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How to make doll outfit 7 tight pants

How to make doll outfit 7 tight pants

Hello, today we are making tight pants like you this one Another Queen is wearing A piece a cloth. It better be thin and must have some elasticness Fold a rectangle, measure 16cm for the length Measure 2.5cm for the waist Measure 3.5cm down and 3cm across for the crotch Measure 2cm for the end Join the first two dots together Join the next two with a curve line Cut it out Cut a slide off on the side Make another piece of the same size Fold and sew a line pant legs Same to the other piece Put the two pieces togther and sew one side of the crotch Cut two small gaps at the waist Fold a sew a line Sew the other side of the crotch Start from one leg, sew it all the way together Turn it inside out Then we’re done. Let’s try it on It should look like this You can of couse adjust the length to your needs Aki is sporting one made with fake leather So that’s it for now. Have fun sewing

77 thoughts on “How to make doll outfit 7 tight pants

  1. @78bezziebudz you can simply place your doll on the cloth and measure the leg length, waist and thighs.

  2. @xYFTIMx Boys wearing tights? I haven't try to make that but you can try place him on the cloth and measure the leg length, waist and thighs.

  3. i made this for my bratz! using the same method! , i didnt use strechy fabric, i made a her some pj pants 😀 and it turned out great,

  4. @SavannahFaerie I'll be glad to see your work when it's done. I don't share personal stuff here on youtube. but if you want to chat about dolls you can always post on my channel page. I look at them almost everyday.

  5. cute now i can make one for my
    pullip (naomi) and she looks cute in them
    i use black and white and came out perfect…

  6. @victoriaisntsosecret you could try but I think the result will not be that good. Socks are thicker.

  7. you are very inspiring ! i love your works .. they are so great .. i love dolls .. i love to make miniatures .. so great ! now ..i am more eager to do the things that makes me really happy .. thanks so much yunnie ! <3

  8. what kind of fabric did you use? wow its so cute! can't wait for my pullip to come! 🙂 i will totally use ur tutorials for help for my pullips! wow i love all your videos so much!

  9. @yuniedhc Omg , omg , omg! Ms, Yunie, I have 2 more days til my pullip kaela comes! I just don't know what to do with my self!! Lol… So I have been watching your clothes tutorial video's and I have been doing very well!! I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being kind enough to make these video!!! So thank you very much!

  10. hi would you happen to know wear you measure and what are the measurements for a barbie since i dont have these kind of dolls.thanks and plz reply as soon as you can.

  11. @pulliplover5 it's the same steps, but you just hand sew it. If you don't know how to hand sew I sure there's lessons out there if you search.

  12. @theverynewstinker599 don't have any mattel toys, you can use the same method and adjust the size a bit.

  13. i am getting my pullip neo angelique this afternoon and i am nervus i hoop she fits the tight i made her so fingers crost !!!

  14. this is the easiest way I've seen pants made! I was looking for something to help me figure out how to make pants for breyer rider dolls (Since riding pants are tight) and this is so easy! Now I just gotta get the length right xD

  15. second vid of u making stuff my first was the bubble skirt but ive noticed something on the belt there was a cross and on the top at the end there was a cross wat religon r u???? (im just being noesy u dont have to tell me if you dont want to)

  16. you need to make the width larger because everytime I use this pattern the legs are too small and they don't fit my pullip -__-

  17. It depend on the fabric, mine here is spendix, therefore it fits. If it's too loose then it isn't tight pants anymore.

  18. Love this project but totally confused about how you got your measurements. Could you please post an explaination? Thank you

  19. Yay! Thx for making this video! I wanted some leggings to go underneath my knit dress (from it video) so I made them! They r awesome! Thank you Yunie!

  20. Yunie i have a question …
    What is the brand of your sewing machine ?

    PS; my mom's name is also yunie like your's just it written yuni and your's : yunie,never mind !! 🙂

  21. I love your pattens/sewing. 😀 I would love to request a tutorial for knee socks or another type of pants(One's that use velcro and not as strechy fabric) Let me know if you will.

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