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Jennifer Lopez Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show, Reacts to Changing Google with THAT Dress

Jennifer Lopez Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show, Reacts to Changing Google with THAT Dress

-so much stuff to talk about. -First of all, you’re one of
“People” magazine’s People of the Year.
So, congrats on that. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you.
Thank you. -And what a year you’ve had.
-It’s been amazing. Amazing.
-I mean, you were engaged. You got engaged.
-I did — engaged. -You turned 50.
-I did. -You had “Hustlers” —
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -You had “Hustlers” open up
to amazing reviews. -“Hustlers” opened.
Good. -You did a sold-out tour.
-Tour, good. -I saw the tour.
It was unbelievable. [ Cheers and applause ] You were asked to perform
at the halftime show! -I know!
-Oh, come on! [ Cheers and applause ] -I actually started screaming
right there. -Come on, now!
-No, it’s been the most spectacular, crazy, amazing, overwhelming, scary, beautiful
year of my life. -[ Laughs ]
Yeah. And now you’re hosting
“Saturday Night Live.” -Well, that is just like,
“What am I doing?” -Yeah, right? It’s like,
“Dude, that’s so epic.” -Just throw that
in the mix real quick. ‘Cause you know
how much work that is. -Work goes into it.
-Oh, my God. -I just know you, also —
I mean, every time we do any little bit on the show,
you put the work in, buddy. -Thank you.
-I know the halftime show is a little — you got a little
time for that, but I know you. -It’s really not.
Because we have Christmas, and then, you know,
you’re back in January. -It’s right after that.
-And it is literally, like February 2nd,
so it’s gonna — it’s gonna be — it’s gonna
happen quickly, I feel like. -It’s you and Shakira.
-Yes, me and Shakira. -I love that.
-Down in Miami. [ Cheers and applause ] -I love Shakira.
-Yeah. She’s amazing.
And it’s down in Miami. And we’re gonna bring
that flavor. -It’s a big deal, man.
-Yeah, it’s gonna be good. -It is a big deal.
-Yeah. -I’m assuming that you’re
rehearsing already or thought about what bits
you’re gonna do. -Yes.
Yes, yes, yes. -How much time do you have
to get in and get out? Does that, like —
Is it a set number? Is it like four minutes?
-You know, it’s — They have like 29 minutes
for the whole halftime. Halftime is
like 29 minutes exactly, and so they have to
put up the stage, we perform,
and then take down the stage. So, you wind up having anywhere
between like 12 and 14 minutes. And so we — we’re probably
gonna split that between us and then have some great guests,
hopefully, and, you know, things like that. -You just — And you’re also — You’re are gonna be playing
in the Super Bowl, as well. Is that true?
-Yes! -No, just kidding.
Why not? Why not? -Tight end.
[ Laughter ] Oh, man! [ Cheers and applause ] Come on!
I should’ve made that joke! I can’t make that joke.
That’s perfect. -I don’t know
where that came from. -I love that, though.
Why not? -Getting my jokes on,
ready for “SNL.” -Ah, exactly.
-Yeah. -Last time you were here,
we had fun on the show. It was awesome.
We did another bit that — We always make these silly bits.
-Oh, yeah, you made me dance. -But then you —
Was it the next day — You didn’t tell me about this.
-What? -You showed
at the Versace show. -Oh, yeah!
-That was just the next day. -Was it the next day?
-Yeah, because I was like — “We had so much fun with J.Lo!”
-Yes. -And then like,
“Wait. Bigger news.” [ Laughter ]
It was like, “She did this.” You surprised everyone
at the Versace show. -Yes.
-They were doing a big fashion show,
and at the end, you came out
in the famous green dress. -Right.
[ Cheers and applause ] It was —
It was the 20-year anniversary since I wore that dress,
and Donatella asked me. She was like,
“Why don’t you come? And I’m doing a whole, like,
tribute collection, ’cause it’s been 20 years
to do that,” you know, and walk
at the end of the show. And, you know,
it’ll be like — the whole thing
will be about that. -But you nailed it!
-Yeah. -I don’t know
if you watched it back. I watched it. I was like,
“How did she do everything?” But you were, like,
so beautiful and poised and perfect.
-Thank you. -Like, do you do runway?
-No! No. -I was like, “Dude, like –”
That was amazing. -I can walk.
-Yeah, I know, I know. Yeah, I know.
-That part was okay. -But this was like confidence.
-But it was — it was fun. It was just, like —
It really was a moment. Like, we both were excited. Donatella, she’s like,
“It’s going to be amazing!” and I’m like, “Yeah, yeah.
It’ll be great.” You know, I didn’t think, again,
just like the first time, that it would be a thing again. -It was a thing again.
-And it was a thing. -Do you realize that this dress
changed the face of Google? Do you know this story?
-Yes, I know the story. -So, this is a real thing.
When Jennifer wore this dress to the Grammys, the next day, so many people were searching
for Jennifer in the dress, and then to make sure
that they got the images, they made a button. -They invented Google Images
because of that. -Search image. You know that
button that you can search? Because of Jennifer Lopez.
It’s so cool. It’s the best thing
in the world. That’s why.
[ Cheers and applause ] You changed —
That’s — I love it. It’s so cool.
I want to talk about “Hustlers.” It’s out on blu-ray and DVD. Congrats on this.
-Thank you. -I told you this before,
and I loved you in it, but this is before the reviews
came in and all that stuff. -Right.
-But everyone agreed with me. You were fantastic.
-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you. -You went for it.
[ Applause ] I got lost in it. I didn’t even remember
that it was you in this movie. -Yeah. Thank you.
That’s the biggest compliment. Thank you.
-It was like even — -You know how goofy I am.
So you know — She’s like a real badass.
-It’s serious. This is serious stuff.
-She’s a real tough girl. Beats people up.
Not me. -I heard the opening scene,
though, when you do — when you’re dancing,
that was not supposed to be on the script?
-That’s right. In the script,
it originally says, you know, Ramona enters and does
a final flourish on stage, and — and then her
and Destiny meet, which is Constance Wu’s
character. And I suggested to the director, I said, you know,
“It’s a stripper movie. I think maybe
somebody has to strip.” [ Laughter ]
You know, I was like — -Yeah, somewhere.
-But also, I thought, for my character, you know,
she was the one who was kind of the star of the club. She was the one
who had the game on lock, and she’s the one who knew
how to get everybody’s money. She just had it so dialed in. And I said,
“We have to see that. I don’t want to hear
Destiny just saying it. I want to see it.”
And so we designed the dance to not just be a kind of
gratuitous, you know, strip, pole scene,
but actually to really inform who she was as a person.
-Yes. -And what she meant to all
the people there in the club and how she really
played the game. And it worked out.
-It set up the whole movie. -It set up the whole movie.
-It was so good. And it is not a double,
by the way. -No, no!
By the way — Okay. ‘Cause somebody said this to me
the other day. They were like, “So how many —
How was your double?” I was like, “What?”
-Don’t you even — Don’t you even —
Yeah, don’t you — -I have some bruises.
-Yeah. -I took pictures to prove it. But alls I said
to the director — I did. I was like, there’s a moment
where I went upside down on — With the legs like that.
[ Laughter ] And I said, “I don’t care
if I look like a bat hanging upside down.”
My face is crushed. I’m like,
“Make sure you get me — I don’t want anybody
thinking it’s a double.” No doubles in this movie. -That is all Jennifer Lopez
in this movie. -Yes.

100 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show, Reacts to Changing Google with THAT Dress

  1. Only 8 minutes of Jlo on the halftime show? And she gotta share it with Shakira? I loove Shak but even Jlo gets gyped

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  8. As a latino, she represents the latino community very well. She's an example that latin women can do it all. It just takes hard work, God and take no BS from anybody.

  9. Love the idea of Shakira and Jlo together. I think it’s going to be amazing. Both are latino / moms/ beautiful talented & hard working women! Both are music icons. No matter what people say they will rock the Super Bowl 😍

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  11. I’m sure you will be great but I won’t watch. It will be on you tube after and then I’ll look. I don’t like football or the show. Enjoy.

  12. Jlo. The most overrated celebrity with little talent who only stays some what popular because of who she's dating that year. If it wasn't for her dating puff, ben Affleck, living and sleeping with Benny Medina, jumping on Marc Anthony's album, sleeping with drake and forcing A rod to marry her, no one would care. She constantly lies about her plastic surgery and makes everyone think her body is all natural, she lipsychs and voices over her music which is actually sang by other females that sound like her to which she takes all the credit in all her shows. Shes the sneakiest, fakiest bitch in the game

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    Made in Manhattan-??
    That dress looks like uniform-'
    Jenifer arremedo a Shakira con sus bailes..en el campeonato de Brasil-!!
    Shakira..no dijo nada al respecto-'
    Jennifer esta celosa' de Shakira..copyn her dances
    And made fun of her..
    They inviter Shakira to the superbowl- but JLO always
    Want to be..behind Shakira
    Iluminatis help Jenifer..
    After Selena Quintanilla..Jenifer is..famous- she made santeria..brujeria with Estefan contra Selena-'

  14. She looks like she's actually FINALLY starting to age a little. And this isn't a diss at all! She has always looked like she was in her 20s but now, 20 years later, looks like she finally made it to her 30s!…AND she's 50!!!🤯🤯🤯

  15. Another embarrassing disappointment to not look forward to. The Super Bowl half-time show has become a lot like the Star Wars franchise. The goals are to increasingly disappoint and deepen the mockery still echoing from the last attempt. The Hollywood bubble still hasnt figured out that the majority of the rest of the world is now laughing at them. This is what happens when one tiny community forgets about the rest of the world. They think they've moved on and surpassed it and really its the other way around.

  16. I am the only one who thinks she is fake? Since I found that she stoled other artist s vocals I can t stand her. Not so much an artist..

  17. They murdered their people for control of an inferior product, “Big Oil”. “The Only Game In Town”…

    “Ted Talks”, still no mention of elections being fraud, or space fraud or utter the word usury. https://www.ted.com/talks , https://www.masterclass.com/ This is what’s wrong with the Earth. Banks demand we support their corporations, their power and money funneling operations, under guise of superior intelligence, Bezo, Musk, Branson, Gates, Pacino, DeNiro, etc.. These are just fallible men and women, who try to lure us into believing that we can one day achieve their success, somehow emulate them. They never use the word “Usury”, it’s delusional. If these were sincere men and women, they still wouldn’t play along with a rogue government, bilking their citizens out of trillions of dollars and confiscating massive land grabs with their phony space fraud. They’d be standing up for us, demanding our own societal upgrades for lying to us, for pretending President Nixon called the moon from the White House on a landline in 1969. They want idol worship, from a bunch of dumbed-down people. They’re arrogant and despicable. These are unattainable goals spoken by criminals. But it allows these liars to become owners of exclusive and tactical high end real estate, and gain control of our food supply, energy, everything, for a “Master Class”, does it sound familiar, a “Master Race”, a “Chosen Tribe” perhaps, but they’re not. But what it is “Idolatry” and “Supremacy”, being shoved down our throats; mostly themselves worshipping each other, trying to cast money spells. More master & servant mentality. These types of societies don’t create (whole) healthy men and women, and they are doomed from their inception. They are nothing but charlatans. Our rogue governments till sending men off to die for their inferior products. Still no Nikola Tesla envisioned energy independence for all. These criminal, filthy fame whores have to go, rise up. Let there be no man-made titles over other men in Natural Law!

    People tell me, when I say I’m from Los Angeles, and that I have Mexican-Mixed Cousins, and that most of my friends were Mexicans, Mexican Americans. They say “Oh those are the crazy Latin people.” Are they really any crazier than the rest of us? Why, because they either laugh at you for trying to lie to them or sometimes murder their media personalities and politicians for lying to them and their children? Unlike space fraudsters’ United States, China, Russia, India, etc., Saying they were in outer space, or that they went to the moon. Then giving them their own media production companies for lying to their citizens. Making them highly paid actors for wearing tights and calling themselves superheroes and super cops, in over the top movies. Their professional rigged sports, complete with remote control balls. They create their masonic athletes to buy up even more pricey real estate, like their phony NASA, and their Lockheed Martin. While their citizens continue to be further raped and pillaged.

    Turning these charlatans into movie producers, directors, phony doctors, poisoning our children. Mexico has been bored with their “Spanish Novelas” for decades, and they’re even getting hyperloop, Gondolas/Cable Cars. But what’s infuriating is it might be futile because of United States unwillingness to commit to our “1Belt1Road”, like China thru Africa, except it would be North America thru South America. While we’re giving these frauds ungodly amounts of power and wealth to buy up coastal properties, so that they can run the ports and ship in the drugs to waste the citizens. And arm themselves from any of their disgruntled public who can still think for themselves. And who are not just content being turned into grazing, poisoned cattle, who march their sons off to fake wars for “Big Oil” every decade, always complete with some absurd, concocted terrorist plot. And then stateside terrorize us for the rest of our days with Police State tactics, with more threats of retaliation from their enemies they’ve created.

    Peasants, who are now paid to just be their trash collectors, gardeners, soldiers, etc., and our whole lives centered around cars. Why bother with architectural design, just give us more strip malls and endless parking lots, and more centralized, GMO’s & Glyphosate foods. No new innovation, no manufacturing base for 50+ years. Just a bunch of liars to cater to. Who withheld much needed Nikola Tesla’s envisioned technology. Technology stolen from us long ago. So that these criminals could make us dependent on them, and eventually kill us. We have wide open spaces everywhere, but we’re forced to live in these “Clusterfuck Cities”, with traitors taught to stab us in the back to get ahead. No efficient bullet trains, or promised hyperloop to decentralize food production and to share in the responsibility of receiving our much needed healthier alternative lifestyles’, our goods and services. Just so they could run their eugenics operations, no creative green energy options. Not even here on the island of Puerto Rico, without an upgraded transport system, we have no long term successes. Totally reliant on other nations who are being taught to despise America from their Rothschild/Tavistock bought and paid for’ media. We’re just being herded and culled like factory farm animals. While their usury banks hire hitmen to murder and turnover populations for cheaper and cheaper immigrants, it’s becoming every decade now. They’re selling off all the National Forests to fracking companies, and Chinese mining companies, etc.. We were sold out to the highest bidder, to their biggest con artists. Because they had style and charisma, when they had screwed us over for power and land grabs. We are here to continuously seek the light, like all living things. Ego and Separateness are an illusion. We are connected at the roots. That is Natural Law …. https://youtu.be/eXFZRSUFI2g *


  18. It's just, I dont want to watch a 50 yr old woman shake her ass. Come on. Obviously she is paying all the right people. That's why she was nominated. Does she have any girl friends . How many men has she married. I just dont like her anymore, she can't sing. she can dance alright we know this. No one cares. Wake up Jimmy. And the world. Australia is on fire. Just thought I put that in there. I wont even listen to this bullshit

  19. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are very beautiful, hard-working, smart and charming women. I adore them both and I can't wait to see their Halftime Show

  20. Why is she still relevant? Serious, she was never anything special musically, right? not a big vocalist or composer, there isnt some other young current popstar around? To do the, superbowl? None of the countless other singers lol ? Like Jennifer Lopez? Why? No hate just confused , like is this 2002? Are Pink and Christina Aguilera opening the show aswell 😄?

  21. Love this woman!!! Love Jennifer Lopez I can't wait to see her in the halftime show. Honestly I just want to see JLo alone.👑💖🙌

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