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How to Iron Clothes : How to Iron Denim

How to Iron Clothes : How to Iron Denim

Hi this is Vickie Pavone on behalf of Expert
Village this clip is on ironing denim. When your ironing a pair of denim pants your not
going to lay them over like you do your regular pants, your going to lay them flat on your
ironing board make sure your iron is set at the highest setting. Denim is 100% cotton
and you’ll need the highest setting, flatten everything down, start your top and just work
your way to the bottom. Once you have that leg done, turn it over, flatten it all, get
your pocket and work your way down. Moving your iron slowly as you go, turn it again,
flatten it down make sure your pocket is nice and flat, starting at the top, go around the
pocket and around the middle studs there, go to the bottom and the last thing you want
to do on a pair of denims is your placket opening. Pull it up on the top, close it and
put your iron there and it will give you a real nice front and now you have nice denim

1 thought on “How to Iron Clothes : How to Iron Denim

  1. I don't know if I'll get a reply but if you have a men's shirt that denim how to you get things like the bottom of it to stay straight because mine don't they like roll up :/

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