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How To Dress If You Are A Circle Body Shape

How To Dress If You Are A Circle Body Shape

30 thoughts on “How To Dress If You Are A Circle Body Shape

  1. Love this! Great info! I would love to see some outfit ideas for a circle body type….maybe even just showing outfits that celebrities wore dress how we can replicate them?

  2. Maybe call it something other than a "problem area". While some women aren't necessarily fat in that area, it's just the way someone is shaped. How about midsection.

  3. These are useful to know but applying it to my lifestyle is a bit of a nightmare – I work as a pupil support assistant so need clothes that are practical for working with primary school aged children. I also live in the Scottish Highlands & it gets cold & wet here – as well as very windy! I get by with wearing waterproof leather boots almost everyday (unless it is the height of Summer) & straight denim pinafores with pockets. I would love to look smarter but need to be practical.

  4. This is an AWESOME series, what a good and helpful way to show people how to dress. I never even really knew my shape 😂 it's not what I thought it was!

  5. Good tips! I’m a 6, not quite a circle, but that is my problem area. I love faux wrap tops and blouson styles. Patiently waiting for the return of the peplum. Lol

  6. Could you a circle or plus size video with Torrid and a plus sized model? Or something like that? Torrid has great photos and clothing options!

  7. When talking about circle body shapes, please show pictures of people of that shape wearing the type of clothes you’re talking about. It does nothing for me to see you wearing that style to determine if it would work for me.

  8. Love your videos Erin 🙂 Would love to see tips on minimizing a larger bust. Forgive me if you already have a video. Thanks again

  9. Hi Erin!! Love your channel. So Im def a circle shape, I used to be an hour glass but not anymore. Im 44 and in regards to high waisted jeans, it is all I wear, however for me, they dont tuck things in per say, more like when I zip up the jeans, everything gets pushed up and spills over the top of my high waist… 🙁 any suggestions?

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