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HUGE Spring Clothing Haul! January 2013 | MyLifeAsEva

HUGE Spring Clothing Haul! January 2013 | MyLifeAsEva

they say she's in the Class A team stuck in her daydream been this way since eighteen but lately her face seems slowly sinking thing hey guys so you may be wondering like Ava where the heck have you been or you may have not been wondering and that's okay too you guys don't have to care about me but um I was just really sick I was like barfing and all that stuff um I have really good really really really bad periods and what a great way to open video Ava talking about your period anyway I have like unusually sucky periods I don't know if any of you out there have them but I was like throwing up and stuff and I really wanted to get this haul out to you so I would like sit down and like try to film it and then I would just talk for like literally like two seconds and then I would just be up and running to the bathroom and be like in the bathroom for like thirty minutes so with that great video opener I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I couldn't get a video out to you sooner things have just been really crazy with me being you know on the the week of the devil so I have a haul for you today from TJ Maxx and Hollister Abercrombie and forever 21 and I got some really cute stuff so I'm just going to run through it and show you guys what I got so let's get started so the first thing that I got are two pairs of sunglasses from TJ Maxx and I got aviators and then I got this really cute pair of like I think they're kind of like retro kind of Audrey Hepburn ish so my a v8 errs were from Levi's and they were only $7.99 and I really wanted a pair of Levi's on or Levi's aviators so I could just have a pair of sunglasses to wear the beach and you know look cute with like a little top nut bun and like a bikini I feel like a v8 errs for like sunglass of this summer so I had to get a pair of these for spring and I can't wait to use them when they go down to Huntington Beach with my friends and I got a pair of these which are just kind of like cat eye I don't know like diva sunglasses and I got these because I don't have a pair of black sunglasses a lot of my sunglasses are just normal kind of tinted sunglasses like these so I got this pair just you know when I'm tanning alone at the pool or something like that and I just want to read a book and don't want to be bothered and you know just running errands around town so I feel like these are gonna be really good for just just ran errands around town and then for something that I'm like obsessed with that I got I got a new purse from TJ Maxx and this one is the Olivia and joy New York purse and I got this because I don't really have a neutral tone purse I just have pink purses and like pattern purses I really wanted a person I could wear all year round and you know two job interviews and all that stuff so I got this purse and I really love it because okay well first off it was a hundred dollars and I got it for like literally 20 so the handles are really nice because there's three ways you can wear it you can wear it this way and then you can also wear it this way and then you can also wear it with a crossbody strap and there's so many pockets in it there's a pocket for your phone right here and then there's two pockets on both sides that look like this and then on the back there's another pocket and then on the inside there's two pockets as well as well as a really cute like gold zipper plating in it so this is just a really nice purse to have for the price that I got it for it was an amazing deal so now on to clothes I went to forever 21 and I just picked up a ton of things because they were having their 50% off of clearance sale and anytime they have that sale you and I both know you got to go down there and buy like everything so the first thing that I got is this skirt and it's just a really nice um really comfy kind of like chip Ani there's much of funny like silky type of skirt so it has a ton of patterning going on in it and it's got like the skinny little high-waisted waist and then it kind of like reaches out and it's just a really comfy skirt and it has a really cute buttons on it too if you can see the buttons yeah but I can't wait to wear this to like a fashion show or just looking night out on the town with my girlfriends and then okay guys do not freak out when you see this shirt I know you guys are gonna freak out I got a peplum t-shirt that is like pleather I know it looks really weird huh I got this top because I saw it on the clearance rack for $5 and I was like nobody's gonna take that home so I'll take you home so I adopted this t-shirt into my life because no nobody would have bought this shirt I'm sorry it's too daring my friends call this the trashcans shirt mostly guys called the trashcans shirt yes this is what it looks like it's a very structured pee shirt and I feel like I got this because of that one day when I know that I'm gonna wear it it's gonna be a pretty awesome day so the day that I wear it I'm will Instagram a picture of how I dressed it up and where I'm going and you guys will get to see how I wore that shirt and it's gonna be really fun outfit of the day I will definitely do an outfit of the day with that t-shirt yeah I just got it because one day when I wear it I know it's gonna be pretty awesome day for me to get up and put on that shirt and then from forever21 I got this sweater it's such a comfy sweater guys it's like amazing the day that I got it I actually slept in it and then when I woke up the next day I didn't take it off until I went to bed again but so these guys stay yeah I really like it it's so comfy the collar is like a kind of corally pink and then it's got this like eggshell white color and then the sleeves in the bottom are purple so it's just a really nice color-block sweater and I feel like it's gonna be really nice because I could wear it during the wintertime because it's because it's a sweater but when it gets to springtime on this cold spring days um it's still kind of like a spring ish type of pattern and color so I feel like it's gonna work transitioning into the springtime at the cold kind of nights and last but not least from forever 21 these are my favorite things that I got and it's this pair of cowboy boots with fringe on them so I got these at feb 4 2015 1 to be wearing these a lot lately or not lately soon so then I went to Hollister in Abercrombie and I just picked up four things and I loved their store because I feel like they're classic timeless pieces that I can layer and wear with different things from forever 21 and stuff and they were having the 50% off of clearance sale too so everything was really cheap so the first thing that I got is this pair of shorts and you may have seen these in my get ready with me for a date video I really like these shorts because different Hollister but they're classy shorts they're not like super super short shorts so I can dress these up or dress these down and I like how the belt is actually detachable so whenever I want to I don't have to go with this crazy pattern color combo I could just wear the you know nice blue shorts with in my shirt for like maybe you in church in the summer or something and then if I wanted to I could put the belt on a little dress and it would just be a really cute outfit so I got like two outfits in one pretty much then from Hollister I got this polka dot skirt and it's really cute it has a little bow tie on it and the same thing goes with the bow tie it's detachable so I could always put this around like a floral dress and just make like kind of a different look to that outfit I feel like every girl has type grotz in their closet I just feel like it's kind of a staple piece and it makes you feel really flirty and fun and I actually did an outfit of the day kind of like photo shoot with my little sister when I wore an outfit of this so I will post a picture right there of what I wore I just wore like a pair of wedges and then like a Hollister tank top and a little charm bracelet and it was a really cute flirty outfit to go out with Nick and then from Hollister the last thing that I got is this crop top and it's so cute Nick really likes this shirt and it's got like little ruffles on the bottom and then lace at the top and this t-shirt would be perfect for like I feel like going to Yogurtland and I don't know anytime I see this shirt it just reminds me of like Yogurtland with my friends and a nice pair of jeans like dark wash skinny jeans and then a pair of sandals I feel like this would be the perfect spring and summer outfit to transition to the hotter months but still not look totally summer doubt so this is definitely gonna be something that I wear to like just go hanging out with my friends it's a really comfy t-shirt and last but not least at Abercrombie I just got this dress and it's a really cute eyelet pattern kind of like baby dollish kind of dress so it's just navy blue and then it goes out like this and this is what it looks like it's just a really nice eyelet pattern and I got this dress for $15 and it was originally like 50 so that was pretty good so that is all that I got I hope you enjoyed this haul and I'm sorry that it wasn't like really enthusiastic it's just that I've been really really sick lately like I've been sick and then also I have this like period thing going on so I'm like all over the place and I can't really like speak up because my nose is like so bugged but if you want to catch up with me on like what I'm filming what my next videos are gonna be you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter so yeah don't forget to follow me on both those things and subscribe if you haven't already I am a lot more fun than this video seems probably I'm sorry this video sucks guys I'm sorry comment down below and tell me what you think about the stuff that I got and especially that crazy leather t-shirt tell me what you think I should wear it to because I have no idea where that shirt would fit in on my daily life so comment down below and tell me what you would wear it with and where you would wear it to I love you guys so much and I will have a couple reviews on some foundations coming out for you pretty soon I love you and I will see you later t-time got coal and now it's all mine guys whatever drink today when it's cold that's supposed to be hot every time I feel – like it wasn't good enough you guys are the best

26 thoughts on “HUGE Spring Clothing Haul! January 2013 | MyLifeAsEva

  1. Hiii to who ever might be reading this. I'm back it's 2018 & I'm still a fan. This girl Eva is the real deal. She is an angel & actually gives great advice about life in many of her other videos. I hope she brightens your days too!πŸ’šβœŒοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘½πŸ’š

  2. So on all the girl YouTubers I watch they say how their periods hurt so much etc but am I the only one when I get a period I don't feel anything? 0.o

  3. I know how you feel I vomit sometimes when I get period cramps. My stomach is super sensitive and can't hold anythingπŸ™


    I love her she's so funny!πŸ˜πŸ‘½βœŒπŸ˜„β€

  5. I love her taste in clothes πŸ‘šπŸ‘˜πŸ‘•πŸ‘™πŸ‘–πŸ’„πŸ‘”πŸ’‹πŸ‘—πŸ‘£πŸ‘ πŸ‘‘πŸ‘’πŸ‘žπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘‘πŸŽ’πŸ‘’πŸ‘πŸŽ©πŸŽ“πŸ‘œβ›‘πŸ’ΌπŸŒ‚πŸ’πŸ•ΆπŸ‘“

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