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Haverdash Clothing Rental Subscription | Box #2 | Unboxing, Try-on & Review | July 2019

Haverdash Clothing Rental Subscription | Box #2 | Unboxing, Try-on & Review | July 2019

hey there today I have another have her – and boxing for you so if you're not familiar with hammer – it is a online clothing rental subscription service and this is actually my second box and I am actually really really surprised because I just mailed back the items I had received in my first box today although I did do the return notify the last week Thursday but then I forgot 200 cats close but then I forgot to mail it on Friday and then I didn't mail it on Saturday then I actually mail it today so I guess with hammer – if you do the return notify they'll go ahead and start prepping your box and mail it out they're not necessarily gonna wait for you to mail back the previous box but anyway I'll put some information as to how haberdash works in the description box below along with my referral link in case you want to check it out and just an FYI if you use a hammer – referral link which could be mine or anyone elses you get a $30 credit and I also get a $30 credit so yeah so it's kind of nice but anyway let's go ahead and see what I got okay so here's my box and everything is nicely wrapped so here's my bundle and yeah I think it looks pretty good I got I see some polka dot actually of the three items that I got today one of them was a priority but two of them weren't so with hammer – are able to prioritize items in your closet and then hopefully they'll send those out sooner and I do have quite a few things prioritized but I guess it just depends on availability okay so the first item is this jacket and you know I think this is really cute and it's got polka dots yeah and it's very cropped but it's by renamed and it's a size small and the buyout price on this is 7950 which reflects a 17 percent off retail so whatever 17 comes out too but you know how I love denim jackets but I thought this one was extra cute you know it has polka dots I really do love polka dots and yeah this is just just a nice jacket so I'm hoping this will look good on me because I like it okay next it's a little scary I got these pads they're kind of like pajama pants and I don't own any pants like this to be honest they have like a stripe on the side and they have this kind of a hem okay these are my BB Dakota they're the cropped floral or Kerr orchard crepe pants and I got them in a size medium so I'm hoping that these will fit me because they're cropped and they're size medium but we'll see they do look kind of long but actually I don't I think these kind of look kind of cute so if I can pull these off I'll be happy I don't know though yeah because remember this is a this is a service from Millennials and I am NOT a millennial and lastly I got these jeans these are hipster jeans these are seven jeans or six seven seven jeans can't tell and there's the embroidered straight crop jeans and I got a size six and it says the suggested size was for me was a four but I didn't believe that so I just got the six oh and the buyout price on this is $71 and by the way the buyout price on this was $79 these are expensive pants from BB Dakota okay so these are these are not cheap jeans one thing I noticed right right off the bat there's like a there's something sticking right here so it's almost like I wonder if this originally had a patch or something I don't know I'm not sure why but these are these are highly distressed jeans and they have like this embroidery in the front and yeah I just saw these stuck in my closet I didn't prioritize them because I just put a lot of things in my closet to be honest and yeah we'll see I mean it's definitely different I don't have any embroidered jeans right now okay so that's everything I got in my second haberdash box so um yes I think some pretty cute things I don't know if they look too young for me but I will go ahead and I'm gonna try these on tomorrow morning before I go to work because it is getting kind of late right now and I'm thinking I'm gonna run out of sunlight but yeah I mean I I think there are definitely items that I'm hopeful might look good but anyway we'll be back okay so it's the next day and okay so this is the first item it's the jacket you know I really like this jacket I think it's super cute and I just have it paired I kind of looked at the picture they had on their website so I have it with a white t-shirt and this is a nice one from j.crew Factory and I've got these black jeans that I got from Talbots and I got them on clearance but these I have to say these Talbot jeans are super flattering and I think they're really nice but yes I think this is a very cute outfit and I just have some black slides and these are from Monroe and very simple jewelry I've got this is that rebel pendant from Stella and Dot and earrings that probably don't match but I always wear these they're from Kate Spade okay so yeah I really I think this is this is a really cute jacket I don't have anything with this polka dot it's a little boxy it's cropped and yeah I really like this I might what I might have to either buy it or I'll see if I can find it somewhere else and my dog is playing okay so here are those kind of crazy pajama pants and you know I actually really like these I might love these because they are like super cute I would never have thought that they would be it's nice and they're really comfortable and kind here is playing with the squeaky toy anyway these are cute I just have it paired you know I'm just getting tile inspiration from the pictures that they have on their website and I've heard of them a white t-shirts the same j.crew factory t-shirt and the same black slides but yeah I think this looks really cute and you'll see it has it's an elastic waist it has pockets has a side stripe stripe in detail at the hem mm I'm not sure and then okay let's try it with the denim jacket okay and here it is with a denim jacket and I think that looks really cute haha I might have to I think these buyout price on these pastors like $79 switch to me I think that's too expensive but I'll see if I can find it online that's a win okay so here is the last item and these are the jeans and you know I think these fit really well except they are a little long so I cuffed them they're supposed to be cropped though but for me being like one everything you know even if it's cropped it it doesn't look wrong but yeah so I think these are pretty cute so it has like this embroidery then it has some distressing so you'll see it has distressing up at me and just needs and it's pretty faded but yeah and I would say this is high waisted so I just paired it with a black t-shirt and this is the same shirt that I had you know from JQ factor in white but I also have it in black and it's just a very nice basic and the same necklace oh and the same shoes so yeah so I think you can do a lot you know with these pizzas and you have the same items but it gives you a different little and these are jeans that I would not have had the guts to buy but I'm glad that I can rent them just to try them well yeah I think it's a cute I'll definitely wear this and I think this this topper – box was kind of like a homerun because I like everything and I'm actually tempted to either buy the items or try to find them online or find similar things so I'll try and I'll leave anything I find okay okay so just to wrap things up so for my second hammer – box you know actually I was really really happy everything I got I really liked and what was nice is they were things that I probably wouldn't have purchased you know I mean even though yeah I've put them in my closet I probably wouldn't purchased especially like the jeans or the past I mean possibly this jacket but I do think it's kind of an expensive jacket I mean the discounted price was I think 70 it's 75 50 so you know this is probably like a $90 jacket but it is really cute I haven't worn this yet I wear the crazy pants to actually wear these pants today and I want to work and I'm on my lunch break actually I just snuck home for for lunch just to film this oops and the cat is here but yeah these pastors like amazing these they're like super super comfortable they feel like you're wearing pajamas but they look nice and I actually got some compliments at work you know without fishing for them and yeah I really do like them and I asked we're wore it with a denim jacket on top so these pants are amazing so yeah I was really happy with these pants this jacket and I think these jeans I think they kind of look nice and I thought the cut and everything with the high waist was pretty flattering so yeah I'll definitely be wearing these items so maybe over the next week before returning everything but I was also amazed with haberdash at how quickly they turned around the next box so I actually got my second box on the same day that I mailed out the items for my first box so I but I think it is because I did return notify so if you're if you are trying the service or using the service it does make sense to do the return notify prior to sending it out so as soon as you know like if you're gonna like send things back I would just return notify and even if you don't send it back like the next day or even the next next day they'll still be working on your box so it's a good thing but anyway that's all I have for today's video and I'm gonna actually since she's conveniently located right here I'm gonna bring Molly and this is Molly the cat and she's actually my daughter's cat and I think she got her at a Petco this she's a rescue but she's so so sweet she's like a people cat so when I come home now I have these two dogs that greet me at the door and this cat and sometimes only the cat is at the door I didn't know cats were like that so yeah what she is incredibly incredibly sweet and she's a people cat and her name is Molly but anyway that's all you have for today's video I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please give it up thumbs up and consider subscribing to my channel I do a lot of shopping hauls and unboxing videos and some outfits of the day and if you enjoy watching those kind of videos please consider subscribing and I'll see you next time bye now you

18 thoughts on “Haverdash Clothing Rental Subscription | Box #2 | Unboxing, Try-on & Review | July 2019

  1. I don't think you can find ANYTHING that doesn't look adorable! Everything seems expensive but I liked everything in this box!

  2. Those pieces are cute. The jacket and jeans are unique. Your daughter’s cat looks so similar to my cat that I lost years ago. She looks so sweet.

  3. Love the kitty photo bombing. The jacket is super cute. I sorry they look cute on you but I have to say no to them. The jeans looked great on you. Have a safe 4th:)

  4. I liked everything including those crazy pants!! The jacket and jeans were cute too but not as cute as Miss Molly!!

  5. I think the polka dot jacket is super cute! I really like the pants too, fit you perfect! I've been looking for some pants something like that. The jeans look better on you than the model!! Molly's glad you came home for lunch!🐈

  6. Hi Tisha!! I love the polka dot jacket. Adorable!! To be honest, I was not too sure about the floral pants when you pulled them out of the box but the look so cute on you! I don't think I could pull the off but you did! Love the jeans too. Everything fit you well. Mollie is such a sweet and social cat. Hi to the pups🐾🐾 I hope you and your family have a safe and happy 4th of July!! 🎇🎆🎇🎆

  7. My cat Teddy was entranced with Kaia playing with the squeaky toy! Cool finds – different and funky! They looked great on you!

  8. Those pants could really be dressed up too with a black cami, some long necklaces or long pearls and strappy sandals. ❤️Molly!

  9. How sweet! Both of my kitties are like that – they're super social and run to the door when my boyfriend or I come home 😊
    Love that polka dot jacket!

  10. I love the crazy pants.  I'm surprised you liked them.  They are so far out of your comfort zone!  They looked great!

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