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How To Manufacture/Mass Produce Your Clothing + Accessories Lines Trailer

How To Manufacture/Mass Produce Your Clothing + Accessories Lines Trailer

How to manufacture or produce your clothing and accessory line. Welcome to the workshop. Grab a pen and a pad, sit back, and make yourself comfortable I’m going to tell you a little bit about our company and then I’m going to let you know everything you need to know to
manufacture your product. So, my name’s Michelle Alleyne, I own M Shop NYC. We are a full service fashion firm that helps entrepreneurs start their fashion company. So we do quite a bit of everything for anyone looking to go into the fashion industry. We do PR, we do workshops, we do consulting, and we sell products. This workshop today is probably a special one for me because my background actually started in the manufacturing side of the fashion industry. I have tons of experience helping to produce product both domestically and offshore. So, again, sit back, relax, take a ton of notes, and I am going to breakdown the process of manufacturing your product right now.

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  2. Idk if you will reply to this but if i have my clothing brand ready, and desgins ready can you screen print it for me? And can you also add my brand name tag on the back? So for example i pay you or we do some kind of partnership and i will send you my designs and pictures than you screen print it for me. Also can you ship out my clothing brand if anyone makes order from my site? I'll pay you half of what i earn and if i make sales on my brand. Like giving a cut. So if i sell a shirt for 29.99 I'll give you 5 – 9 dollars every successful sale.

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