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How to Crochet A Granny Square Blanket: Denim

How to Crochet A Granny Square Blanket: Denim

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as Yarnspirations.com. I’m you host Mikey. Today we gonna work on a granny square blanket that is using Bernat Bundle Yarn. So this is using Home Bundle but you can also use Baby Bundle yarn because it’s the same gauge and the same type of yarn. Today I’m gonna show you how to do this concept having any stitch work as far as sewing the squares together because we are gonna join as we go. So let’s dive into this pattern more carefully. So using a 6.5 mm or size ‘K’ crochet hook today. You’re gonna be using Bernat Home Bundle Yarn or you can use Bernat Baby Bundle Yarn as well. It’s both the same yarn just different colors depending on decor or for accenting for baby. The version you see here on camera is the baby version and is called Aquaness and it is available at Joann.com if you’re interested in that as well. So what we have a set number of squares in order to do the particular afghan. The instructions for this are available in the more information of this video. And what I’m gonna show you today is how to get started on one of these squares. But there’s also a unique feature on this. There’s no sewing of the squares together. We’re gonna joinas you go. So you’re gonna notice that each one of the squares looks really kind of almost like scrapghan like. It is really quite thick and soft and because of that I think you’ll really enjoy working with this yarn. So every square can end up looking potentially different because of the way that it comes out of the ball. And it’s really neat for that affect alone. So while I have this other sample up what we’re going to be doing today is that we’re going to be working on the sample and we’re going to join it as you go without any stitch work. So as I finished this round here I was joining it to this round. So I never have to pick up a darning needle in order to sew this together. So therefore you don’t have any lines that don’t appear to be in the wrong space. So within today’s project I’m going to show you how to join everything together and I’m gonna show you the techniques and then I’ll also show you the border on this particular afghan too. So the yarn featured in this video is the Bernat Baby Bundle Yarn but it could also be Bernat Home Bundle and you’ll need a total of six balls in order to complete this. There is a total inches of 46 inches by 58 inches for the afghan size and it’s a total of forty-two squares that you will be creating with this particular project. So you’ll need six balls in order to complete this afghan. So let’s begin working on a mini sample to show you how to do this project. So we need to start off with the very first square and we need to finish one square off completely without joining to anything because it’s the first square, there’s nothing to join to. So we’re gonna create one square together. Each one of the squares are absolutely identical to each other with the exception the final round. If it’s attaching to a neighbor then you have to do something slightly different. If there’s no attaching any neighbor maybe it’s an outside edge or maybe you haven’t got that far in the afghan yet you just leave it the way it is and the next one then can the but up and join it as you’re attaching. So let’s start off and do our first granny square together and then we’re gonna then take you to the different parts of then attaching and doing a final border. So using a 6.5 mm, size ‘K’ crochet hook and the Bernat Bundle Yarn we’re gonna create a slip knot to begin. And I want you to chain a total of four. So we’re gonna do 1, 2, 3 and 4. And coming into the very first chain, it’s hard to see I know because it Blouce Yarn but you’re just gonna go into the very first stitch and then you’re just gonna pull through to form a center ring. Like this, okay. So now we’re going to start up and and our first revolution all the way around. So the first revolution is slightly different from the other revolutions that we’re gonna do. but we need to kick it off right in order to get it started. So to start, we’re gonna chain up three so 1, 2 and 3 and that counts as your first double crochet and you’re gonna double crochet two more times into the center of that ring. So just double crochet right into the center. So with the chaining of three that you did right here and the next two you have a total of three. So to turn the corner on this you have to chain two and then coming into the center of the ring lay down that center yarn, okay, this is how you start it. Lay it down on the center so you can get it stuck underneath and just double crochet three more times into the center of the ring. So 1, 2 and 3. And now you’re gonna turn a corner so chain two. Every time you’re turning a corner will always be chain two and then come back in and you’re going to put in three more double crochets into that center ring again. So you have three sides out of four now complete. Okay, and now you’re gonna chain two and do the final side and there’ll be three double crochet there. So 1, 2 and 3. So in order to finish off you can see that there’s one side, two, three and four and there’s nothing yet so you have to chain up two and join with a slip stitch to the top of the first chain three that you started with and that complete off that revolution just like so. So let me show you how to start another revolution. There’s only four rounds in the granny square for this design. So you’re gonna chain up three which counts as a double crochet and you gonna to into the same space and you’re gonna double crochet one more time. So each one of the corners now from this point forward will always have two double crochet, chain two, two double crochet but because of where we are we’re going to do only half of the corner. We’ll finish it when we get back. Each one of the double crochets that you run into now each all have a double crochet on top of it. So it’s a solid granny square using double crochet. That’s technically what this is. So you’re just going right into the stitch work. I know it’s hard to see on camera but this is something you have to trust in your self. Then you’re gonna go into a corner. So it’ll always be the same of two double crochet first. Followed by chain two and two double crochet. Like so. So now you’re gonna continue down a side, so each stitch is going to get one double crochet. Now it doesn’t stay this color forever or this type of yarn, it changes over. And I like working with the Bernat Blanket Yarn and these ones as well. The Boucle is pretty fabulous too I have to say, it’s great. So then the next corner is two double crochet and then chain two and two double crochet into the same space. And then I keep moving around and then each one still gets a double crochet like this and then the next corner. So two double crochet, followed by a chain two, and I suspect there’s probably gonna be a color change soon or a texture change or a yarn change. Now the yarns are not tied together. They are fused together which is great. So this is the final side you can see it when you look at it this is the final side. and you’re going to put in one double crochet in each. And then the final corner is gonna finish that corner. So it’s gonna be two double crochets and then followed by chain two and then slip stitch to the top of the beginning chain three. So so far this is all looking Boucle like. So this is just the center strand that I left. I’m gonna get rid of that out. That’s the stuff that didn’t get buried. So let’s move on to round number three of four. So moving up to round number three. You’re gonna chain up three which counts as a double crochet and then you’re going to put in another double crochet in there, okay so there’s your two. So now the square is just bigger every double crochet is gonna get another double crochet on top of it. Corners will always be the same, two double crochet, chain two, two double crochet. Now I love this yarn because you don’t really know when that yarn is gonna change over. But eventually you work with it enough that you’ll know when it’s about to hit and it’s coming in now. I can see it off camera. So it’s coming in now so there you go. Okay, so there you go. So it two double crochet, chain two and two double crochet. So now I’m on Bernat Chunky Yarn now. And now I’m just gonna move around. So you see this changes the total look of it by changing the texture and the thickness of the yarn but they all balance each other in this particular project which is awesome. So this particular yarn strands that I’m working with now are extremely thick. Okay, so in the corner, two double crochet, chain two and two double crochet. Then carrying on around, okay the next double crochets are all getting double crochets. And then the next corner is two double crochet. Followed by chain two and two double crochet. Okay, so now you got your final side to do. So each one gets a double crochet . So you can see that the yarns that are not as fuzzy are kind of easier to see where you’re going to go in stitch wise. But that’s what makes the afghan really kind of fun though. It does change around and you have a really unique looking project at the end. So the very final corner here is gonna be two double crochet only followed by chain two and go to the top of the first chain three to finalize round number three. So now it’s about round number four. Let’s talk a little bit about that next. So round number four, it’s only gonna be one time where you’re gonna go all the way around without worrying about joining it to neighboring square just like this. So you have to really watch these in order to make sure that you’re going to follow the instructions. So the very first time that we ever go around the first one you’re gonna do exactly what you already know. You’re just gonna chain up three and one double crochet in, like so, and then one double crochet in each going all the way across and then in the corners, it’s just like before, two double crochets, chain two, two double crochet. And then again double crochets and working your way back. So you’ll end up with a square that is completely finished like this and you will just fasten this off and leave this to the side. Everything from this point now will build on top of this one and then you’re gonna start connecting it as you go in round number four. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start you off on another square but only from the round four part just to show you how to join then together so that you can avoid the darning needles. So let’s learn how to join them together after you have your first one completely done. So this is the easiest one that you’re gonna have without having to worry about joining it. So now the next one you want to do is that you want to join to this one as you go. But I’d recommend as you’re starting off, so let’s just start off like we would normally. Okay, and I’d recommend that you never start joining in the first section right here. Okay, so let’s just put this a little bit off. So never start on the first one. Either start here or in this section. Never on these two. So you’re going to build these up just make sure that when you’re going to build then that you’re very, uh, sequential about it. Now you can do three side, up to three sides to join but why complicate your life. So you’re going to just chain up three as you normally would have and then you’re gonna continue to double crochet in the same one. And then you’re just gonna move around. So what I want to do is change the story then once I get to the first corner and I’m gonna start joining it to my neighbor over here be, be considerate about the colors. So this is the same colors that I see right here. So you may wanna change it so that it doesn’t match up to that. Again that’s completely up to you. So just continue and come to the first corner her and and then we’ll meet back there and I’ll show you how to join them. So let’s learn how to join. So I’m at the first corner. I haven’t gone into the corner space yet. But I wanna do the first two double crochets anyway. So let’s just do those. Those are not gonna join to the neighbor. So we’re gonna join this side here, right here. Now the difference is, is that the square is not complete yet, right. See, its not the same size. So we have to consider that because when I was doing this as a trial practice I thought, well, gee, they’re not even the same size. And that’s because I’m crocheting the final round as I’m joining it. So then it can get confusing if you not thinking about if from that point of view. So to start the first one we had two double crochets in here. We’re going to chain one and come up to the next square you want to join and just go right up underneath that chain space right in the corner and then pull through and through as a slip stitch and then chain one and then come back into this original square and you’re gonna double crochet. So you’re just gonna double crochet only one time. And then watch what you’re going to do. You’re going to move to the top of the next double crochet that you’re working with. Okay, and you are going to insert it into that stitch here and then pull through and through. So now this stitch here just became attached to the same stitch on the opposite side. So now you’re going to work into the chain two space here on this one and you’re going to double crochet and then you’re going to slip it to the next stitch available to you. Okay, so if what you did here is that if you look at it from a down perspective like this. See these two were into the chain two space. These two are also into the chain two space so that you know that they’re aligned together. So you just continue to work across this layer and I’m gonna take you all the way through. I might as well. So we’re gonna come down to the nest one, okay and you’re going to double crochet and then once you do that okay, you’re going to then come to the next stitch on the other one and slip it and then double crochet back into the next stitch available on this side. So you are joining is as you’re going. So then you got the next one done again just open it up if you have to and just manipulate it, slip it and then double crochet back into the next one here. And the yarn just changed on me. So now the next one, slip stitch and then back into the same one that one that I was just in like the same square. So you’re just moving along, okay slip stitch and then double crochet into the next one. Okay, slip stitch, and then double crochet into the next one. And the reason why I’m taking you all the way across this and not just telling you is that you’re gonna get confused at the end like I did, I’m sure of it. I’m willing to bet but not bet much. So you’re just gonna slip stitch and then coming back in, going to slip stitch, back in, And now you’re coming and you looking, oh my goodness the squares are not matching up. Again, this side hasn’t been completed yet, so don’t panic. Okay, where am I here, so I’m just attaching. Coming in, and go in the other side, slip it, coming in, and look, I’m out of stitches, and this is what’s gonna make you panic like I did. And you’re thinking, okay, I’m out of stitches and I still got a section here. So you gotta remember you still have two more stitches in this corner which are the other two stitches that are still left here, right. So you’re gonna go into the top of the next one go right in to the chain two space. You’re gonna go into the top of the last one slip and come back in, so there’s your two that are now aligning, but now you still have your corner. So don’t forget about your corner so you’re gonna chain one, you’re gonna go right in to the chain two space, slip it, chain one now you’re carrying on. So I’m gonna show you how to do more than just one join here, than when there’s more stuff to join to. So maybe there’s something over here and I’m gonna show you how to turn the corner. but in this case it’s only your second one so you carry on the pattern as you know it without joining to anything because there’s nothing more that you have to join with. So you just carry on. Okay, and what you already know and then you fasten off at the end and I will see you there. Then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna join another one here and then I’m going to show you then how to join when you have two that need to be joined at the same time. And I’ll show you that in a second as well. So finish this round as you know it and then I will see you back here and I’ll show you how to join another one. So as we move along in today’s, so what we’ve done is that we had a main square that we created. And I want to show you to try to only join two sides at one time. Never try to join three. So what I to show you here is that you wanna be very strategic when you go to join these things. So the next one that I just did, let’s just say I did it here. It could have been in any direction but let’s just say I did it here. So what I want to do is that I wanna continue to build this up as I go. So the next one will be down and then the next one, and now if I could just draw the squares the same size it would probably be better. So I just wanna kind of work my way down. Then I wanna work my way back up. So what I’m gonna be doing now is that I’m going to be attaching right here. Okay, so then I’m gonna work my way back up. So the next one that we’re gonna do, you’re gonna have two sides that are gonna attach together. as you go, as you work your way back up. See, isn’t that neat? And so then you can start back up here, attach to one and you work your way back down. So you’re ever attaching to two sides at one time which makes your life a lot easier. What I don’t recommend that you do is that you start attaching kind of like out of order and stuff. And what I recommend is that you don’t ever do this. Leaving yourself three sides to attach at one time. So what I don’t recommend is that you do is that you continue to attach things and then you work your way and then you leave yourself a hole like this. So I never recommend that you that because it’s really hard to be able to fill that in because it’s just complicated and it’s easy to make a mistake. So just try to concentrate on just doing two sides at one time when you go to join. If you’re ever going to do that, never concentrate on doing three and certainly don’t do four. So here’s what it looks like at this point. You can see that the two squares art attached together. And you can see it’s on both side, and it’s a firm, like its just, you’re not gonna separate those ever. You’ll get a better job doing this than you would ever with a darning needle. I’m sure of it. So what we want to do is that I’m gonna attach, just for the fun of it I’m gonna attach another one here and the next part of the tutorial I’m gonna show you how to do two. So how do you think we’re gonna attach a third one? If it’s only one side it’s exactly the same way. So I’m just concentrating over here instead. So let’s just brag another one and let’s begin round number four together. So here’s another square. I’ve started round number four already. And remember, I’m trying to make sure that I either join it on this part here or this part. Never where I started and never on the way coming back to the stitch, um, to the, to the beginning of the round. So concentrate on these two sections here. So I’ve just started my first corner. I have two double crochets already in there. So remember you chain up one and here you want to grab to the opposite one right where the other two are already joining together. Okay, so just go right in the and just slip it and then chain one, and then come down into the chain two space. So just double crochet, and now you’re going to then move to your first double crochets on this side. So again to the tops of those and slip stitch it first and then back in to the first one, double crochet and then slip to the next one. Don’t be afraid to move things around if you can’t see it accurately. And then double crochet then into the first one. So you’re gonna move your way down this project doing exactly what I already showed you. I have never in my entire life crochet joined it like this, ever. And uh, I’ve never knew how it was done before so this is a great learning experience even for me. And I really like this ’cause I don’t think a lot of people love the darning needle too much. What a great way to be able to attach things without really thinking far ahead about it. And then just continue. So you’re just gonna continue to join it as you go. And I’m just feeling for my stitches. One thing with this yarn. You get used to playing with it and using your fingertips more than anything. I remember when I was new to crochet when I touched the Boucle for the first time, I was scared. [chuckles] And so today I’m not scared of it and I know new crocheters actually get sometimes terrified of it without It just a fear of just not being able to see your stitches and trusting in your fingertips. But I think it comes with uh, that comes with time as well. So as you move your way down you’re going to notice the same thing that we had before. It’s gonna look like the square is to small for where its gonna sit. Okay, see, it’s not going all the way out. That’s because you’re still continuing that round as you go. So just continuing to just to slip stitch. as you get back to the tops. And the yarns is changing over so it might make it easier for you as well when it does that. Look at that. It changed over when the other one’s in the same color. And you know that’s kinda the neat thing about it too, right. You just never know. So maybe it’s a great day to buy a lottery ticket. Okay, so this is the last one on this side here and I still have two stitches left on the other side here. So all I’m just gonna do then is come to the top. The first one, then come in to the chain two space okay, come into the last one, in the top. Come in to the chain two space. And then I turn the corner. So chain one go right into the chain two space itself, slip stitch it, chain one and then come around. So there’s nothing more to attach to. So you can see, those just became together and you come back in and you finish off the square as you normally would have okay, without having to attach to anything further. Okay, so you can see now you’ve got a nice attachment here to here and you can see this is really coming together. Pretty cool! So let continue to go all the way around and I’m gonna finish that and I’ll show you how to join when you have two into the same one. So let’s review on how to do round four. I’ve already started it. Now remember what I said is that you gotta start attaching on the second and the third. So never start on the first side or the last side when attaching to two at the same time. So just don’t worry about it. It looks like it’s helter skelter at the moment but it will work out. No worries about that. Remember that this square is smaller because this outside round has not been done. So we’re going to attach then along the side here and here at the same time. So we’re just gonna follow the same technique that we already know. So right here on the final corner is gonna be two double crochets, like so and then chain one and go up and get the other one, slip stitch, chain one and then come back. Double crochet and then go into the top one of the next double crochet that’s now available to you, slip stitch and then back into that same chain two space for a double crochet and then just keep moving along the top. So slip it and then just come back. So it’s like, next one, slip and double. There, you can just remember it like that. So slip, and double. Now because each one of your squares are the same you can trust in yourself that your stitch counts are the same on both side of the squares. Okay, so you’re just working your way across. And honestly, I’m not thinking much about it because now I’ve got to practice with doing one side attaching. What’s the difference of what I’m doing right now? There’s no difference. So I’m already kinda used to the, the technique. You know once you get used to something you get quicker. And I’m running out of stitches here and the one section on this side. But you shouldn’t be freaking out at this moment Because you are gonna run out of stitches Because you still have to put in your two double crochets right into the end piece. So coming back up. So now you’re gonna go right in here. So you’re gonna go into a chain two space, double crochet and then going in you have two double crochets left on this side you’re gonna go into the second one that left. Double crochet and then you’re gonna go into that last one. Like so. Okay, so now you’re going to chain one, you’re going to slip stitch to where they’re joining together in the middle. So just go right into the same spot area and then come back down into the chain two space. Notice I just naturally turned around my project so I did the first double crochet so I’m gonna do the first double crochet on this side now. Okay, and then coming back into the same chain two space for a double. And then I just continue to work my way across on this side. So I know people are gonna say, I can’t see your stitches. But you have to trust in your stitches in this and it really does, it’s really not a hard thing to do once you get used to it. I think it’s like anything in life. When you train yourself to do something you just get better and better at it and then you start trusting in yourself and then your hands start doing the work and then you can safely watch television once again. So the trick is to knowing to slip stitch before you start your double crochet back on the same square you’re working with. And like before you’re gonna run out of stitches on the first one first. Okay, so you’ve run out of stitches on this one here because you have to build it out yet. Remember, so you have coming to the top. Okay, so now you’re coming into the chain two space. And then coming back to the top one, chain two space, and now you’re ready then to go on. So chain one, go into a chain two space on this side here. Slip it, chain one and then come back in. and now you’re just gonna do you final then. Coming back around, you’re not attaching to anything and you’re just going to work your way across as you normally would have. So in this one here you learned how to join is as you went over here. And you turn the corner as you have here and you notice everything is looking great. So what I’m gonna do then is I’m gonna finish off this square as you already know it. Then I’m gonna show you how to do a final border which is just one revolution. So once you get to the size you want to do you wanna do one final border that links everything all into a big box. So you’re gonna create a slip knot to begin and then it’s just very, very simple. You’re just gonna go into a corner and you’re going to apply just a slip stitch to join it. Okay. And then you’re going to chain one and then three single crochets into this corner. So each one of the corners is always gonna have three single crochets. So it’s 1, and noticing I’m burying in those tails for 2 and 3. And now every stitch going all the way around is just gonna be one single crochet. The yarn just changed on me here. Now if you prefer um, a border that is more solid you can always switch over to Bernat Blanket yarn. Just get a dedicated ball to it so it doesn’t change over on you if you prefer that. Again this is what makes this one kind of fun. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take you to the, where they join and you’re just basically putting one single crochet into each all the way around. That’s it. So right where you see that there’s spaces right now. You gonna go one into a space, one to where they’re joining, one into the next space and then just carry on then from the double crochets that you see. And then you just keep on going like that. So you’re gonna just keep doing that until you get to the next corner. And remember what the corners are. There’s always gonna be three single crochets. You can see that I’m not um, worrying about where these stitches are going in because as I’m experienced enough in crochet that I can, I can’t see it but I can feel it with my fingertips and that’s what makes this stuff fun. Well at least for me. So you’re gonna come right to a first corner and then in the corner you’re gonna put three single crochets. So 1, 2 and 3 and then turn your work and then just carry along and keep on going. So this is how you would do this particular denim blanket. It’s a really easy blanket to do generally. And I think you’ll have a lot of fun with the color transitions. I think you’ll have a lot of fun on learning how to do the joining. And I think that you can learn a lot of great things in today’s tutorial. So until next time. I’m Mikey on behalf of Yarnspirations as well as thecrochetcrowd.com. I’ll see again real soon. Bye, bye. 👋

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