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hey you guys and welcome back to my channel today I have a really fun and clothing try on haul for you guys and it's gonna be from Express I know you guys love Express I absolutely love Express and here's a little peek at the first item oh my gosh I already love it so much so before we get started if you have not already definitely consider hitting subscribe below I like to make lots of try on hauls and fashion and lifestyle videos on my channel and if you like this video give it a thumbs up it really lets me know that you guys loved it and want to see more try on hauls for me also you guys are gonna have to let me know which piece was your favorite and also I have an exclusive discount code for you guys that Express gave to me to share with you guys and this video is not sponsored by the way or anything but I drove a coupon code it's gonna be listed right here the code is $25 off your purchase of $100 or more and you could stack that with any of the discounts that are online as long as it's not like a site-wide 40% off sale otherwise if say tops are on special for 30% off or it's buy one yet 150 you could stack that with my coupon code the code does expire and may sometime I don't remember the exact date but I'll have it all listed below for you guys everything will be linked below for you guys and all the sizing details okay first up is this gorgeous lace off the shoulder top I just think it is so girly and so fun this does come out a bunch of other colors and key some blush isn't your thing but of course I went for the blush I did size up in the top cause I did see this in the store the other time when I went into the store and it did look a little small so that's why I kind of when I ordered online I knew to like size up and I this is the small and I have to say I really like the fit of the small like the elastic band though is nice it's not gonna like slip down or anything and I paired it with this like roun handbag and it's an affordable option for spring and summer which I love and then these denim shorts right here my go to no surprise if you've been on my channel they're the a Goldy denim shorts and you guys are loving them too which is so great because we're all gonna be like twinning for the summer and then these both slides which are so darling I mean I feel like I always share these with you guys but they're just that good definitely recommend Me's I mean you're gonna get a lot of use out of them I've had these for over a year and they look practically new actually want to see what this top you can't really wear it on your shoulder sometimes with tops like this you go where I mean yeah I mean it looks a little tiny like that if you're okay with it being a little uncomfortable on the arm you could wear it like that too if you're not off the shoulder kind of top person sub maximally dressed and I feel like it's a little unexpected for me but if you're a blush lover and you want to kind of like switch things up and as girly as myself is I do love to add like a little bit of leopard into my wardrobe and I think this dress is so gorgeous don't know if you could see the actual color there we go it's like has a little bit of like warm tone blush kind of throughout and it has these fun tassel details the dress itself too has a little bit of a bell sleeve this would be great for any kind of like spring or summer event it does have a smock to waist detail I will say if you're in between sizes on this shows I would go with the smaller sizes I do feel like it's running on me just the tiniest bit large but otherwise I am wearing the extra small and I think though if it's like it's a nice length if anything is just a little bit like root it has a lot of room in it which is if you just get your regular express size but if you're not sure go to the smaller size and then paired with it I have these Andals on I got these from Express and these are so comfortable I walked all around for a photo shoot in these I have a blog post within a different outfit with these but I've decided these went really well too because I think they don't take away from the dress and these are so comfortable like I am really pleased with how nice these are like they feel really high-quality so definitely recommend them I have my regular size in them up next is this gorgeous off-the-shoulder high-low dress I love the classic stripes this would be amazing for vacation I think that would be so fun just any kind of like summer night out date night for a summer I just think this is absolutely gorgeous it's like a faux rabdi tail so you have to worry about it unraveling so it just kind of like wraps around here and then it flows all the way through so it has a lot of movement and you could pull the material out more if you want it for like when you're walking you don't feel like all restricted so it's just so fun I do have on hire wedges with it I'll link all the other details for everything below but yeah these wedges do give me some height therefore it does you could see where it ends in the back I did have this dress on without the wedges on and the back was dragging on the ground a little bit so just keep that in mind I'm 5/7 for a rock friend when I see this is available in petite a little tip was shopping on Express just check when you click on the link sometimes it will say right under the title of the item and I'll say available and petite and then you could it'll just take you to the petite item and then everyone quickly I mentioned these wedges these are not expressed but they're a decent price point especially for such a great high-quality wedge these are so comfortable there's like no break-in time or anything like there you feel like like the leather is so soft on them and they feel like they've been worn for some time like in a good way so they just feel broken in already so love that about them they come in a ton of colors but I have the neutral color and then I just have it paired with my around handbag so absolutely love love love this dress up next is this top and at first I wasn't so sure about the top because I didn't know I had this like little hook okay and I kind of thing here but I had I paired a little white bra lit underneath it because I thought at first who's just like open but you could close it which is a nice detail but I like how on the shoulders it has like this tie knot detail which i think is so darling one thing about this top is if you don't mind riding up on you a little bit into like a kind of a crop top then you would like this but if you're if you're gonna mind it then I've definitely don't get this top end so this top though is really cute I think it's really fun for summer I think this is a nice top to just like we're on a casual day as I said I haven't pair with the white bra I'll link my white for the people bra lat but it layer is really nice I think it adds a little extra layering and then these jeans I got from Express I feel like for me most of the time expressed genes do run a little small so I do size up so I sized up in these and they have a really cute like frayed hem on them and then I have on these white slides they're not expressed but I've been talking about these so much they're just so comfy and yeah so that is this alpha I think it's just a nice like basic and casual but really cute outfit up next is a really great basic tee and I'm absolutely loving it at first when I pulled it I wasn't sure about the shape of it but it makes a really nice like cute and casual look especially if you wear a tighter cheek and I feel like on the bottom I think this is really good for me I always try to balance things out something is a little bit bad year I like to wear something more fitted on the bottom or if something is looser on the bottom then I like to wear some a little bit more fitted up top that's like most of the time like my outfit formula and I think it like balances everything nicely so so this is like a really nice looser fit which I love and this is from the express 111 line so it is so buttery soft I mean this fabric is so nice and I have it on with these same jeans I showed you guys earlier as well as these purl slides which a lot of you said that you love and you got them yourselves which I love because they are so cute right so they come in a black I think to the next outfit this is completely expressed from head to toe and I love every single piece so much I already wore this out and did a whole blog post on this whole entire look so first that we have this little cami and I included this in my wardrobe essentials video so if you haven't checked it out I did a whole video on 15 wardrobe essentials and these cami some Express are like one of my favorites to add with any outfit because they just you know are a great piece to start with and you can layer everything else with it so I layered this white denim jacket with it it has a raw hamana which i think is like really fun and then I have these high-waisted paper bag shorts so the tie way shorts are like really on trend for summer they have tons of different options that Express so I went with the stripe they have pockets and I love how the tie ways you could like really cinch in and define your waist I think they're really flattering shorts everything is running true to size I'm wearing extra small and everything I'm gonna have on these same sandals and this bag is even Express isn't it so cute here's a little bit of closely just neg print which i think is really cool I'm next I'm loving this combo it's a cream bodysuit kind of like a little square neckline and then these high-waisted tie waist pants and these are so soft like these feeling for Jack it's like there's such a great pant to wear to work and then I paired it with this white bodysuit though this applies to is more like a creamier white and I think it's so nice it's very flattering like I love bodysuit you could even just use this bodysuit and tuck it into denim shorts just as I feel like it looks a little bit more streamlined with most outfits lengthwise I probably could have gone maybe up a size but I like the width on this as I like how fitted it is pants am wearing the extra small and they say true to size okay I can't get over this next outfit I am totally loving it so I have the same white bodysuit that I just had on but I pair it with these high-waisted tie way short these are such a cute pair of shorts and these are like on really nice like thicker fabric so really high-quality feeling and then I have it paired with this blazer so I already own an express blazer it looks just like this but this is the newer version it has the little lapel I guess you would call it and it does have like a cinched sleeve already like this which I like it looks really more like relaxed and a little bit not so like Sudi so I just paid up skyward but yeah so I love it everything is running true to size but a blazer is always a good addition to your wardrobe I shared the Express blazer that I already own in my wardrobe essentials video that same video and then I also have pair with it these sandals and then this wrap bracelet I have been really loving this wrap bracelet it's just been going with so much I thought it looked really cute with this outfit kind of you know made a little bit more casual like this would be great for like if you depending on your dress coat at the office you work out but I think this is so chic and just so cute okay up next I think it open knit sweater is so essential in spring and summer because if you have like an air-conditioned place it's like super freezing these are always nice to have on just throwing women time cutoff shorts and like you're good to go you have like a cute outfit so this one is a little bit like on the shorter size not crop or anything but I love just like the open knit and it just so relaxed and casual looking and I love the color they'd even do the sweater like with a small skirt sometimes mock skirts are a little bit differently he wanted like switch it up actually if you don't want to just always do like the basic cami with it I think this sweater will go perfect with a little smoke skirt so that's kind of like over it a little bit and it looks really cute and put together and seem denim shorts and then I have on the Pearl sandals I showed you guys earlier they were down to like I think two more items so up next is this gorgeous ruffle top and they get so dainty and such a great basic for your summer wardrobe and then it has the tie knot detail too which I love so as grace you get like a white top like this as you can literally wear it everywhere and like dress it up dress it down for those like really warm days it's like it feels like it's a very breathable fabric too which is good and then I have on the denim shorts and then these flat forms which are very comfortable so if you want a little bit of height without like killing your arches all day long so totally loving these and I like the little like dusty rose color you know to add a little pop of color to this like more like neutral look and the last thing I want to show you guys I would impair this together with the denim shorts but I just wanted to quickly show you it's great because a lot of you asked for like some work where inspiration and this is a great top if you like work in an office environment or anything that you do for work that you want to look a little bit more professional this is such a great top it's a really nice fabric and it has like a little flowy a center or detail right here it's a little bit more fitted up top and has a little flutter sleeve detail which i think is so pretty so I hope you guys enjoyed my Express Tryon clothing haul if you did please give this video a thumbs up so I know that you guys enjoyed it and leave your favorite piece that I share with you guys today I'd love to know which piece that was it's always so fun reading your comments and a little reminder that I do have that coupon code in case you guys want to save a little bit more money on your order on Express comm i'll have that listed below for you guys as well so i'm gonna end today's video here but I will see you on the next video very soon bye


  1. Love everything, as usual. The dress atheist beginning and the whit long sleeve top are my favorites. You do such a good job explaining everything but you dont take forever doing it. Props!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I can't access to the Express website. Do they ship internationally?

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  5. hi Carin thanks for sharing with us this video, i really enjoyed , am in love with your style xx.

  6. The sandals that you wore with the leopard print dress were my favorite piece from this haul, but really, I loved everything! I really appreciate your style and I get a lot of inspiration from the way you put things together to make outfits. Thanks so much!

  7. Great video, loved the looks. Could you please elaborate a little more on that last flutter sleeve shirt. I’m very interested but not sure if sizing . I haven’t shopped at Express lately and I’m not sure whether I need a s or m.

  8. Love your hauls. Can I ask a favor? Could you film the backs of the bottoms? I would love to see what the pockets etc look like. I know it’s tough when you film it yourself….if you could find a way it would be so appreciated!!

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  11. So I have a ? I bought the blue jean jacket because I love it how it looks on you and I love it πŸ₯° thank you but now I want to get a white one but which one do you recommend me because I want it to be as comfy as the blue one.. please can you recommend me your favorite oneπŸ’•πŸ’Thank youπŸ’

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