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Jersey Boys (London) – Who Loves You

Jersey Boys (London) - Who Loves You

24 thoughts on “Jersey Boys (London) – Who Loves You

  1. Лондонская постановка лучше Нью-йоркской. Свежее, ебче, сексее!

  2. One of the best closing numbers of any musical I have ever seen. Everyone on their feet going crazy. Saw it four times and would see it again. And Frankie is still touring, wow!

  3. Jersey boys will eventually do a revival on Broadway. I will be first on line. Meantime, go see The Midtown Men.

  4. I always liked the night gowns form London`s girls. I adore the girls here. On the other hand. I see the choreographic work is great!!

  5. I love it too . I just  saw the movie and going to the Broadway show again in December 
    Love these kids

  6. I love the way he grabs the mic at 0:45 – tenderly, like he's actually in love with some babe in the top tier ^_^

  7. If you can see it in London the London cast are better If you want bad language gangstas and amazing music then see this It's full of grit but leaves you feeling so high

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