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How Well Can You Dress From Costco?! (You Wont Believe it!)

How Well Can You Dress From Costco?! (You Wont Believe it!)

What’s up boys, it’s Jose Zuniga and for today I got some more fire content. So if you guys remember not too
long ago, I did a “How well you could dress from Walmart?” And the whole premise
of that was, just to see how well you could dress from a store that’s not as
stylish as H&M or Zara. Anybody could go in there and like blindly pick out a
stylish outfit but at Costco, at Walmart, not anybody can do that. I’m
gonna give it a shot. So today we’re gonna be shopping at Costco and just see
how stylish we can make an outfit. Let’s go. Alright boys so we are in Costco and as you can see we have a vast, sea of
clothing in here. It’s pretty intense, so I’m gonna be here for a while but
honestly I think it might be better than the Walmart video. Calvin Klein, 2 pants
for 20 bucks, that as my name all over it. Dude those are these are better deals than in H&M and the cool thing here is that there’s Calvin Klein, there’s Lucky Brand,
there’s actually name-brand, it’s not like some cheap like little unknown
brands these are like big boy brands, so this is actually pretty cool and get one of
these pants. Yo, they even have Tommy Hilfiger here, nine dollar Tommy Hilfiger pocket tee. You usually buy Tommy Hilfiger at Urban Outfitters for like fifty bucks. They also have like their in-house Kirkland and this stuff is like really good quality. I’m gonna take both and they
might compare the outfits. Alright so now I need something more casual and luckily for us, Costco even has Lucky Brand, for 30 bucks. So I copped the Lucky Brand in my size, cha-ching for that. So I want to, since it’s fall and winter we’re gonna have to get a flannel. Dude, literally I feel like I’m in H&M or something ’cause everything looks good here. We got nice
work wear, flannel these are way thicker so they’re perfect for fall in winter
and a lot to choose from. So we’re good to go here. Now I’m gonna take this up a
notch, I’m gonna do a dapper outfit from Costco as well. And finally I mean to
complete the dapper look, we need some sort of trousers… Kenneth Cole for 30
bucks and I like this color like it’s very
versatile I can wear with a lot. Jose:Alright boy so we are out from Costco….
Juan:Alright, dude dude dude give me a second. Juan: Why do you keep showing off that bracelet? You’re moving that hand so much. Jose: It’s my Rose Gold and Black bracelet. As you guys know, Rose Gold and Black is a sponsor of our show and they are sponsoring todays video. Rose Gold and Black is an ultimate accessory company for guys. If you guys haven’t checked it out already, what are you doing? It’s the easiest way to upgrade your style without spending a lot of money. I’ll show you more when I get back into the office, but if you want
a sneak peek, click that link below its heavily discounted on all
their stuff. Alright guys, so like I said, we are fully done but some of this clothes since it is Costco clothes, I’ve never tried it before so I don’t know how it’s
gonna fit, and like I’ve always said if you want your clothing to fit amazing to
the point that most people won’t even know you’re buying from Walmart or
Costco, you need to get a tailored. So were now at my local tailoring shop, we’re gonna tailor some of the oversized stuff and after you’re not even gonna believe how
good it’s gonna look. Alright boys, so we’re back from the tailoring shop, got all my Costco clothes here, and let me tell you I am surprised at how good the
Costco clothes is, I think you’re gonna be too. But before I get into all that, I
do want to talk about our partner Rose Gold and Black. Guys like I said, if you guys haven’t checked it out, the reason why I love talking about this brand so
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you won’t regret it. But now let’s hop into some of these clothes, so first I want to
highlight these trousers from Kenneth Cole. Honestly, one of the best pickups
yet I only spent like 20 bucks on these things and after getting them tailored
they fit amazing, and that light gray looks good with everything. Now sadly, I
couldn’t get a dress shirt because I didn’t find a size in Costco but they had tons
of dress shirts so I am pairing it with one of my own personal dress shirts, but the
point is if you were to catch me in the street with this, you would never in a
million years think I got this fit from Costco. Now if dressing dapper like
that isn’t surprising enough, casual menswear in Costco is insanely stylish
as well. For example, I got these twill Calvin Klein chinos, again you’re getting
these big-name brands for ridiculously low prices. I bought these for $19, got them tailor as you can see they look amazing and I just threw a simple white tee over it. Like I
said, Costco did have two amazing white tees they had their own in store one which is the Kirkland and they also had the Tommy Hilfiger. Is it as good as their essential tees, that’s not a fair comparison…. But that’s not the point of this video. The reason why I like the
Tommy Hilfiger again is just for the fact that I know that if you were to go
to Urban Outfitters or PacSun you would be paying 50 bucks for it, I got it
for like nine dollars. And finally one of my favorite pickups from Costco,
these Lucky Brand Jeans. Lucky Brand Jeans!! Go to any Lucky Brand near you store and you’re paying $100 plus for a pair of denim. I bought these for under
$30. Now to be fair it was a straight cut, so it didn’t suit my style but again
going to the tailor and getting a quick tapered job for around ten bucks. Now I
have a slim modern pair of denim that’s from a quality brand cheaper than what
you would pay at H&M. Pairing that with that super thick quality flannel, I’ve
talked to you guys about flannels before in this video, and all you want to look
in a flannel is stick with your basic colors, get a plaid design and make sure
it’s thick and that’s basically it. Those are three complete
outfits I got from Costco for around a hundred bucks, that are super stylish. And
that’s basically it for today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed it. If you did,
don’t forget to drop us a like down below, lets me know you like this style
of video and we’ll keep producing more. If you do go ahead and comment down
below what other store you want me to do. JCPenney, Dillard’s, whatever you guys
think I’ll give it a shot. Comment it down below. That’s it for me today, see you next time!

100 thoughts on “How Well Can You Dress From Costco?! (You Wont Believe it!)

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  3. People who shop at Urban Outfitters are just tossing their money down the drain. They prey on younger naive people to buy items for way higher a cost then they were ever worth. Champion used to be a generic brand found everywhere… it was so basic. These kids today made it "popular" and its 100 bucks for a champion hoodie? Wish I would have kept my crap clothes from decades ago to sell as I would be Rich with the markup.

  4. Costco has high quality clothes for an awesome price but because I'm short its hard to find 30 and below length pants.

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    it's been so long since my family has shopped there that I don't remember.

    I wonder how newbies do it. Do they expect bags of some kind? But just watch people using boxed that costco has off in a pile to be trashed?

  6. It’s not Costco clothes if you bought Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, lucky brand etc lol if it’s Kirkland… yes.

  7. You should do a blind folded H&M experience and have your brother help you get the right size and get it blind folded tailored and then put it all on then look at the out come when you put it on

  8. Hey Jose una pregunta en Walmart te pueden arreglar todo osea si te quedan grande y te combran por eso o tienes tu propia modista. Nunca compro ropa en Walmart solo dillars y mi favorito es Murano. Pero comparando el precio me gustaria probar Walmart.

  9. I personally find two sepperate endorsements of the same brand in a seven minute video a bit too much. I can accept it though. Solid video.

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  11. Please leave Jose Zuniga alone. I’m tired of all these beta males complaining about how he’s always having some type of advertisement in his videos…umm how do you think he gets all these hook ups for us?

    He works hard on helping you guys to not just dress better but save some money as well. Everything cost some money but be happy the man is doing the work for you and giving you discounts and also giving you places where you can get samples.

    So stop bitching and be thankful, that is all.

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  13. Just got some clothes from Costco and I have to say I got a good deal on their clothing, bought 9 clothing items for 120 dollars (2 pants and 7 dress shirts) I say I got a better deal than any other store and the quality of the clothing is better quality than any other store I went to. Can't get that deal at Old Navy or Target or any other store around.

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