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How to choose Formal Wear- Plus Size women’s dresses

How to choose Formal Wear- Plus Size women’s dresses

Hey I’m alexandra and I’m here today in the Ulla loft. Today we’re gonna talk about special occasion dressing
remarks today were going to talk about which can be
pretty challenging if you’re a curvy customer because trip this special occasion dressing
candied challenging for women all sizes basis specially counting when it comes
to forfeit the planet we often high feel like we’re not enough but we don’t have pretty enough outfit
to wear out to the evenings saturday at five point three of my break
from friends talk about the issue and offers and had
to go marshall’s worked so here i am with my three girl friends
talking about special he’s interested personally to introduce you to my
insides by each side is a model any musician and she has had to walk the red carpet
several times to talk about high-pressure special occasion dressing
girlfriend constantly yeah challenging as ocr b_ one and two
giraffes forties to the pressure to have to be side by side with all those sites
to use in zero sat-sun winning you’re on the record and you
know it literally is a million people watching this yes last thoughts going up and you
cannot compare yourself to other lake says the residents’ eyes to using male
example sizes and outside my and you know incontinence stand out but it’s hard to want to do that if you
don’t feel comfortable and confident in which is returning you know so for me and it’s definitely a lot of thought and and find ways in it’s flattering because
they know that you know those images grabs the stick in the last four
temporarily any action and he had sent me a chance to him i can imagine but you know i love about
you is that you own x and that’s an invitation to all curvy
women i’m wearing all black etc assisted kinda
like that and i think you know so it’s a go to start a flattering thing to wear
and especially cation that you love color you on the collar
and all kirby women should know that it’s
okay to work on eleven absolutely eminent and venues oldest look good in
sometime you know in advance it’s a way to break the soft copy for me
and i like to express bipin cdm happened present reformer and really like that’s
elements and put it out there and i i want to be shows that indianapolis i’d like to have get together after that
time now and that someone introduce you to good
friend of mine to prior jennifer is mother any teacher and juniper what i wanted to ask you is
had has kirby woman ever expected enjoying a
special occasion our bags absolutely i’ve had a few black tie event for the
intended as well as the family events formal and on in the past and insightful on
address didn’t fit really or online to sell it there were has many choices available hence i
settled on side for anything and he was miserable the whole time if
they didn’t fit great i just didn’t feel good about myself uh… and it’s such a difference in your
wearing a dress that fits well and you just feel good and you can
really enjoy hole whole special insert troops it is so
important week all squeezed ourself into something that was too tired or conversely words something that was
very moved to and i’m having to barbara is and what’s wonderful about you is this
look your your calling it some women height they’re arms and he utility sheet just because you’re pretty cover
everything op you porches convictions that experience now that’s that’s amazing and and and also let’s introduce you to
my friend peter baby is paid some consultants writer update now you’ve travelled journey of
empowerment can you please for your contravene as a curvy women so can you share a
little bit about them you know when i think that there were special occasions i did not
attend because they didn’t have anything
wonderful to hear and then and thought about that photograph of the special occasion that lasts
through the years and i want to be in that photograph i want to look beautiful in that
photograph neatly waited youthful it’s just your view and when i love about what your wearing
is that you weren’t cancer which is an amazing
alternative to address tell us if if i can see white shirts
that say something and say i’d love that eighties midnight blue instead of black symonds
street but still puts it that color back on my face and i love that there’s going to be no
chafing through dance night eleven as bad as it
passed right colorful figure women now about shaking we’re just gonna keep it
really reality cool off with you today change superpower women so and this is
something that’s a challenge for you acting it has wonderful sites thank you for joining us and alexander
here in the will often were feeling beautiful is always

10 thoughts on “How to choose Formal Wear- Plus Size women’s dresses

  1. Purchased my third special occasion dress..they fit perfectly and everyone loves the way I look…

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    Have look, maybe we have something for you!

  3. I was at my heaviest when my daughter got married. I wish I had this video to watch years ago. I hated how I looked at her wedding. Seeing these women gives me hope for how to dress at a future formal occasion.

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