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How to make doll outfit 3 overall / jumper

How to make doll outfit 3 overall / jumper

This is a tutorial on how to make an overall / jumper for your doll. It would look nice on boys and girls Cloth. I did some preparation on mine. Anyway, plain cloth is fine. Button or stud for decoration. Make a square 13cm x 13cm. Does not need to be too precise. The point is to make it loose fitting. Fold it in half. Mark a point of 5cm. This is the crotch. Measure 4cm from the side. Draw a straight line between the 2 points. A curve line down. Now cut the unwanted parts. Make another one. You can see the shape of the pants. From the bottom of the pants, fold and sew a line. Do so for both leg. Combine the 2 pieces together by sewing up the front of the crotch. Fold and sew a line for the waist. Sew up the back of the crotch. Fold it to get to the legs of the pants. Sew them. Now you can see the pants are done. It can be worn as trunks already, if you just sew some elastic on the waist. Now lets proceed with the overall. Cut 2 layers of front patch of 5cm x 5cm. Cut 2 stripe of 15cm x 2.5cm. Sew the 2 layers of front patch together. Sew the 3 sides. Try to make round corners. Cut the corners. Cut small gaps near the corners. Turn it over. And the front patch is ready. Sew the front patch to the pants. The front patch is made small, if it is too big it will look very toddlerish. Now the long stripes. Fold and sew a line. Sew them to the front patch. Make them point slightly outward so it’ll fit better. Sew the other end to the back. Finally we can add the decorations. I think it suits him. To add a tip. I made 2 hose with the remaining cloth. We can tuck the pants in them. Transformed into long pants in no time. That’s it for this tutorial. Have fun sewing.

47 thoughts on “How to make doll outfit 3 overall / jumper

  1. That's very cute! So you learned how to do all this by yourself? Wow, nice!!! I want to leanr how to sew soon so I can make doll clothes, too. You're so talented, I love watching your videos, keep making them!!! ^_^

  2. I just finished to make my first one and i never thought that it was so easy to make. ^3^
    Thanks a lot for this tutorial and keep the good work. *_*

  3. @yuniedhc sure *_*, i'll try to make a video response asap to show you how it turned out. ^^
    I've been a bit busy these days that's why i haven't posted it yet, but i'll do my best to take the time to post it at least before the end of this week. ^^

  4. I was thinking and instead for the girl in the jumper what if I didnt make the shorts or pants and made it a jumper dress instead sound good????

  5. I liked how this turned out of your dolls.

    I'll have to try it out when my Taeyang arrives. πŸ™‚ I'm not too sure on the measurements for a Dal though….do you have any sugguestions?

  6. okay its gonna take a lot of time to make the clothes u make because i dont have a sewing machine..but i'll do my very best!

  7. Hi yuniedhc i just watched this tutorial and I'm going to attempt it lol.Anyway, I had a great idea when you sew the straps on start from the back after you have sewed them from the back don't sew them from the front put the overalls on your doll and bring the straps over the dolls sholders and see where they finish then sew two buttons where they finish. Then make two holes with scissors on the end that isn't sewed on the straps then you get the straps to fit over the buttons and your done. πŸ™‚

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