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How Many Times to Wear Clothes Before Washing

How Many Times to Wear Clothes Before Washing

How about a game of truth or dare? Alright, first off, truth: what’s the longest
you’ve ever worn the same pair of underwear on consecutive days? Put it down in the comments, please! Ok, if you picked dare, then I dare you to
give this video a thumbs up if you’ve ever broken any of these laundry rules! Let the games begin… 1. Jeans
Ripped, distressed, classic, acid-wash with a mullet to top it off, almost everybody has
jeans they wear on a regular basis. If you’re wondering when the best time is
to throw that denim in the wash, the answer would be after 3 wears. If you’re a fan of skinny jeans, you’ll
need to wash them more often since they rub up against your skin all day. Hey, I know you shower and stay up on your
hygiene, but your skin has natural oils and sweat, and they get your clothes dirty! If you’re worried about your jeans fading
in the wash, then make sure to launder them inside out in cold water. Skip the dryer if you can. 2. Shirts
How about your favorite old band tee that probably should’ve been tossed years ago,
but, man, it’s just so full of memories! Yeah, wash it after every wear. If you’re worried about fading, try a colorfast
detergent to keep your colors bright. It’s the same for camisoles, tanks, and
tube tops – wear it just once, then it goes in the laundry! This will help cut down on odors, especially
if you live in a hot environment or sweat more than normal. Again, it’s those items that are touching
your skin all day! 3. Workout Clothes
Ok, this might seem like a no-brainer, but just in case there’s anybody out there who’s
like, “Well, I don’t work out every day or very hard, so maybe I don’t need to wash
my exercise clothes after each time?” Forget about it! Wash them every single time, even if that
means they only get laundered once a month! Hey, I’m taking baby steps into my exercise
regimen, give me some time… 4. Swimwear
Bathing suits and trunks should be washed immediately after each wear. (You seeing a pattern here? Looks like we all just need to do laundry
more often…) Actually, the reason for that is chlorine:
it breaks down the fabric and elasticity in your swimwear. So even if you can’t get to the washer right
away, make sure to rinse your bathing suit or trunks in cold water. An elastic mishap could spell disaster at
your next pool party! And you know what I mean. 5. Pajamas
You can get away with not washing your PJs for a while. Every 3 to 4 wears should be fine. If you shower at night before bed, you may
even get a few more wears out of your pajamas since you’re not doing much activity while
you’re dozing. Not unless you tend to sweat a lot as you
sleep – in that case, you know what to do! 6. Skirts and pants
If we’re talking bottoms made from a thick fabric like tweed, you can wash it after 5
or so wears. Cotton skirts and pants, however, need to
be cleaned after 3. Obviously I’m not talking about if you spill
something on your pants like coffee or spaghetti sauce. In that case, you should wash that article
of clothing as soon as you can, preferably the same day. And, you know, there are all kinds of stain-treatment
sprays and pens out there on the market! 7. Hose
Believe it or not, pantyhose need to be washed after every wear! Again, it’s because of the bacteria from the
skin that can collect there. If you get a run in your hose, don’t throw
them out. They can be used to buff shoes, organize a
drawer or suitcase, store onions or garlic, or slip over your head to hide your identity
for next bank robbery. Okay maybe not that last one! 8. Leggings and Tights
Leggings and tights should be washed and dried after each wear since they tend to stretch
out in certain parts. The elastic in these items can relax after
a day of wear, so you might notice the area around the knees sticking out or the ankles
feeling loose. The same goes for yoga pants too! 9. Dresses
Like with skirts and pants, it’ll often depend on the fabric of the dress. Cotton dresses should be washed after every
wear, but dresses that need to be dry-cleaned can safely go 2 times before you take them
in. That is, if it didn’t make you sweat too
much the first time around! 10. Suits
With a few exceptions, suits shouldn’t need dry-cleaning for at least 4 wears. The exceptions would be if you found yourself
in a smoky environment (hey, I like to dress up for backyard BBQs!) or the typical culprit:
lots of sweat. In that case, it’d be best to dry-clean
it at least after every other wear. As for dress shirts, if you wear a tank or
tee under yours, you may be able to get 2 to 3 wears out of them unless you spill something
on them. If it’s hot and you’re sweating, though, dress
shirts should be laundered every day along with your T-shirts. You wouldn’t wanna be the source of that
weird smell at your next business meeting, would you? (I’m pretty sure it’s Bob, but don’t
say anything…) 11. Winter Gear
Winter coats don’t need to be washed very often. Every 2 months is a good rule of thumb, unless,
like with suits, you’re exposed to smog or other smelly environments. As for scarves, gloves, and hats – they
do a pretty good job at keeping your skin warm, but that also means more bacteria growth. You don’t have to wash them after every
use, of course, but 3 to 5 times in a season should be enough! 12. Outerwear
Sweaters and hoodies can be worn for a week before they need a wash since they’re not
directly up against your body. Also, during cooler weather when you’re likely
to be donning this sort of light outerwear, you’re not sweating nearly as much as you
do in the summer. Jackets should be washed after 5 to 6 wears. While it’s not against your skin directly,
the odors and bacteria still slowly seep through your clothes and permeate the fabric. Denim jackets, like jeans, can be washed with
cold water and vinegar to preserve their vibrant color. 13. Underwear
Hmm. After every single wear please, no excuses! The parts your underwear covers are breeding
grounds for bacteria, so wear your undies only once, folks. And you can’t just turn them inside out either
– the bacteria is still there! If you use shapewear, your laundering schedule
will often depend on the season or how much you sweat. So, that means you might have to wash it after
as little as 1 wear or up to 3. Just don’t push it – that fabric hugs
your skin! 14. Bras
Bras are a different story, so I hear. I’m told, a bra can last 2 to 3 wears before
it needs to be washed. You may want to give your bra a day between
wears to let the elastic settle back into its original shape. After washing it, lay it down on a clean towel
to air dry. Never hang it up by one strap – it’ll
stretch that one out more. 15. Socks
Listen, I’m just as guilty as using the ol’ Sniff Test to decide when it’s finally
time to wash something, but I never use it for my socks! Come on, your feet are swarming in sweat,
dead skin, and bacteria! Yeah, some toe jam in there too…egh! Wash your socks after each use, period. 16. Shoes
Shoes only need to be washed if they’re dirty or smelly. If they’re only dirty on the outside, you
should be able to clean them with a damp washcloth and avoid the washing machine altogether. If you have a pair of shoes that can’t be
put in the washer, then just grab a disinfectant spray. Yeah, like the ones they use at the bowling
alley! 17. Bathroom Fabrics
Bath towels can go 3 to 5 uses before they need a good washing. But if your towel starts smelling kinda funny
before then, go ahead and throw it in the washer. Hand towels, however, need to be laundered
every 2 to 3 days because of the amount of use they get. Bathmats can go 2 or 3 weeks without a wash,
but, still, don’t forget about it entirely! They can host all kinds of mildew and bacteria,
and I don’t think you wanna be stepping on that after a nice clean shower! 18. Bed Linen
Bed sheets and pillowcases should be washed every 2 weeks or more often if you’re a
pretty heavy night sweater. Remember that you shed dead skin while you
sleep, and you know what looooves to munch on that? The dust mites in your bed! (Good luck falling asleep tonight! Heh-heh!) Pillows should be washed twice a year, or
every 3 months if you’re a drooler! Dead skin drool, boy is that a great name
for a band or what? Welp, I know I’ve been breaking most of
these rules my whole life. If you didn’t know about at least one of
them, then you owe me a like! Hey, I didn’t forget! And challenge your friends by sharing the
video. But hey wait a second …before you go burn
your bed, don’t forget that we have over 2,000 cool videos for you to check out. Just click on this left or right video and
enjoy! And you know what to do: Stay on the Bright
Side of life!

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  2. I wear clothes one time and wash it. Unless you have no other clothes to wear, or no way to wash them. It’s nasty to wear them more than a day without washing them

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  7. Underwear, workout clothes, bathing suits – 1 day no more! Everything else – when dirty, eg smelly, visually oily etc

  8. I had a weight lifting partner who wore the same T-shirt for nine months (entire school year.) It never smelled, but it was saturated with white salt from his sweat.

    Jeans 0:28
    Shirts 1:11
    Workout Clothes 1:46
    Swimwear 2:13
    Pajamas 2:44
    Skirts and pants 3:07
    Hose 3:40
    Leggings and Tights 4:07
    Dresses 4:29
    Suits 4:49
    Winter Gear 5:36
    Outerwear 6:04
    Underwear 6:40
    Bras 7:16
    Socks 7:43
    Shoes 8:08
    Bathroom Fabrics 8:30
    Bed Linen 9:02

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