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How to Complete your Jersey Personal Income Tax Return

How to Complete your Jersey Personal Income Tax Return

There are two forms, the four page return
that covers all we need to know for most people and the eight page return which includes extra
sections you’ll need to complete if you’re self-employed, have income from property or
other more complicated tax circumstances. Before you start filling it out, just make
sure you’ve got the right form. The short return has sections for:
Employment pension income
savings income renting a room in your home
private pension contributions giving to Jersey charities
interest relief for your Jersey home and children
The full return also includes sections for: self-employment
partnership income Intermediary Service Vehicle income, also
known as personal service companies relief for interest on machinery and plant. That’s assets that are used in a business,
like vehicles or appliances relief for interest on acquisition of trade,
partnership share or trading company distributions from Jersey companies
share holder loans from Jersey companies and property income
If you need a different return, you can call us to request one on 01534 440300
Remember, it’s very important that you take care to complete the tax return correctly
because it’s a legal declaration. Once you’ve got all your paperwork together
and are filling out the tax return, write clearly in blue or black ink. Check your address and if it needs updating,
use the change of address box. The year tells you what tax year you’re
completing the return for. The tax year in Jersey is from January to
December. If you’re classed as resident for tax in
Jersey, which is the majority of the people who live and work here all year, you’ll
need to include all your income, whether it’s from Jersey or elsewhere. For example if you have a UK investment that
pays an income or a rental property abroad, you need to declare the income in Jersey. If you’re a seasonal worker, you’re likely
to be completing your return from the date you arrived in Jersey to the date that you
left. So you need to enter your arrival and departure
dates and only include your income during your time in Jersey. If you are not sure about your tax residency,
you can find out more from the website, by searching for ‘residency for tax’, or
by sending send us an email. Remember, when you’re writing your figures
of the form, there are only spaces for pounds, so don’t try to fit pence in. Only complete the sections of the form that
apply to you, if a section doesn’t apply leave it blank. Declare your income gross (that’s the income
amount before tax or any other deductions), unless the form asks you to enter a net amount. Your gross income is your actual earnings
and doesn’t include short term incapacity benefit that’s paid by Social Security which
is exempt from tax. If you need extra pages, because you’ve
run out of room in a particular section you can print these from our website, gov.je/mytaxreturn
Once you’ve completed the return, it’s worth checking it through carefully
Make sure you sign and date the declaration and use the envelope we’ve provided to post
the return back to us. You don’t need to include supporting paperwork
with the form, but you must keep your financial records safe in case we need to check them. If you want more help there are short videos
for other sections of the tax return. You can also get comprehensive help guides
for each return section by going to our return help webpage, gov.je/MyTaxReturn

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