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How To Make Barbie Clothes – No-sew No-Glue Doll Clothes πŸ‘—πŸ˜

How To Make Barbie Clothes - No-sew No-Glue Doll Clothes πŸ‘—πŸ˜

awesome so still interesting I can pack in here Sam and a dog barking see me I don't get it what happened with Sam each day is an adventure she was adorable on that dog Rowland it well the doll is a bit tattered but don't worry we'll make it right come let's fix up our new guest hi guys today we're up for a real rescue mission we need to make this beauty shine again I can't use this one alright bring my basket with fabrics to make a dress right and I'll take their ruined outfit off and watch her yeah she's good as mule now let's brush your wonderful hair I like brushing dolls but I love making dresses for them even more alright and used up all the fabrics for my fashion design classes but this piece will be enough and what can you make from a at least four dresses for Barbie I'll prove it this piece of fabric twenty by twelve centimeters is only need to create several wonderful office for a Barbie doll Co ml and Suzy what for you remember how to make all outfits from balloons flat black oh no Sammy this time I want to work with fabric no Sammy I won't I've got everything ready it's time what's this need it either you'll see Sammy oh by the way can you bring doll shoes and accessories bring different ones because our dresses will be different too so actually the dresses are ready I only need to put them on so first I'll put one arm into the opening I've made and the second arm goes you can ask into the second opening like this and now I only need to smooth out our dress it should be even on the shoulders and on the back yes wonderful wonderful I'll need this waistband there tie it on the back and smooth it out again already selected fitting shoes Suzie Wow awesome I like them let's put them on our doll wonderful our first dress is done faster access to simple Susy then you'll be delighted with the next dress seamless might start with putting one arm through the opening again Sammy are you selecting accessories yes yes that's great and I need to wrap the second end of the fabric around the waist like this tight and and I'll tuck in the tip it'll hold well and the dress is ready oh great taste mr. stylist Jang and what do you think of the direst Irish official reception I like it too so you talk about several dresses but you shall no thank you I'm starting on the third one it'll be a cute one shoulder wrap dress look guys you need to put one arm through both openings like this and we get this pretty draping this dress will go perfectly with the issues let's check ok yup you're right again and this summer look is just asked like with these sunglasses wonderful boys look like and that's making a surprise guessing meet it so let's put the dress on one shoulder and wrap it around the waist then we'll tie the dress with the help of this small piece of fabric there we only need to smooth it out done let meet you this time service and this to try them on and done Wow Hildy she looks even better than in the original outfits thank you for the gift Sammy it was fun today we need four dresses from one piece of fabric but there can be an infinite amount of looks guys which look did you like most of all I'm in a dress with a waistband on the one shoulder evening gown like the drapes a dress or a longer dress with a cut write in the comments and try making new looks for your dolls

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  2. I'm a kid on my dad's account so I was in stem and I was the one who got picked for the vid so I chose this

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