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How To Match Jeans With ANYTHING | 3 Tips To Pair Denim With Everything

How To Match Jeans With ANYTHING | 3 Tips To Pair Denim With Everything

How To Match Jeans With ANYTHING
[0:00:00] What I love about a great pair of jeans is
that they can match almost anything in your wardrobe. But, there are some basic rules there are
some guidelines that you need to follow if you want to put together amazing outfits. In today’s video, I’m going to lay out those
rules I’m going to give you those guidelines with plenty of examples with shoes, with jackets,
with shirts, with accessories so that you can look like a million bucks when you’re
wearing jeans with anything in your closet. [Music]
So to start, let’s talk specifically about the type of jeans which are going to match
everything in your wardrobe. Number one, these jeans are going to be simple
they’re going to be a dark color; we’re talking indigo, dark blue, dark grey, black. These are blank canvas jeans these are jeans
that I can build an outfit on not in a sense of what I want to build the outfit around. This is key because if you’ve got some bright
colored jeans you’ve got some great ones with distress I know on the knee area maybe on
the back area you’ve got some shiny stones that are glued on them, I mean that’s cool
those jeans may be interesting but those are not the type I’m talking about because those
are going to draw attention to themselves. The jeans I’m talking about are going to be
the base for the outfit. Next stop, you want to get the fit right. There are five main categories of fit. We have skinny, we have slim, we have straight,
we have boot or semi loose, and then we have ultra loose. Now, I’m going to say for most men ultra loose
and skinny is not going to work for your body type. So then, we’ve got those three center categories. I find that many men can kind of go between
them, but you do want to find something that’s going to work for your body type and go with
it. So, we’ve established the type of jeans you
need to have as your base canvas, now let’s talk about balance specifically in two areas
the level of formality of the clothing you’re going to be matching with the jeans. You want to make sure that it’s about the
same going across the board. You don’t want to trade — take something
that’s ultra casual and try to mix it with something that’s formal. Also, pay attention and balance out the fit
of the clothing. You don’t want to take something that’s really
bulky and try to mix it also with something that is very sleek that is very lightweight
that has a very slim build. And speaking of balance, gentlemen, let me
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I talked about let me know down in the description what your favorite watches are and if I’ve
got some extras you guys know I love sending them out. All right. So, we’ve established that you’ve got the
right type of jeans and that you understand the importance of balance. Now, let’s talk about building outfits. So, whenever you’ve got those base jeans and
you’re looking at the first piece you’re going to match with them, go to your shoes go to
your foundation of your outfits. And the type of shoes you select is really
going to dictate the formality and the overall feel of the outfit. I stick with shoes because I think this is
where a lot of men spend a lot of money in their wardrobe and I think it’s just a great
place to start with your foundation. So, how this would work in practice let’s
say I have a dark pair indigo jeans, I would match them with these boots right here these
dress boots. They’ve got the suede, they’ve got the wingtips,
they’ve got the broguing in them. This right here is going to dictate to me
that I can wear up to a sports jacket, I can wear simply a nice dress shirt with this,
I could even dress it down with a polo with those jeans. But, let’s say I’m going to go with one of
my go-to favorites you guys have seen this. I could also wear this shirt with it as well,
that would work. So, the next thing I chose was the shirt. Now, I’m putting this down over here I’m
going to grab a sports jacket. You guys have probably seen this combination
before, the blue right here with this. And so, imagine it with that indigo pair of
jeans. If I want to go for a little bit of contrast
I go with this shirt instead with the — with the dark colored jeans you would see how that
– I would put that one together. Now, taking that same indigo pair of jeans,
but I want to change things up. Let’s say I want to start the base with this
or maybe I wanted to go with this right here I wanted to bring in some suede loafers. I could go with either one of these and I
could match it with a shirt like this and all of a sudden I’ve got something that I
don’t have to wear a jacket for. Although let’s say it’s a little bit cooler
we’re entering fall I could bring in a jacket something like this although if I brought
in this type of suede texture right here I would tell you guys that I would probably
not wear these because I’ve already got suede in the jacket. Wearing with this with the Indigo you start
to see the combination right there. [0:05:07]
Now, let’s say I wanted to take those same indigo jeans and I wanted to dress them up. Well, I would start off with a pair of dress
shoes. Again, I’m going to go with a color I’m not
going to go with black. I think that oxblood I think dark brown is
going to work better with the dark blue which is indigo. If I were to go with a pair of black jeans,
I could possibly wear black dress shoes, but I do feel that black dress shoes should be
reserved more for formal. And so, I like going with the color like oxblood
or dark brown. And then, I would bring in a combination like
this. I’ve got this shirt, look at that color right
in there mixed with this along with this right here and this whole combination right there. Really quick let’s talk about accessories. I do feel since jeans are casual, I try to
keep my accessories a bit more casual. If your accessories are too dressy, so you’ve
got belt buckles which are too shiny or you’ve got ties which are made from silk and in a
sense look like they should go with a suit or a casual suit, I don’t really find that’s
the best combination. I gravitate towards ties which are going to
have more texture to them whether that be sewn into the tie or it’s just simply the
way it’s built and the way it looks. I think that these work better with jeans
in general. When it comes to belts, I’m looking for belts
that are going to be, you know, aren’t going to be half as much of a luster are going to
just simply work better be more casual in their nature. All right, gentlemen, hopefully this video
motivated you to go out there take your jeans and put together some great outfit combinations. If you want more, go check the support article
down in the description. I am going to put together more outfits in
that support article, so if you’re like, Antonio, you just talked about a few in today’s video. I know I try to keep these videos within a
certain length, but if you want more over at RealMenRealStyle.com I’ve got tons of information
for you. And, gentlemen, don’t forget, go check out
Original Grain. They’re a great sponsor. For two years I’ve been talking about their
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love the way it looks it’s just a great overall watch to add to your collection. Gentlemen, take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [Music]
[0:07:30] End of Audio

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  1. https://goo.gl/kMtcEL – click here to discover Original Grain, Use coded RMRS for a GREAT discount at checkout. Huge RMRS thank you to Original Grain for being a paid sponsor to our channel

    http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/match-jeans/ – Click here to read the article – How to Match ANYTHING with Jeans

    Video Summary:
    0:39 – Must be simple and dark
    1:17 – Nail the fit
    1:44 – Balancing the formality & fit
    3:12– End – Building actual outfits

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