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How to Turn a Floor Lamp into a Coat Rack

How to Turn a Floor Lamp into a Coat Rack

Welcome to DIY for Homeowners. We’re
Mother Daughter Projects. I’m Steph. I’m Vicki and today we are sharing an
upcycling project and this is sponsored by the Home Depot. A couple weeks ago my
neighbors texted me a picture of an old lamp that she had and she said “do you
and your mom have a use for this?” So I texted to mom and mom said take it home and
we’re gonna figure out a way to use this. So mom had the vision to turn the old
lamp into a coat rack. And this coat rack has a very modern feature. We actually
built in a wireless charger into it. So come along as we show you how we did
this. This is the lamp we are starting with, ornate and brassy. The first step was to
disassemble the lamp. We cut off the socket and unscrewed each section. The
bottom had a weight made out of concrete that had broken so we threw that part
away. Here you can see we’re taking apart the lamp. But these are some of the parts
that we took off. As we were working we realized it was a very high quality lamp
and we were able to interchange the parts. so we took this part out and put
one of top parts on the bottom. We wanted a very sleek look so we only ended up
using the straight pieces from the original lamp. Here we’re measuring PVC
pipe to the height of the bottom section of the new coat rack. We cut that to size
on the miter saw and fitted it into place. We did the same for the top section. Then
mom cleaned the PVC pipe with mineral spirits. PVC can be a little tricky to
paint. Here you can see we actually put a big metal stake in the ground and put
the PVC pipe on top of that. Then we propped it up with a couple pieces of
wood and it worked perfect. We spray-painted all the parts black as
that matched mom’s aesthetic. Next we tested the wireless charger that will be
on the bottom of the glass. We wanted to make sure the charging feature worked
through the thickness of the glass. We used a dry erase marker to outline the
charger. Then mom added a pattern of a power button to trace. Here you can see
I’m using the new Ryobi battery powered rotary tool. I love it you can just take
it to where you work and I love the size of the actual tool itself. It’s very easy to
manage. Now the secret to doing glass etching is to get the right bit and you
need to purchase a diamond tip bit. We measured and cut a piece of PVC pipe to
fit into the base of the coat rack. Then we hot glued to secure it. This is going
to allow us to screw the parts back together once the concrete is in the
base. You can use any concrete for this because it won’t show but we’re using
one of our favorites, RapidSet as it sets up in 15 minutes and cures in about an
hour. We added water a little at a time and
mixed. then I poured it into the base. We let that cure and moved on to
spray-painting the underside of the glass. We’re using a rust-oleum black
spray-paint doing many thin coats. Mom is using a lazy susan to be sure she gets
all the places. We added a PVC cap to the top of the PVC
and marked where to place the hooks for coats. Then we use the Rryobi rotary tool
again with a drill bit attachment to make pilot holes for the hooks.Then I
just hand screwed them into place and they were really secure. Here you can see
we are now attaching the lamp parts back. And then we fit a new piece of sticky
felt to the bottom to protect the floor. We placed the PVC on the bottom section
and to secure that to the metal pole we’re using expanding foam. It sets up in
about 15 minutes so we’re attaching it to this chair to make sure it stays nice
in place. While it sets up we got the glass and last little metal piece in
place, added the PVC pipe, and to secure the top to the bottom we sprayed a lot
of expanding foam inside the pipe making sure it went all the way to the bottom.
Then we put it in place. Lastly we place the wireless charger on
the bottom of the glass using black gorilla tape and it worked. And this is how it works. Mom can leave
her keys, jacket, and more at the front door. This was not a project we thought
we needed until it was done. Mom loves this and now I always know where I can
find a charge when I’m at Mom’s house. What we learned. The charger, we kind of
over complicated how to attach that to this. So I originally made this little
bracket but then I realized the charger wasn’t close enough to the glass and I
tried a couple different things and ultimately what I did was just use duct
tape because it’s underneath it’s not gonna be seen. We’re not making Apple
computers here so it doesn’t have to be perfect! And then the other thing that we
learned, we didn’t plan ahead when we sprayed the foam into the PVC. We forgot
we needed a way to make sure it was gonna stay straight. So if you’re gonna
do this, figure out a way to make it stand straight or be prepared to stand
there for 15 minutes. Guess who got to do that? I made sure was
straight the whole time. I had to keep checking that. A big thank you to my
neighbor Rita who gave us the lamp to use in this project. It was a lot of fun
and she’s also a fellow greyhound dog owner so we are big fans of her and her
family. So thanks for joining us. Do you want to see more projects from us? Be
sure to visit us at mother daughter projects .com and subscribe to our
newsletter. We send out an email once a week with all our latest projects.

9 thoughts on “How to Turn a Floor Lamp into a Coat Rack

  1. When I saw the brass lamp my first thought was how old fashioned and 'fussy' it looked and I was prepared not to like what you came up with. However, when I saw the finished coat rack I was very impressed. Sleek and stylish. I love the charging point as well. That was a great idea, and such neat engraving. Great job ladies.

  2. Awesome! What a great project for an old lamp, I was really in awe. Love this so much, maybe if I find an old lamp somewhat like this I can give it a try, you both make it look so easy. Thank you so much this was very inspiring.

  3. Great project! I love watching your videos and love the relationship you two have! It is so great to see a Mother and Daughter that really love each other…don't see that very often! Thanks guys!

  4. Amazing! New subscriber here! I love the tip about spray painting the PVC pipe, I struggle with stuff like that, thank you! It turned out great, especially the charging station. What a fantastic idea!

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