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How To Dress Your Body Type | USING MEASUREMENTS *Women Over 50*

today I’m going to show you how to dress
for your body type using measurements and they are going to make such a huge
difference in the way that you see your body and it’s going to give you clarity
about how to dress your proportions these tricks here for me when I learnt
them were a game-changer they made a huge difference hi I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous
50’s as soon as I learnt these tips everything made sense to me and I worked
out why I wasn’t happy with a lot of the clothes that I was buying so if you have
any confusion about your body shape stay watching and for those of you who are
watching thank you I appreciate you thank you to all the ladies in my
community I love my audience and I appreciate you and I thank you ok let’s
get started step number one we’re going to take our
tape measure and we’re going to divide our body long ways into eight separate
sections now the ideal body the perfect body which probably nobody has would
have 8 equal sections I’m going to show you what all those sections are and if
you’re like me you’re going to fall short in the waist because I have a
short waist many of you will have a long waist long legs short legs this will
help you work out where you sit as far as long waisted and short waisted and
it’s really really useful don’t obsess about getting everything perfect perfect
this is a guideline only and once you do it you can understand why the first
measurement is from the top of the head to the base of the chin technically all
eight measurements from here on down to your toes would be the same if you were
the perfect body shape the second measurement you’re going to take from
the base of your chin to the peak of the bust
so technically here this measurement would equal this measurement in a
perfect world if your measurement is different to ending at the peak of the
bust that’s ok take your third measurement from the peak of the bust
not from where you may so just keep a mental note the third
measurement is from the peak of the bust to the natural waist and your natural
waist is where you curve in if you don’t have any curves on your waist it’s where
you bend so bend to the side and put your finger in there and that’s where
the crease is and do it to the other side so you’re going to find out where
the crease is and you can mark that so for me it’s right here
the fourth measurement is from your natural waist to the crease in your leg
and that’s the part of your leg that creases as you sit down and the fifth
measurement is from the crease to the mid thigh and the sixth measurement is
from the mid thigh to the mid knee and the seventh measurement is from the mid
knee to the mid shin and the eighth measurement is from the mid seam to the
ankle now we’ve done that step you’re going to have a really good idea whether
you’re a long waisted or short waisted long leg or short leg using my
proportions as an example from here to here and here to here is pretty much the
same but from here to here is short here to here is the same and then I fall
short again from here to my knee if I was the perfect body shape that’s where
my waist would be so just knowing that is really helpful for me because I can
now dress to fill in that gap and I do look so much more in proportion because
when you look at me like that it just looks like I’m I’m too short up here
this is too long and then this only tiny little short bit here we’re just dealing
here with subtle differences and I’m not very tall I’m only 5 3 so this is
proportionately a decent amount of space and dress correctly it makes a good
difference you’ll find that on your body you’re going to have something similar
or you might have a longer waist than I do or you have longer legs but when you
do then measurement like this it’s worthwhile
for you to put a marker on your body so that you can actually see it what we can
do with that when you know it for yourself as well we lengthen
what is short and we can minimize what is long and that will bring our body
into proportion and using this technique along with the techniques that I’ve
already shown you how to dress your body type I’m sure you’re going to have a
much better idea of what really suits your body the second measurement will be
applied to measure the length of your neck we’ll work out whether you’ve got a
long neck or a short neck and it’s really important knowing this changes
everything this is how you measure it you take your
four fingers keeping your thumb out put it under your chin and against your neck
and if there’s any room left you measure with your other hand so for me I’ve got
seven fingers on my neck the average neck is four fingers so if
you put your hand onto your chin and it comfortably fits with four fingers you
have a normal neck so yay for you you’re normal and if you have less than four
fingers on your neck if you’ve got three or two you have a short neck and does
that matter well I think it does matter because the way that we dress our neck
makes a big big difference if you have a long neck like mine you can wear higher
cut tops and details around your neck that looks really good and lower cut on
me doesn’t work because then I’ve got too much length and when I learnt this
one thing made so much sense because I tried to wear different tops that had a
lower neckline and that never suited me but I didn’t quite know why now I know
why the length is in my neck and that’s what I can show off so I’m going to do a
video about how to dress for your neck length I’ll do that next but for this
video we’ll just do the measurements and if you have a short neck when you’re
dressing your neck you take three fingers and place it
below the collarbone so right here is where your neckline would start or
further down so never from here up because that’s going to shorten your
neck and make you look shorter and it’s very simple to address to elongate the
neck or to shorten the neck so that will be in another video and it’s just
practice a matter of knowing what looks good on you and why it looks good on you
give a thumbs up if you have a little bit more clarity than you did before and
subscribe to fabulous 50s if you haven’t already thank you so much for watching
and have a beautiful week if you’d like to see a video using real-life body
proportion examples check out this video I think you’re going to love it and if
you’re an algal house buddy type and you’d like to know how to dress for your
body type check out this video

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