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HOW TO PUT TOGETHER AN OUTFIT 101( Don’t forget the Basics)

HOW TO PUT TOGETHER AN OUTFIT 101( Don’t forget the Basics)

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel in today’s video I’m gonna be sharing with you guys how to put an
outfit together if you’re new to my channel welcome my name is Carla and on
this channel I share ideas on fashion beauty in lifestyle if these kinds of
things interest you then please subscribe down below so first off I want
to remind you guys to always remember to make it happen no matter what it is that
you’re doing what it is that you’re planning on doing you can make it happen
okay so let’s start off by making it happen with number one the first thing
you want to do is remove everything in your closet that you have not worn does
not fit you or anything like that what that’s doing is it’s taking away from
your ability to create an outfit by just taking up room in your closet get rid of
them by either throwing away the things that are dirty or dingy or grabbing the
things that don’t fit anymore and donating it to a location like savers a
goodwill near you The second thing you want to do is think about where you are going
are you wearing this outfit to work is it a job where you have to dress in a
suit is it a job where you can wear jeans and have a more casual outfit get
those things going in your mind are you planning on going out to dinner is it
fine dining is it a more casual dinner get those things going in your mind
because essentially that will dictate what it is that you wear that day the
other thing you want to do is check the weather this is key it is essential I
cannot tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to check the weather and it
just ruins my outfit like I’ll go outside with open-toed shoes or mules
and it’s raining like that’s just the basic thing that you want to do you just
want to check what the weather is like especially that now fall is coming you
know that the weather continuously changes so you don’t want to go outside
with a short sleeve shirt when it’s gonna be something like 40 degrees out
after you’ve checked the weather you want to think about what vibe are you
going for what feeling is it that you want do you want to have a nice chill
cozy vibe think about wearing a oversized
sweatshirt or just oversized shirts because that will give you a chill cozy
vibe if you want a more chic vibe then think about wearing your things like
Blazers and trainers or dresses things like that is what you want to keep in
mind if you find that you get caught up on what it is that you’re going for like
if you’re going for chic but can’t really think about what is chic or you
want to go for a cozy vibe but can’t really think okay what is a cozy vibe
that I want then go on Pinterest go on Instagram the good thing about hashtags
and Instagram is that you can put in a hashtag click on that hashtag and you’ll
find tons of images on the vibe that you’re going for same with Pinterest all
you have to do is putting something like chill cozy outfits and that will pull up
the type of vibe that you’re going for or outfit idea that you’re going for for
that vibe that you want to feel so after you’ve gotten rid of the items in your
closet that you haven’t worn in a while you’ve thought about what it is that or
where it is that you’re wearing your outfit to you’ve checked your
temperature you’ve decided what vibe it is that you want to feel that day then
go ahead and pinpoint the key part of the outfit that you want for example I’m
going to be working around these shoes today so this is the key item that I’m
gonna be picking my outfit around I am going for a chill cozy vibe so when I
think of a chill cozy vibe I think of an oversized top whether it’s a sweater or
a long-sleeved t-shirt or just a regular t-shirt I think of that when I think of
chill cozy vibes I think of things like mom jeans, high-waisted jeans,
looser-fitting jeans I don’t want to wear anything tight because that does
not give me chill cozy vibes and then these shoes definitely give me chill cozy
vibes so in my head what I think of immediately when I see these shoes are
mom jeans maybe a lighter wash and like an oversized
sweater this is the outfit that I came up with when I thought of chill cozy
vibes so I have this sweatshirt on and I paired it with some high-waisted mom
jeans and this black belt with the silver buckle and I went with silver
because my boots do have the black and silver metallic studs on them and the
black and metallic boots and then I accessorize it with this gunmetal
watch and just some extra bangles this is actually like a full-on set that you
just clip together but yeah I just decided to put that together because I
thought it looked good for the vibes that I was going for then the last thing to
put in an outfit together is right before you walk out of your house you
want to remove an item just go in front of a mirror look through everything that
you’re wearing and I’m sure there’s something that you’re gonna find that
it’s just too much or too extra in your outfit take that item take it off and just
put it to the side and walk out your door if you found this video helpful
please let me know in the comment section down below if you have any other
things that you want to include in how to put an outfit together then also let
me know in the comment section down below don’t forget to give this video a
thumbs up and subscribe until next time

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