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How to Find the Right Pair of Jeans | Denim for Men Explained

How to Find the Right Pair of Jeans | Denim for Men Explained

yeah what’s up YouTube is the gucci
master and today I want to talk about something all of you have you complete
closet essential genes people out there that on callous and massive genes but
they still struggle to find a pair of jeans a fifth grade that looks great on
them today I’m gonna share with you guys everything you need to know about
finding the perfect pair of jeans first step to finding your good pair of jeans
and identify your price range if you’re in high school you may know that
shopping for jeans can get expensive but today i’m going to show you guys some
grants are a little more pricey i have higher quality that’s a branch of won’t
break the bank budget jeans will usually run you around 42 $17 some great brands
to look out for our hollister g by guess american eagle and Levi’s you’re looking
for a pair of jeans that look more stylish and our higher quality invest in
a pair of mid-range jeans these jeans cost you anywhere from 70 to a hundred
forty dollars some great brats and look out for our buffalo david Baton guess
Express mavy and arm are nice inch high end these are a little more expensive
they’ll cost you anywhere from 150 to 300 bucks but if you get them feel of
great materials to last you for years they’re really stylish and they’re very
comfortable some big names to watch out for in this category or diesel seven for
all mankind g-star and nudies lastly let’s talk about designer jeans now I’m
talking cream of the crop pieces jeans that all the other brands who try to
imitate now if true religions were filet mignon then these teams are the Wagyu
beef of jeans now these teen will cost you anywhere from three hundred dollars
to more than your car big names to watch out for in this category or All Saints
versace jeans and valmont as may be wondering why it’s been well over a
hundred dollars on a pair of jeans difference between a fifty dollar pair
of jeans at a two hundred dollar pair of jeans well let’s find out let’s take a
look at these two pair of the teens on the left side view of the american eagle
jeans and on the right side we have the seven for all mankind jinns and seven
for all mankind jeans costs four times as much as american eagle christophe
take a look with you seven for all mankind jeans the material looks way
better way more premium weight softer and the distressing looks much more
natural when you put it on feels like you’re right den of silver now to the
right here we have our very own interesting american eagle jeans now
there’s some distinct obvious differences first off the materials but
much more harsh on the eyes and on your skin and when you wear it it just feels
horrible and take a look at the distressing it’s dressings are the worst
thing but it looks like you didn’t made by so it’s a teeth when you wear this
thing it feels like you’re wearing sandpaper on your legs let me do a lot
of budget is no cheap but they’re also made with a lot of inhumane methods such
as sand blasting this method of manufacture is really bad for the
workers health because the scent particle are so fine that it’ll get up
into the nose and into the lungs and could possibly kill them this type of
many doctrines use in the countries they’re using third rule like China
because the laws of our workers health isn’t a strict so if you ever see parent
Jesus have made in China on them do yourself a favor and never ever buy them
many great things that came out of China Chinese food firecrackers fireworks
martial arts but jeans definitely are one of them step number two figure out
your body type for example you’re a bigger dude we all know that skinny
jeans are gonna fit you like yoga pants so I would recommend going for boot cut
or relaxed fit relax fits our wide around the cabin diarrhea so a lot more
comfort and mobility you come to the same way except they widen out at the
bottom to balance out your physique more as you can tell by looking at me both
these seeds are example of what not to do is stay together if you’re more
skinny telling me i recommend go over closer more fitting so go for some slim
fit jeans or the tapered jeans slim fit into basic just jeans that are more
fitting to your leg and tapered in Georgie’s an arrow at the bottom we
applying denim keep in mind there to be main types of washes dark medium and
light after the jeans will determine what type of occasion and wherefore but
what kind of clothing you can wear it with as you can see I range all three
needles from targets and lightest you want to go for a dark King your bow for
something more formal like a day or special occasion you’re going for like
Jean you’re probably going to go hang out with your friends go shopping or go
to the beach something like that and the middle gin it’s just something in
between it’s kind of nice versatile pair of jeans to have let’s talk about
distressing stressful if gene is basically only wears and tears on the
gene to give it a more common rugged look like you’ve worn it over and over
again for example all these express jeans there’s all sorts of tears on this
thing gives it more of an edgy type of look to it
and to my right buffalo david vuitton geez and mind you see all these jeans
are called whispering basically their wrinkles on the jeans to make them look
like they kind of got beat up a little bit how do you do more of a stylish look
stressing thought for everyone so at the end the choice is really up to you
typically speak guy’s hopeless tiffer helpful for you guys applied some
great-looking jeans those of you guys who don’t know and I don’t care of
custom sneakers coming in so stay tuned for the next video you can go the video
please like and subscribe follow me instagram app the beauty master like my
facebook page of gucci master laser description below that’s a bit this week
guys peace he’s gonna find me chasing late some
inside my heat this one so anything she gonna take

7 thoughts on “How to Find the Right Pair of Jeans | Denim for Men Explained

  1. Great vid Ian, thought that you had left the community but nope, you're back at it again and I've been lifted out of my depression, thank you

  2. It's the complete opposite here in the UK 😂 the tighter they are the better… some guys even wear womens jeans… I personally don't wear womens jeans but i have mens super skinny jeans which is basically the tightest for men 😂 you'll get laughed at if you wear baggy jeans (most of the time)… 😂🤘

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