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How to Finish & Close T-Shirt Necklace | No-Sew Crafts

How to Finish & Close T-Shirt Necklace | No-Sew Crafts

Okay, we’ve got all of the strands of our
t-shirt beaded and we’re ready for finishing touches. We’re going to just tie off each one of our
strands, and I like to use a square knot. It’s really easy to do. You’re going to hold one side in your left
hand, and one side in your right hand. You’re going to tie left over right, and then
you’re going to take the tails and do the opposite. Tie the right over left, and pull. So you have a nice knot right there. And we’re almost finishing. Tie off our necklaces. Now we have five beaded strands. You can already see it’s really starting to
come together. And we’re going to go through and just clip
off the tails of our knots a little bit. You don’t want to get too close because you
don’t want the knots to come undone, just close enough to reduce bulk. And now we want to go ahead and make the finishing
touches to our necklace. You can just take your beaded strands and
set them aside for a moment. And go ahead and grab the remnants of the
t-shirts you cut up. We’re going to go ahead and cut one more strand. This strand can be a little bit thicker than
the other ones you cut. You can just eyeball, let’s say about an inch. Cut all the way down. And go ahead and put your t-shirt aside. And then we’re going to do the same thing
we did earlier. We’re going to pull on our t-shirt, stretch
it out a little bit, get those sides to curl in, and then what we want to do is just cut
open our loop. So we’re going to use this to connect our
five strands and to hide the knots that we made on all five necklaces. This is also going to make our connection
point up at the top very strong. So you’ll start by just taking the strand
that we cut. Start it out half an inch away from the knots
that you made on the strands with the beads and start wrapping around all five strands. Keep a tail on one end about two inches long. You can pull it and stretch it so it’s a little
bit longer. And you just want to tightly wrap around all
of your strands of beads. And you want to wrap about, again, half an
inch away from the last knot that you made on the beaded strands. Once you get to about half an inch away from
your last knot on the beaded strands, you want to go ahead and start wrapping back in
the other direction. So you’re going to keep going, but you’re
going to double over on what you’ve already done. So we’ve come to the end. We have the strand that we’ve been using to
finish, and we have our beginning point strand, which we left hanging. We’re just going to tie another square knot,
and trim up the ends. And there you have it. Our no-sew necklace. It’s a great way to use recycled t-shirts
for a very inexpensive accessory.

4 thoughts on “How to Finish & Close T-Shirt Necklace | No-Sew Crafts

  1. Love this!!! I'm just starting to do beading, and using t-shits instead of wire/cord/etc is a great idea! Thank so much for posting this!!

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