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How to Stylishly Tuck Your Shirt

How to Stylishly Tuck Your Shirt

– The art, that’s right,
art of the shirt tuck now adds a subtle and
fashion forward detail to any outfit. I’m Alexandra, a styling
manager here at Stitch Fix and I’m here to answer the question how do I stylishly tuck in a shirt? (electronic music) The editor’s tuck. AKA the side tuck. Instead of tucking your
shirt in the center of your waistband tuck
one side of your blouse just above your hip bone. The front tuck. This is the secret leg lengthening trick that fashion lovers
everywhere have been rocking. Simply tuck three to four inches from the front of your
shirt into the center of your waistband. The full tuck. For a streamlined look, tuck your shirt in the whole way around. This look is best for pencil skirts, high-waisted denim, or a tailored shirt. Got a style question of your own? Head to stitchfix.com to ask a stylist for expert advice and to
schedule your next fix.

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