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Live PD: The Best of Utah Highway Patrol | A&E

Live PD: The Best of Utah Highway Patrol | A&E

[whimpering] STEVE SALAS: All right,
that sounds exciting. Duke, dispatch broadcast
1080 vehicle, which Colorado was in a pursuit with. They followed it
to the state line and then they had to terminate. So if they do locate the vehicle
and it gets in a pursuit, we just want to get this thing
shut down as soon as we can. Jared and I will spike it. We’ll get these spikes set out. They’re just going to extend out
to go across the travel lane. They’re coming. Here, take these over.
Take these over. Number one lane. MAN (ON RADIO): Should be
coming up on you right now. It’s going to be
a grey Mercedes. It was in the number one
lane at a high rate of speed. There it is. There it is. Here it comes. MAN (ON RADIO):
Coming to you now. [inaudible] vehicle. Got him spiked. Pull them all the way off.
Get in. Get in.
Get in. We got him.
We just got to watch– once they do come to a stop,
we got to see if they bail out. Vehicle maybe abandoned. We’ve got four– four– looks like four
males running north. [barking] Duke, he’s definitely
ready to bite someone. Let’s do it.
Clear that car. Clear that car. Duke, come here.
Stop. We’re going to send the dog. Stay close– you
get in front of me, this dog’s going to bite you. Hey, stop, we’re
going to send the dog. Platz. Hey, stop right there or
I’m going to send the dog. This is your last warning. Stop right there. We’re sending the dog. Let’s see your hands. Platz. Duke, [inaudible]. Good boy. Just use that truck
for cover, guys. Call them back one by one. Right there is good. Hey you– you, on the end. Turn around and walk back. Quiet, quiet, quiet.
Quiet. Hey, hey. Quiet.
[barking] Platz.
Platz. Platz. Just come back one at a time. We’re good now.
We’re good. Platz. Platz.
Platz. Platz.
Platz. Hey.
Hey. Evans, go ahead and
put your gun away. You just worry about cuffs. We’ve got guns on them. Good boy.
You did good. Yeah, you did good. That was exciting, wasn’t it? We can do an evidence
search with Duke. If they were involved
in an armed robbery, it’s possible they held the
gun until we spiked them but I couldn’t see any weapons. The small aluminum
spikes are hollow. And you can see where this
spikes have punctured the tire and then the air is
allowed to escape through the hollow
opening in that spike. And obviously it was very
effective in this situation with all four tires. You know, there’s at least 12
spikes in that one tire alone. No stolen property of any kind. OK. There’s a lot. STEVE SALAS: I’ll
call a wrecker for us. At a minimum,
they’ll probably be looking at fleeing charge here. That’s when you want the dog. I mean, you know,
eliminating the threat. If they are facing
any charge, if they’re involved in the
theft of the vehicle or just had knowledge that
the vehicle was stolen, they’ll probably just
charge them in Colorado. [siren sounding] STEVE SALAS: So the
reason I stopped you, a couple of reasons. One is your lane travel. As I was traveling
behind you– and I know it’s a bigger vehicle– but you’re driving
on the white line and you’ve crossed
it several times. OK, and where are
you coming from? I’m coming from Las Vegas. Las Vegas, OK. I’m going to check this out. Would you mind coming to my– back to my vehicle so I can
get some information from you? – No, not at all.
– You OK with that? Do you have family
out there or– No. No. OK. You don’t have anything illegal
in the vehicle today, do you? No. No illegal drugs of any kind?
No? You OK if I run the police
dog around the outside of the vehicle? You OK with that?
Good boy. Good boy.
Here. Here.
Here. My police dog’s
trained to detect the odor of marijuana, cocaine,
heroin, and methamphetamine. He’s actually alerting to this
passenger side of the vehicle with that open window. He’s actually trying to
go into the open window. I have personal marijuana. You have personal marijuana. OK, is there any
large quantities of any drugs in there? I just have a
couple of joints. You’re not impaired in
any way right now, are you? No, I’m kind of nervous. OK, you’re not drinking? No, just hot tea. Well, what I’m
going to do is I’m going to search the motor home. OK? If you just have
a couple of joints and if you’re not impaired,
we’ll do a few tests. If you’re not impaired,
then probably just write you a ticket. OK? You know what? I have to go to the bathroom? Can you come in there
with me so I can go– I mean, literally, I’ve had
diarrhea like four times on this trip. I’m not kidding you right now. OK, well I don’t want you
to do anything inside my car. So if you need to do
what you need to do. I really would appreciate it. OK. – The bathroom is right there.
– OK. I’m just going to make sure
there’s no weapons in here and then you can do
it you need to do, OK? It’s a nice RV. Maybe in a minute here
if I can’t figure it out. Is this– all this
luggage belong to you? [bleep]
– Yeah. Yeah. Three pounds of
marijuana right there. So [bleep] I’m going to place
in handcuffs for the marijuana. Let’s go ahead and
set your tea down. The reason you are in custody is
not because of the personal use marijuana, but the large
quantities of marijuana that’s in the storage
container, OK? Mmhmm. We’ll go ahead and
go back to the office and see how we can further
this investigation. We have one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 66 pounds. It’s kind of eye
opening just to see the amount of drugs
that are actually being transported on the interstates. [music playing] STEVE SALAS: So where are
you coming from today, sir? Phoenix. Phoenix. So the reason I stopped you,
a couple of reasons, OK? One initially is you were
following too close behind another vehicle you’re behind. And then as I turned my
lights on to stop you and then you came into the
guardrail area. So I turned my lights off. But following behind you,
you’re all over the road. Well, can I have you
come back to my vehicle so I can get some
information from you? Can I smoke a
cigarette out there? Um, let’s– let’s wait
till afterwards, OK? So have you ever had
a driver’s license? Never had one. OK. So you’re coming up here
to see your girlfriend. How long are you
going to be up here? Just a couple of hours. Couple hours. Then turn around and head back? Yeah, I have to go
back home [inaudible].. – Why do you have to go back?
– [inaudible]. Why do you have to go back? I live with my
fiance, my wife. OK. I would like to search the
vehicle to make sure there’s nothing illegal in there. You OK with that? You OK with that?
– No problem. Here, Jared, he
wants to have a smoke. He’s alerting all over. He’s hitting a few
areas then moving. Up up. He can’t find the
source of the odor. Up up. Yeah. He says there’s a half
a gram, maybe a half a gram of heroin in there. He’s saying there’s a half
a gram of heroin in there but I’m guessing
there’s going to be more just based on his story. So you’re saying you
swallowed half a gram? Yeah. Can you get that
to come back up? No. I’d like you to try. I just want you to– how much– how much
do you normally use? Just a little bit, probably
not even a half a gram a day. The guy’s saying he ate some
heroin as I was stopping him, so we have medical coming here. He’s saying he ate heroin.
– Awesome. So we just want to clear him. I don’t what jail
is going to do. We find narcotics hidden
in spare tires often. So we’re just going
to do an echo test see if we get an echo. Oh yeah. There’s no echo. Probably one, two,
three, four, five pounds. We just don’t know if
it’s heroin or meth. I’m going to guess. If you clear him,
they’ll take him. OK. So his vitals check out. Yeah. We just finished
up this traffic stop. Headed– headed to the jail now. This is heroin, actually has
like cartel identifiers on it. 27 ounces. I’m assuming it came straight
from Mexico, approximately $700,000 street value. MAN (ON RADIO): Got a
[inaudible] on [inaudible].. We’ve got one of our troopers
on a traffic stop on I-80. It’s a drug trafficking case. How many occupants?
– One. Just one. And a dog. And a dog. Back here around the curve,
he drifted out of his lane into that right lane. First he said he’s going
home for the holidays. He says he went to
Denver to see family and then Seattle to see family. DAVID MORENO: OK. He said he got there
Friday or Saturday. The car was rented Friday. [inaudible] Indiana,
confronted him on that. Then he said he lied. That’s not where he went. He said he went to California. And come to find out
he’s hauling drugs. He had about 50
pounds of marijuana. Every pack is about–
it’s about a pound. We call it a suicide load. It’s just suicide
because they don’t even try to hide it so they just
put it in the trunk like that and just put it in a
duffel bag like that. So every pound in California,
we’re thinking about $1,500 a pound to buy it. And then on the street,
I’m thinking they probably double the profits. You’re thinking about selling
that for about $3,000 a pound. So right now, we’re
going to be doing this. We’re going to be taking
all this marijuana over to evidence. We’re also going to be taking
the suspect over to our investigation office where
he’s going to be interviewed by some of our detectives. We’ve got animal control
coming to pick up the dog, so they’re going to take him. And hopefully he
can get somebody to come get the dog
because he’s going to be in jail for a while. [music playing] So we’re going to be
coming in here to do the interview on the suspect. And we’re also going to be
booking the evidence in here. Gimme your last name. [bleep] Birthday? [bleep] Happy birthday
a couple hours ago. Is it OK if I talk to you now? Ask you some questions? He requested an attorney. So we’re not going to
be able to talk to him. He even told him happy birthday. He did, did you hear that? Well, today is his birthday. Who drug traffics drugs
on their birthday? I mean, that’s pretty crazy. I’m pretty sure he’s
working for somebody, that would be my guess,
somebody in Indiana who gave him some money. Here, go to California
and get this. Bring it back here and I’ll
pay x amount per pound, which is probably what’s happening. I don’t think he’s– he’s not
a big time dealer by any means. I think it’s
probably [inaudible].. What I’m going to
do is I’m going to seize both these phones. I’m going to be applying
for a search warrant to download these phones and
gather information off, OK? Questions?
– No. OK. The charges for
now are going to be a third degree felony, over
a pound, under 100 pounds, so that lies in that. For this, we’re talking
about five years in prison. STEVE SALAS: One of
the things that I enjoy doing is looking for people
that are transporting large quantities of narcotics. [siren sounding] So we’ve stopped this
vehicle for a speeding and a signal violation. How you guys doing today? Good. May I see your
license, please? OK, no driver’s license. Do you– is this your vehicle? Did you rent it? So why did you
have your friend– your friend rent the vehicle? Because you guys have
suspended licenses. Can you turn the car
off and then maybe step out of vehicle, all right? Do you have any weapons on you?
– No, sir. Can I see your waistband? Turn around. Do you care if I pat you down?
– Go ahead. Just put your hands
behind your back. So make sure you have any
weapons in your pockets, OK. Actually, yeah, just come
out here a little ways here. Anything illegal
in this car today? No. Any illegal drugs? – No.
– Any marijuana? No. – Any cocaine?
– No. – Any heroin?
– No. – Methamphetamine?
– No. – Large amounts of money?
– No. No.
Any guns? Nothing. Burglary tools? No. Do you have anything
illegal on you? – No.
– Nothing in your pockets there? Nothing. Mind if I just see
your waist band to make sure you don’t have any– OK, you’re good. I’m going to have you step up
there, maybe 40 or 50 feet off. Good boy. Good boy.
Good boy. Good boy.
Here. Here.
Good boy. Good boy. On his own, he goes
into the vehicle. That his alert to narcotic odor. So we’re going to go
ahead and search it. There’s a bag of
meth right there. Let’s go ahead and– I’m sure there’s more,
but let’s go and just– you cuff her up.
I’ll cuff him up. Is that your cigarette butt? Yeah. Pick it up. Put it in your
pocket, all right? Yeah.
Now face away from me. Spread your legs. Go ahead and put your hands
behind your back for me. Just don’t move, OK? So the reason you’re in cuffs
is just because of the meth that was in the door. It’s salt or something. OK, well, we’ll test it, OK? But right now it
looks like meth. Under the passenger
seat got another bag. See, that’s where the dog
was going, right down there. Probably about a pound
of meth right there. That’s a good find, Nick. Hey, Steve, I think there’s
stuff inside this front seat. They’ve detached that and
then cut into the upholstery. Then you can see the
vacuum-sealed packages. It’s hard to see, but
they’ve cut that upholstery and just pushed the
packages up in there. It’s about nine pounds of meth. Go ahead and collect all the
receipts, any type of pocket trash that may indicate
to our investigators where they’re coming
from, where they’re going. There may be evidence
on the phones or in the receipts showing that
they’ve made multiple trips from wherever they’re
coming from, you know, whether it’s out of San
Diego, Southern California, LA.

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  17. 9:22 coming up here to your Girlfriend for 2 hours
    going back to family and Fiancee, my Wife???!
    Girlfriend. Fiancee. Wife. FAIL. LOL

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