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How To Style a T Shirt Dress | SXMPLYCAS

How To Style a T Shirt Dress | SXMPLYCAS

hey you guys okay that's extra hey ty this is why I'm never serious hey guys welcome back to my channel and today is a fashion Friday day also happy I actually really love doing these fashion videos but today has this today's topic is about like one of my favorite items to wear everybody knows I am obsessed with this particular item and that item is t-shirt dresses I don't know there's something about them like you can dress them up dress them down edgy cute sassy sexy all of that in one thing and it's like one piece so it makes your outfit just easy to throw on and go so I came up with four different outfits they're all different of course they're black and white because you guys know I always wear black and white sets today wearing green which is another color that I really love but yeah disclaimer some of these items I may not be available because like some items I've had for like years and some items are available still alive so I'll leave I will try to leave as much links down below to the same exact item or to similar items that will match so yeah if you would like to learn how to style t-shirt dresses continue watching make sure you already know what I'm gonna say if you are a people subscriber you already know what I'm gonna say but if you are not subscribed to my channel stop what you're doing right now and hit that subscribe hit that subscribe button and I like that hexing comic eat it button right now and click the little education bellow that's like right next to it and so every that is for every time I upload you will be notified so for fashion Fridays and all my other content content videos so go follow me on my Instagram right here and yeah let's get this video sorry outfit number one has to be like really cute really fun flirty outfit I personally really love this outfit because it's just cute like I don't know it's just something fun this outfit actually I love all the outfits but I really love this outfit so instead of if you can't get like a regular t-shirt dress I know they make t-shirt t-shirt dresses but you know another alternative is to go to the men's section go you didn't know that I shop in the midsection a lot clearly this bomber jacket is from gosh no remains but anyway that's going off a topic so I went to forever 21 min section and I think the shirt is a size medium or large I could've went up in the sides I should have went up the size but if you have the issue with it being too short you to always thrown biker shorts like I did in a biker shorts I'm wearing are from pretty little things and of course the cutest little snakeskin boots they're not real it's Thanksgiving but you know they're faux snakeskin and they are from fashion no like this that's probably my first pair of fashionable boots and honestly they're comfortable I really like them like I'm excited to win them and break them out and lastly the clutch is from fashion Nova and it's really cute large you know gonna go next outfit it's outfit numbers tool outfit number two this dress is the girl power dress this one I think I have you seen my laughs I just fried a video it was a nasty gal how I'll go put it up here for the link up here for you to check it out but yeah I love this dress it's white so you know it's gonna be hard to keep clean especially when you wear makeup like I do but I think it's the perfect one and I love the message of course and a pop of orange is super cute the fishnets I love fishnets I don't know what sucks about fishnets and I really just I love everything okay I love fashion itself but uh thanks fishnets we'll take an outfit to a next level okay and I think this pair of fishnets did it and I got those from forever 21 I think this last year but I'm pretty sure you can find fishness anywhere and lastly are like Doc Martin boots I think everybody like male or female should own a pair of Doc Martin boots and I just love this list because they're super grungy I'm gonna say grungees but edgy and this is probably hemmed down my favorite outfit from this video outfit number three is really simple very chill actually worn it out there multiple times before and I get compliments on it but the lace dress well the dress is from pretty little thing I will try to link it down below but I think I love how soft and lightly it feels compared to the other dresses is not material is some weird I think it's like calling us about polyester which makes it super comfortable and lightweight and my fishnet stocks are from ASOS tomatoes and lastly you have to have a classic pair of bad air I'm telling you you need to click a pair of and and last but not least is outfit number 4 I copped this dress on sale ih names like it seemed I was in those original e like 30 so that wasn't really good stew and I just had tuna course it's a combination of my favorite colors to wear black and white with a pop of bread and the thigh high boots now this is we're really gonna fit the help it off having a pair of thigh high boots you know or I think you don't get to decide these are kissing a calf boots so you have my best friend but he bought me things like for my purse a few years ago this is how you take a t-shirt dress to the next level okay no more this out at night and you know still be casual but still be dressed up you feel me and then this Claire clutch is from this guy date and I broke the chain but you still don't have to have the chain you can just hold that the clutch and it's super cute I did I'm gonna overdo it with like a pop of color or anything extra I just want to keep it cute and simple so yeah those are four ways that I personally wear InStyle my t-shirt dresses I think they're very versus how you can midship mix mix and match everything mix in fact why can I never say to Jose mich Mich I think a lot of people no matter what size you are no matter what body shape no matter what color you are can wear t-shirt dresses like I think you should own at least one one in your closet I have like seven of them because I absolutely love it they're super cute easy to wear and just it makes picking out an outfit extremely easy comment down below which outfit is your favorite and some next time bye cuz I'm IC wife hey doesn't want to fight me never been the one get RP up on a bite

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  1. Thank you SO much for this video!! I’ve been googling T Shirt Dresses/Best T Shirt Dresses on YT for so long and can’t seem to find any.
    Anywho, thanks so much for sharing!!💞
    Stay Blessed everyone!!🙏❤️🙌

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