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Look Younger with Makeup, Health Tips, Fashion (Aging Backwards)

Look Younger with Makeup, Health Tips, Fashion (Aging Backwards)

Hey awesome ones Heather here. You know
the other day I heard JayLo talking about aging backwards and it wasn’t the first
time that I’ve heard somebody talking about aging backwards and I really
believe in this. So I’ve got 10 tips for you on aging backwards and it all starts in
just a few seconds. So what is JayLo and everybody talking
about when they say they’re aging backwards. Well in Jay Lo’s case she said
she turned 50 and she said I’m 29. So hey she looks fantastic let’s face it but if
she can go back what 21 years we should be able to move backwards maybe by ten
years. So right now I’m 64 years old and I’ve never had any
needles or any surgery like that and a lot of people think I look okay for my
age and many people think I’m in my 50’s. So that’s great. So I guess it’s okay for
me to tell you how we can not only feel like we’re moving backwards in age but
also look like we’re aging backwards and I really think that looking like you’re
aging backwards is a good thing you know as long as we’re not into the cutoff
shorts and the micro mini skirts but let’s look at tip number one. So if you
are what you eat then we gotta start especially for more mature women we have
to start eating a bit better. We’ve got to get more greens and more nutrients
into us more fruits and you know it’s…I remember five years ago I really…I was
probably I I am aging backwards because I was eating a lot of sugar then. My
husband who’s behind the camera he… I don’t know he walks the dog three
times a day, he exercises, he plays hockey and he just stays in shape but he eats
deserts every single night and so I’m doing that too and then finally I went
that sugar is not good for me. So now I do eat my greens, my fruits and also I’m
only eating desserts usually just on the weekends. We’ve got to have a little bit
of sweetness in life but I’m not a big one for eating broccoli all the time
our kale all the time. So what I’ve done is I figured out some great smoothie
recipes and one of them is using kale and also you know great strawberry and
banana smoothies. I did a video on that I’m gonna put the link up there for
you so you can take a look at it. So yeah let’s move on to number two. So number
two is get your beauty sleep. You know if you’re like me you might have busy brain
and that’s another thing about Bill. Like you just go…..his head hardly even hits
the pillow and he’s asleep. I’m still like whoa, but I had to learn a way
without sleeping pills or anything like that to kind of calm my busy brain. So I
don’t watch anything stimulating like a scary movie or or even the news you know
just before I go to bed. I usually watch something funny like a late-night talk
show but even as I’m trying to relax I need some kind of background noise to
kind of drown out my own…my own voice inside my head that’s always yakking
yeah tomorrow schedules listen we got to do this and what about that video. Anyway
you probably know what I’m talking about but what I do is I put on the TV really
low on probably what I think anyway is a boring show. So sometimes it’s a
documentary with a voice kind of like this…about the cheetah and how the
cheetah is the fastest animal or these are Turtles under the what…something
that I’m really not all that interested in and I find that I just doze off
because I’m hearing the little bit of noise. And a lot of other people what
they do instead of taking sleeping pills is they have like one of those white
noise machines or some people have a machine that you know they’ve got birds
singing. I don’t know there’s all kinds of different things but I would really
think that if you have insomnia or you can’t sleep, might be a good idea
to really look into this and get those eight hours of shut-eye in. So for number
three let’s get some fun stuff now. Let’s talk about
fashion and style and yeah I know for a fact that a lot of times we get in a rut
and a lot of people like over 50 well I got to tell you I’m 64 and there are no
muumuus for me or sensible ugly shoes. Sensible nice-looking shoes are just
fine and we need that but none of that and again I’m not saying oh well just
like the teenagers dress you know you can you can dress in a dress. You know I’m
wearing a red dress right now and I feel fantastic and and let’s talk about our
hair. Who says…and and you would not believe how many people tell me to cut
my hair. Hey you’re over 50 you should be cutting
your hair. These are my natural…it may not be looking great today it’s
really humid outside but this is my natural curly hair. This is my natural
hair color. I’m not gonna chop it off and look like everybody else. So be authentic,
you know get back into a little style again rock those blue jeans and
you know just get out there and put that spring back in your step. So when I
saw JayLo and she was talking about aging backwards I remembered that I’d seen
something like this on TV before and so I decided to google it and I found out
that there’s a book out. It’s called Aging Backwards: Reverse the aging
process with 30 minutes a day. We’re gonna put the link below for you.
A lot of this is about exercise but you know like you know when you have a car
and I don’t know if you’ve done this…… I’ve done this when I was pregnant with
one of my children. I just let my car sit there and it rusted out and people are
kind of like that too. We’ve got to get those old joints moving and you know
turn back the clock as far as movement is concerned. So what I do and everybody
thinks I’m crazy who is around at the time but
I put on some music and I start dancing while I’m making dinner. It’s
just the crazy dance like almost the Elaine dance, but I’m happy…Bill’s
laughing, but I’m having a lot of fun and I’m moving and hey I could be dancing
for like 40 minutes straight. So that’s kind of cool but you know there’s other
things that you do. I’ve got that Fitbit that I absolutely love and I go for the
10,000 steps because then you know on the screen of the Fitbit it does all
this kind of fireworks and wow you’re great and and it’s just you don’t you
get out there and you start moving and I think that that’s one of the ways that
we can truly age backwards. And there’s other ways too. It doesn’t have to be
regimented. You don’t have to oh my gosh I have to go to the gym at this time or
I have to ride this bike this time. No you know maybe you’ll go swimming or
maybe you will join a yoga class with a lot of great people and you thoroughly
enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be regimented it just has to be fun and
sometimes it’s simply just dancing like no one’s watching. So let’s talk about
our faces and hey if you’re not moisturizing your face every single
night it’s never too late to start. Get going on that. And of course I moisturize
also you know my legs and my arms and and my hands every single night as well.
But let’s talk about the faces and as most of you know at my age at 64 I’ve
never had any plastic surgery or any needles. I just…it’s just not…if it’s for
you that’s cool but it’s just not for me. But I have found the power of makeup and
I love makeup you know. I don’t want… I don’t have to put an awful lot on and
if you’ve seen my videos you know that a lot of times I take all the makeup off
and it’s like I literally look 20 years older without makeup and that’s okay.
Around the house I don’t always have my full face on but I’ve learned ways of
getting my hooded eyes and and doing a swoosh in and if you’ve got those kind
of down that happened as you get older I’m gonna
put a link up there and you can take a look at a video that I did on on just
using some eyeshadow and bringing your eyes up and there’s so many things and
what about these age spots that we’ve got going on. You know I don’t want to
just look at them all the time I want to cover them up and there’s some great
concealer that you can use for that and just liven it up a little bit. A little
bit of contour here maybe a little bit of highlight here a little bit of red
lipstick and we’re good to go. We look 10 years younger and we aged backwards. So
number six is protect yourself from those outside elements and of course I’m
talking about the sun and those old days where we used to bake in the sun with
you know the baby oil on us. Those are… those are gone. And what we need to
do now is we really have to protect ourselves and again I’ve done videos up
you know what might as well put that one up there as well on how you need to use
an SPF maybe 50 underneath your makeup as a primer that’s so important. And what
about our lips you know you put the lipstick on you go I’m good to go but no
you need an SPF on your lips and of course the rest of your body you do too.
And please pass this on to the rest of your family especially you know the
younger generation that just seems to hey I did the same thing kind of but you
know, I’m out of here ,I’m going in there they’re out for 5 hours and they come
back with a burn and it’s so so dangerous as they get older in life. And
you know there’s there’s things that you’ve really…really bad things as we
all know health concerns about the sun but we’re looking at making the age
spots worse where we’re talking about real damaged wrinkles. And the other
thing that I want you to do is make sure you’re wearing your sunglasses because
we also have to protect our eyes. And maybe even a hat so make sure you’re
taking care of that and take care of your loved ones.
So number seven is stretching and posture. Now the stretching is kind of
like exercising but every single morning I do my stretches before I basically get
to my desk or anything like that so do your stretches. Now I also take
supplements like calcium and I think that’s a really good thing. You might
want to check with your doctor but for a lot of women to do because we tend to
have those problems with our bones and and sometimes it’s hereditary. I’m just
thinking that if I take a bit of calcium, I do my exercises I’m going to be maybe
a little bit healthier. But the other thing the most important thing is you
know slouching and slouching and you can actually get a hump in the back of your
neck because you’re slouching over a computer or you’re looking at your phone
all the time and you’re not just you know getting the shoulders back and
doing the posture the way that you should. And I think that this is a way to
age backwards because if you’re not kind of walking around like this and you’re
walking a little straighter you are going to look and I think that your
bones are going to you know not just kind of lock into this kind of position
and there are posture breaks that sorry posture braces that go underneath your
clothes and Bill you’ve been wearing these right and at the desk and you find
them quite comfortable. Yeah that’s true. And actually we thought that was this
was so important that we did do a video. I do a lot of videos don’t I. I’m gonna
put the link up there for you on how to wear the posture brace and a little bit
more about posture and I think it’s so so important for aging backwards and you
know what and also the the posture break we’ll put in in the bottom here in the
description and also in our blog. So number eight is water. Did you know that
60% of our bodies is water and it’s so important that we’re constantly flushing
out our systems so the old thing about eight to ten
of water is still holding true. Now it’s I admit it’s hard. It’s really hard to get
the eight to ten glasses of water and but I’ve got water beside my nightstand.
Consistent water during the day if I’m at the desk or something. I got a water
beside me right now in between takes and also in my car you
know wherever I’m going somewhere. I really try to bring some water with me
and you know we talk about our bodies do you know that our blood is 90% water and
so that blood is taking oxygen everywhere and of course we need our
kidneys flushing out all the the waste and everything so it’s so important you
know to age backwards that if our cells are really rejuvenating and changing and
a blood is flowing we got to be drinking the water and taking care of ourselves
because water it really is our lifeblood. So number nine is think ageless. Why are
we using words like, I’m retired or I’m in retirement now. You know what it just
sounds so old. Why don’t we just change it to. “ditch the nine-to-five” like that
sounds really interesting. I’m in a new chapter of my life. We have to stop these
stereotypes. What our birth certificate says does not define us and we just have
to sort of…you find yourself going for the seniors discount on the Thursday you
might want to rethink how you talk about that. You might say, “well its discount
Thursday” or or think of something else but in order to get ourselves aging
backwards we just have to let go of all of those old terms. So number 10 is join
the Pro Age movement. I’m not talking about marching in the streets or signing
petitions. I’m just…I’m just talking about celebrating ourselves at this age
and you know if you’re on Instagram like I
am and it’s awesome over fifty by the way if you want to search it, but if
you’re on Instagram or Facebook or any of the social media and you see somebody
who’s posting you know this is the healthy meal that I ate today go ahead
and like it and say wow that looks great or maybe somebody’s running a marathon
you know go out and cheer them on let’s be the cheerleaders for this age group
and you know there’s so many other things and and if you see a woman with
long hair over 50 growing out or silver hair you know maybe instead of shaming
or or being a hater maybe just sort of say, wow I love your silver hair or you
know you know I like the curls or whatever. Let’s let’s put a little bit
more of that into social media especially for the more mature women and
I think that even when you’re not on social media maybe just go to work or
you go someplace and you see an older person and you really mean it and you
say wow you know that dress looks fantastic on you. I’m gonna guarantee if
you say something nice to a more mature women in and you know you mean it I
think you’re gonna take at least a year off that person for that day. So someone
else who seems to be aging backwards is our little Yorkie Hurricane and he’s got
his little puppy cut now and I think you really do look like a little puppy. You
know I really…see see how far the compliment goes but no and when
little Hurricane comes out here, you know he’s 60 years old in human life, human years. So anyway when Hurricane comes up on the scene it’s time for me
to talk about our future videos. And have you been over to our second new channel?
It’s at youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration We’re really working hard
over there to bring you food and travel and inspirational videos.
And if you like what we you see we’d really appreciate it
if you click on the subscribe button over there and also click on the bell so
you’re notified when the new videos come out. And we’re gonna be talking
about coffee coming up and you know making….you spend a lot of money and you
spend a lot of time going to these coffee shops. Well we’ve got basically a
coffee shop at our home and we’re gonna share some of the things and that tips
and tricks about that. And on this station I’m gonna go into the gray zone.
Hmm…I’m gonna talk about transforming your hair yes into gray or silver and
how I’m finding it, the products that I’m using and I think that should be a
really good conversation because you know it’s like should we do this
coloring all the time or shouldn’t we. And if you’re on the fence I think
that’s gonna be a really good one for you. Oh yeah and if you like this channel
and you haven’t subscribed yet don’t forget to click on the button below and
also the bell and that way you’re notified about all the new videos that
are coming out on this beauty and fashion and health kind of station but
you know I really think it’s important for us to think about just mentally
think about aging backwards. And I hope a lot of these tips really help you to do
that because you know I want you to have that confidence. I want you to not dress
like your grandmother used to dress when she was in her 50s and 60s. I want to go
out there and I want to…I want to see this kind of Pro Age movement going on.
Where we all just celebrate each other. We all just rock this world and we all
just keep it awesome.

29 thoughts on “Look Younger with Makeup, Health Tips, Fashion (Aging Backwards)

  1. You are awesome. I'm 72 and have always stayed away from dressing like "grandma"…I have run into a problem with my hair–I have lost most of it, so I wear a variety of hats, beanies, and rastas. I cannot afford wings, so that has to do. My hair has been white blond since my forties and I have always worn it about your length or longer. Now I am to the point where I will have to buy wigs. I just don't have money for them. Thinking young always makes life easier. We will age backwards. 🙂 Big smiles…:)

  2. You look very pretty. Age is just a number if you take care of yourself by eating right .I only like green vegetables in salads or sandwiches. I eat protein and fruit with Almond milk shakes.
    I think less is best ..I have my hair natural platinum curly hair at 73. This is a recent picture on my YouTube picture.I never had any procedures done and I use my good skincare products. I love color my clothes.Thank you .Keep up the good work. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I love you. I will be 60 in December. But as most of us know, stuff is going south. Lines, wrinkles etc. And I don't have J'lo's money. Thank you for your videos. I just found you. I love you.

  4. I accept my 67 year old physical body and face as it is. JayLo has the $ for all the methods to look younger but we are who we are! Thx for your video !

  5. Thanks for another inspiring video. I'm 57 now and believe that age is a number. I don't actually want to look like a 25 year old but a sophisticated woman. Still working on it though!

  6. All great tips——–Probably the 9th is most important—–attitude and the actual words matter so much!!!

  7. Really like your idea 💡 f natural makeup. Especially what you said about some who remove theirs and scream. Hilarious.

  8. Heather, you look beautiful – proof that age is not the enemy of beauty! Ageing backwards is a great concept, without frantically trying to appear younger than we are, just being our best, healthiest, and happiest selves, as we age. In relation to sun protection, which is essential, I recently learned that we should all be having our Vitamin D levels checked if we avoid sun exposure. It is easy to be deficient in vitamin D, which can cause many health issues, including problems with our bones. Something to mention during our annual check-ups! Thank you Heather, and Bill, for another awesome video. Hugs to the sprightly Hurricane. Have a great weekend. XOXO

  9. I'm right with you on the Smoothies (as a way to trick yourself to eat veggies) however as I am not used to raw Kale; I've been cooking it with my other Southern Style greens but with Summer temps adjustments were needed! About the Silver hair; I am going to compliment natural hair and encourage them to wear it long if they prefer! I'm lucky I only have a few random strands! Oh, I just noticed a YT video title: Get Ready… Over 70! So, great to have some Back-Up from our "Older sisters" who we celebrate each time we go to see Jane Fonda film or Meryl Streep !

  10. It's awesome your hubby is still playing hockey! Right on. Yes…sleep is so very important. Hot flashes stink esp. in the middle of the night. Anyone have some advice please share with me.Someone on utube shared a photo of Jennifer that wasn't photoshopped glammed ,and her face looked like a normal 50 yr old. Now her body….that is a whole lot of work

  11. Hello Heather, thanks for the inspiring video. I just entered the 60's group, things are changing. I think you look great! I agree about the make up, but I used to wear it everyday (way back in the day), now it's not so important. Just put on sun glasses and a little lipstick. I'm not ready to go gray, if my hair could be a beautiful platinum like my mother I may let it grow out. Your hair looks great. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do have to comment though, one of the last people i would be inspired by is j.lo

  12. Since I’ve grown out my silver/white hair I get compliments and I notice other silver sisters more than before. Definitely take the time to compliment those that I sincerely think look great. I’ve noticed a great cut is what makes one silver sister stand out from others.

  13. Hi Heather: You look great, girl! No need to cut your lovely hair, and you rock the red dress. We absolutely cannot do what those celebrities (JLo) can afford to do. They have the absolute BEST personal trainers, glam squads, chefs/nutritionists, etc. She actually has a car just for her wigs and extensions with its own security guard! ALL your recommendations and tips are fabulous – thanks so much. Wishing you three a wonderful weekend! 🙂 Rosemarie ❤🌹🌻 xo

  14. I’m the exact same age as you and I have just begun a jump rope routine everyday. I am going to try and not eat dessert a lot of sugar like you. I know how hard it is stop that habit. I love your hair and keep it long, like you want it. Be unconventional and just be you.

  15. Look okay! You look great. Your attitude is incredible, totally agree. I am 66 and I am now dressing to my mental age. Try Zentangle ® which is a brilliant way of turning the brain off and increasing our artistic side. I have been growing my hair for the past 7 years, admittedly, I wear it up, when going out and am incred bless ed being a natural blonde and never, ever, having dyed my hair.

    Your dressing style is all in your mind. Looking after your face and using makeup to highlight your beauty qualities is a must. I don't wear foundation living in the tropics. Just concealer, eye makeup, blush and lipstick. Yes we definitely need to use a 50 SPF on our faces and bodies. Sunglasses are essential for good eye care, the same as extra minerals and vitamins. Look into taking vitamin B12 as well as calcium. Your B12 level can be checked when you have you blood tested. It has been found that lacking in B12, is extremely detrimental as we gain more wisdom. So come on everyone, let's turn back the years. Let's rock.

  16. Hi everyone, Heather here… If you want to check out some of the links to products, the book I mentioned in the video, plus the makeup I'm wearing they're at my blog at https://www.awesomeover50.com/aging-backwards-health-tips-makeup-fashion/ (scroll down while on page for the products) Enjoy!

  17. I like the fact you love having your hair long. Actually long hair makes you look younger not the mom look. You should check out the Saturday Night Live baby shower, it's about the mom cut. So funny. Thanks for your tips. I'm definitely going to try them.

  18. Hi Heather..I love this aging backward video..I think it's great how you encourage us to do what makes us feel good and be ourselves over 50 or at any age

  19. Love watching someone my age (almost 63) with great advice. Love your makeup videos the best. I watched videos of younger women do makeup and tried to "copy" them but never had good results. I finally found a couple of you gals that are older, like me, and "copy" your makeup tips with amazing results. People are actually commenting on my makeup and how well I look now. I have very long hair, which I love. (I do color mine tho). Age is truly just a number. Thanks again girl.

  20. I'm 62 and sick of dyeing my hair so I made the decision a few months ago to go grey. It looks a bit patchy but I can live with that! Terrific video, thanks so much! X

  21. I have a tip for helping to get to sleep when you have a "busy brain". I listen to Dan Jones Hypnosis sleepy stories for grownups on YouTube. It really helps me!

  22. I'm 65 and I love these tips for ageing backwards! My skin is a bit tricky these days, it's gone all hyper-sensitive, but it's fun experimenting with natural products like oatmeal masks.

  23. I don't get the comments on this video that have to do with J-Lo's money. The things that Heather is suggesting here do not take much money at all, just a little effort. It's just lazy to say we accept who we are, without trying to look & be our best. Accepting oneself doesn't mean we let everything go. I always tell my friends, "The day I stop caring about my appearance, just shoot me, because it means I'm done!" Thanks for the great tips, Heather! I love your positive, upbeat outlook!

  24. Heather, BTW, I totally hear you with the sleep issues. I need a boring show, volume low, to wind myself down. Or sometimes, I find a YouTube video with white noise, or the ones made just for sleep or meditation. 🙂 Rosemarie xo

  25. You look fantastic and I believe that the main factor is your inner youth and positivity, you are shining with it, thank you soooo much for sharing your light with us

  26. Thank Heather for this video, on getting to sleep try using Melatonin about one hour before bed and stick to the same time frame. It may take about a week
    for it to start working but it will help you fall asleep faster. It is natural and no side affects or feeling drowsy either. I use it and it has helped so much. My brain was always
    on over load thinking about everything I needed to do or didn't get done. Good luck and brand works. I use 5 mg.

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