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How to Draw Sheer Layers | Breakfast dress TITANIC | Fashion Illustration | Fashion ARTventures

How to Draw Sheer Layers | Breakfast dress TITANIC | Fashion Illustration | Fashion ARTventures

How do you prefer your tea? With milk and
sugar or in lace and silk? Today I’m going to show you how to render
Rose’s dressing gown from the movie Titanic. I’m Michaela and you are watching Fashion ARTventures. If you’re new to my channel and want to see
more drawing tutorials, hit the subscribe button below my video! This is the dress Rose wears at breakfast with Cal. Choosing the pose for the figure
I was inspired by the scene itself and wanted to incorporate elements from it into the illustration.
At breakfast Rose tells Cal that he must stop commanding her, but he gets furious and flips
over the table, threatening Rose and demanding that she obey and honour him.
So I decided to made the figure actually slightly imbalanced turning around on one foot with
her hand over her brows, which reminded me of a salute to pay respect; and by spinning
she’s spilling her tea. The twirling motion will give me that movement
in the fabric and show the layers of the dress. I’m starting off with burnt sienna for the
skin. As I’m adding the shadows, I’m also shading the parts of the body covered by the
transparent fabric, because the light is falling through the thin layer of fabric and creates
shadows on the body. I’m keeping the shadows underneath the fabric lighter than the shadows
falling directly on her bare skin. Shading the body underneath a sheer fabric creates
the actual sheerness of the clothing piece and makes the whole design dynamic and 3D.
I’m using colour pencils to deepen the shadows and work out the details of the face.
For the hair I’m applying different tones of red and brown colour pencils on top of
a base in burnt sienna. With a sharp pencil you can work out single curls or hairs coming
out of the braid. The original colour of the gown is soft yellow,
but I’ve chosen a more vibrant hue with orange tone in the shadows instead of using purple grey.
As I render the shadows I’m creating at the same time the folds and creases in the dress.
Because of the quick movement of the figure, the fabric wraps around the body and the drapes
are not falling loosely down, but moving away from the body creating wave- shaped folds.
The lines of the folds radiate from the waist and the hips of the dress. Because silk fabrics have a subtle shimmer, I’m going to use a large round brush and white
ink to add highlights on the outward curved areas of the folds, where the light hits the
fabric. I’m keeping them soft by blending any harsh edges. For this kind of highlights
you can also use white paint or white pencil. Over the silk gown, she’s wearing a sheer
robe with lace embellishments and yellow flower decorations on the neckline. I’m using silver
drawing ink. It becomes transparent when thinned with water. Applied on paper it leaves a pale
grey layer with lots of silver glitter in it. To create shadows or overlapping layers
of fabric, I’m adding another layer of ink until I get the effect I want. With a thin
brush I’m drawing the lace and beads. For For the lace an embroidery I’m using the
same silver ink, but this time I’m not diluting it with water. I’m not really following a
pattern by making the lace; it’s rather random. For the lace and beads in shadow I’m using
black and for the highlights white ink. On the edges there are beads or pearls, which
have the function of holding the fabric in place ’cause it seems to be a very lightweight. If you want to see some of my other tutorials
on costume design, like Rose’s boarding suit from Titanic or Daenerys’ wedding dress from
Game of Thrones, click on the links shown here or visit my YouTube Channel Page. Thanks
for watching and I’ll see you on our next adventure!

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