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Holiday Dress Haul 2019! Best Dresses for the 2019 Holiday Season!

Holiday Dress Haul 2019!  Best Dresses for the 2019 Holiday Season!

all right girls I am so excited to bring
to you today a holiday dress try on by the website shine I think is how you
pronounce it and I don’t know why my chest is red but anywho I’m gonna get
right to it I’m gonna bust through a bunch of different dresses and none of
them are over $30 which i think is really fun now some of them need to be
ironed as you can tell here but this is such a pretty dress I paired it with
these black heels it’s a long in the back and it has a really nice little bow
you can just tie it just ties through it’s not like a free-standing bow it’s
connected to the dress I love that I can still wear just my regular bra with it
and how pretty are the sleeves there’s little buttons I’m gonna be wearing a
medium in every single dress so just so you know for size they do fit true to
size and I do love this high pony I wore it last year for the holiday party that
we went to and I just think it’s a fun way to spice up your look with the
little pieces in front and just makes it look dressy but it’s pretty effortless
so this is I think this is the one I’m actually going to wear I think this is
the one that my hubby likes the best so let me show you the next one this one
is so cute it has a little tulle skirt and it’s a
great length again I can wear it just my regular bow with it and has a little
tool detailing on the neck so if you’ve been working your biceps girls or if
you’ve been in barre class let’s show off those arms and shoulders and this
would be the perfect little easy slip on dress for you this one is so so cute in
fact I feel like it’s perfect for summer because you can pair it with boots with
booties with heels honestly whatever you want and again I’m in a medium and I’m 5
7 so it fits really well it’s got cute little detailing on the sleeve on the
neck it has a little tie here so all I have to do is make an extra hole a
little a little peg for my belt and then it will fit perfectly because it’s a
little bit loose but I love this one I will definitely be wearing this one
year-round but cute for a holiday party – okay I know this is silly but I love
this dress I love the little mock turtleneck I love the soft fabric I love
the print the color and this cinch when you pull it in it’s very flattering when
you can cinch up the smaller part of your rib cage you could kind of pull the
arms up if you wanted it does have slits on either side and I honestly think you
could wear it with black booties to kind of dress it down a little bit or even
knee-high boots per say maybe but so great and honestly when you get it with
all the deals on the site that I linked for you this cost me $10 so it’s kind of
a fun like date night New Year’s Eve any type of fun holiday or any time during
the year party it’s a go-to so I saw this dress on two different girls on
Instagram that was so stinking cute and I thought I have to try this
so obviously you can’t wear your normal bra with it but I love how whimsical and
pretty it is I definitely would want to cinch it with a belt because if you
don’t you can see it just hangs like that much more flattering if you had
like the light-colored Gucci belt or something like that
the sleeves are pretty the neckline is pretty and again it’s super cute I saw
it paired with booties for more of a casual look or you could dress it up
there are little moons and stars on it so if that is not your jam my daughter
was even like mom is this is this a kids dress I was like no babe it’s for ladies
but so cute I do love this one I think it’s safe to say that all of us girls
love a cozy sweater paired with a fun skirt so this skirt I found and I was
looking at the Free People ones they’re like 128 they are longer and I think the
Free People one has a slip but this is under 50 it has a slip underneath so you
don’t have to worry about anything it’s got a really pretty swing and shine to
it and again the price is right so I do have a v-neck cream I’m gonna fall over
a v-neck cream sweater on order to wear with this it’s a little bit brighter
than this color that I’m wearing if you even just had like a black
bodysuit and black heels you could wear it so love this one alright I had to
show you this waterfall jacket I’ve had it for a couple years now and it is a
really good price a really soft fabric and I will show you the dress in a
second but I just thought that the two looked really elegant together really
nice and I definitely think this would be a pretty look for like the ballet or
if you’re going to New York for the holidays and you want to be warm and
bundled you’re somewhere cold but you want to have your evening look this is
perfect and here’s the dress there’s a really pretty detail on the sleeve it
has a soft material the waistline comes nice and high and then I just love love
love the detail on the skirt so that’s cute
this dress girls look at the lace on the bottom and it has a little peekaboo it’s
so pretty it does fit pretty tight so even though
I’ve been comfortable in a medium I would probably it’s got some stretch but
I would probably size up just one and this one because of just like the thigh
like when you’re sitting down in a party getting up like you don’t want anything
to rip and there’s a slit in the back so hello but how pretty is this love love
love all right this one I just got because the tulle just looked so
enticing online by when I tried it on I was like the sleeves are so tight my
dangle arms look like a busted can of Pillsbury biscuits because it’s like
cutting off my circulation and making like everything poof out so anywho if
you have super thin arms and you know low body fat and you love this all your
sister all right mama see Dad check out this me ow
laughs love it it’s a little bit less flowy than the burgundy one in the back
it’s a little bit shorter it does have a separate tie and then there’s two snaps
to enclose it I do feel like you could just wear your normal bra and be fine
the arms are not as detailed so it’s a little bit like ah the cuff on
that’s not that great so just roll it up and kind of hide that but really really
really pretty really good color really good fit in the upper body which is what
I want like I don’t want it to be big bulky weird and needs to be snug enough
and that’s what this is so yes please and thank you and it kind of covers like
the burgundy one slits open higher where this one covers and goes all the way
down so I think you would love it if you’re a leopard girl all right I love
this style of this dress and the color is actually a teensy bit more purple in
real life like more of a burgundy but the pleating in the front is so
flattering it’s a great length you could definitely wear it with knee-high boots
or booties and the sleeve detailing is so fun I don’t have it zipped all the
way up because I couldn’t zip it myself really but the the chest area is really
flattering too so this one is a keeper and I just feel like it would be perfect
for a baby shower or an office party that’s you know just a little bit more
toned down everything’s covered you’re just showing a little leg and it’s just
very classy this dress has the prettiest little neckline straps and again tulle
which is so fun and it just hits right above you know the ankle and it sucks in
at the waist and I just feel like if this is something that is your style and
you want to show off a little more upper body this is the perfect one I forgot to
mention too that these a lot of these dresses come in girls like up to size 12
and then the women’s so if you wanted to do a fun like Mommy and Me photo shoot
like after you’ve done your family photos and you just want to get a
picture of you and your girl that would be so cute and my daughter is in a size
extra-large and Target so I would probably order her an extra small just
to be safe because the twelve could be too small for her but these do fit true
to size so it might work I really love this dress I think it is so cute when I
held it up and when I got it out of the package I was like no that’s gonna like
show everything it’s going I’m gonna have to wear Spanx from like
ankle to shoulder it’s not gonna work but when I put it on the fabric is so
soft and it definitely feels like it’s thick enough to where you’re not exposed
and it does have a little like turndown turtleneck which my husband doesn’t love
but I don’t care because I feel super sexy in it and how cute with the right
heels oMG polka dots okay I’m getting crazy up
in here but really honestly this is such a great dress for the price you could
sit easily in it you could dance in it and it just black always makes things
better especially if you’ve been eating the cheese and drinking the wine so I
feel like this is a cute little just to throw together holiday look you can wear
just with boots the vest kind of in long gates the front of your body and it’s
cozy and chic and super simple to just throw on and again fun if your little
girl if you have one she had a little fur vest on and the new girls could get
pictures together I feel like you could just sit easily in this at like
Christmas dinner depending on where you guys if you go out it would be a really
fun dinner out outfit the holiday this holiday season some hope you enjoyed
make sure to subscribe make sure to like this make sure to comment find me on
Instagram and find me on the lights you know app because I will be doing more
and more of these for you because it is so fun to get all the things out that I
love to you talk to you soon

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  2. Last look needs sheer black stockings to go with the boots. rest s perfect, I love you in a black dress I must say ^^

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