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Jamie’s Pick | Straight Denim | 일자바지 from Guess, Style Nanda

Jamie’s Pick | Straight Denim | 일자바지 from Guess, Style Nanda

[Music] hi guys my name is Jamie and welcome to my channel today I have another episode of Jamie’s pick where I choose one basic item and I compare four different brands and today’s episode is gonna be on straight denim when I was buying a pair of straight on him at guest jeans a few weeks back manager there told me that straight jeans are on full on trend and they won’t be going away for the next 2-3 years minimum so if you don’t have a pair now I hope you get inspired today and just time to go get a pair for spring so the or brands I have today are style nonde black jeans and know their stories and guess so let’s go see what I have for you guys I really really love this outfit and it’s probably because I love the jeans so much this is an outfit that I would probably wear every day if it hadn’t been so cool in Korea these days these jeans are the exact type of straight jeans with minimal flexibility and no washing and then that all my American literature before so we have not left all and so I have to fill it with a model of the and other stories website didn’t have to but I think holding kind of kids like retro horizion and cute vibes so I’m diggin the downside of these jeans are that they push your hip bone so much that it actually hurts but I feel like jeans I don’t have that much flexibility you have no choice if you want to break it to them touched a little piece so I’m just hanging in there because the jeans don’t exactly hug my figure I wore a tight and simple top and my Nike Cortez for a retro vibe you might see on an episode of stranger fees the second pair of jeans are from Stahl nan de and if I put these four genes down and have to pick one that I didn’t like the most it would probably be the one from Stalin but surprisingly I wore these pair of jeans the most of this past return I never really liked the folding jeans trend because it makes me feel short but these jeans somehow kind of make that trend paper they are the most elastic so my hips crotch and thighs up in the most comfortable while my calves have also been very loose because of the white it’s so loose that I can wear my Chelsea boots and the jeans won’t stop on the boots I dress in this very simple and Samba a wool mint and these jeans and some chunky boots that add a little more impact to the overall look I’ve never been able to find a pair of coated jeans that don’t make my legs look like they’re suffocating and make myself look very uncomfortable when I look at the mirror but I think the black jeans did the tricks and the reason I think is because it isn’t thick all the way down to my ankles and it gives some breathing room for my calves coated jeans have always felt kind of sexy for me and they always look like party apparel so I imagine going out with my girls for a night out some rose gold hoop earrings and a glittering top make up this look my shoes are the most filthiest pair of Converse but 9 out of 10 when I go out clubbing someone is gonna stomp on my feet or I’m gonna trip on something so I chose something comfortable also I feel like because the overall outfit is very fierce I could tone it down a bit by wearing some really casual and dirty shoes so these guest jeans are from the soo-ji collection and by soo-ji I mean the former Miss a member and when I first heard that the sales skyrocketed when they put this line out I thought it would be attributed to the kpop hype I had to try these for myself and I fell in love with a straight jeans it’s tight on my thighs and the right sort of way and then they are loose on my calves the length is relatively short so it’s more of a fall spring pair of jeans the red stripes on the side gives a very casual feel but it kinda feels easy this folk art plays along with the liveliness of the outfit and then I toned it down with my tattered covers I don’t like to rank from best to worst but I will say my favorite one is from another stories and I think this is a highly personal decision because I’ve been looking for a pair of indigo no wash no stretch denim for over the past two three months now and I finally found it out in other stories so my decision is highly personal but I think all four of these jeans have their benefits the gues one is different because of the strips on the side and it looks fun and also very tomboyish the plac one that is coated looks sexy and fun and if you want to go for something like badass fives that’s definitely for you and finally the style on no one is comfortable it’s a everyday kind of pants and it’s also the cheapest so yeah all of them have their goods and barely any baths in the next episode I’m going to be talking about striped shirts long-sleeve shirts to be exact so I’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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