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How to Make a Scarf Out of an Old T-Shirt

How to Make a Scarf Out of an Old T-Shirt

How to Make a Scarf Out of an Old T-Shirt. If you have a stack of old T-shirts that sit
in your dresser, unworn, why not get some use out of one of them by transforming it
into a scarf? You will need Old T-shirt Yard stick Chalk
Sewing scissors Pins Thread Sewing machine Ironing board Iron and fabric glue. Step 1. Select an old T-shirt for your project. Use a shirt that is multi-colored, has a favorite
pattern or logo, or is one solid color. Step 2. Determine the length and width of your new
scarf. A standard scarf is 60 to 70 inches long. Step 3. Mark the T-shirt with chalk to set the desired
width and length of your scarf. Draw a line that connects the length marks
and a line that connects the width marks to form a chalk rectangle pattern. Decide whether to cut the T-shirt horizontally
or vertically depending on which cut will better display the designs on the shirt. Step 4. Cut out the rectangles using your scissors
and following the chalk lines. Cut through both the top and bottom of the
T-shirt to produce two equal-sized rectangles. Step 5. Pin the short ends of the rectangle together,
right sides facing each other. Step 6. Sew the short end of the rectangle pieces
together, leaving a half-inch seam. Step 7. Remove the pins and iron the seam flat. Then fold the scarf lengthwise, with the right
sides facing each other. Step 8. Pin the length of the rectangle and one short
end to hold the pieces together. Then sew the long end and one short end together. Step 9. Turn the scarf right-side out by pulling the
right sides through the unsewn edge. Then, glue the edges together using fabric
glue. Did you know The first cotton mill in America
began operation in December 1790.

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  1. Soooo much sexism and homophobia in these comments, it's shameful. Anyway that looks like a pretty decent way to sew a quick scarf. Though, it's a bit thin for my tastes. I like my scarves to be thick and fuzzy. I guess this is more of a fashion Spring/Summer kinda scarf I guess.

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