you what now okay well this is a weird costume mm-hmm good job guys so we've got the kids covered you don't give up flash five good job we've got the kids covered there she's gonna I don't know where she's going so remember to comment and give mom city and dad cities some suggestions for our costumes we're gonna be doing some special Halloween videos I think we're gonna what are you doing stripping so we're gonna be doing some special Halloween videos on Halloween night we're gonna we're gonna show you our candy hunt okay yes and five ways to sneak up and eat candy we're gonna do five max for howling kids I don't get more candy so remember subscribe so you can not miss that and ring the bell so you get notified when it's uploaded so everybody say bye thanks for watching our house costume shopping trip you want to go hunting yeah Halloween candy uh-huh oh she heard us talking about Halloween hunting that wig actually looks pretty good girl okay episode bye-bye thanks for watching

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