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Looking at the New Canucks Heritage Jersey

Looking at the New Canucks Heritage Jersey

this video really shouldn't surprise anybody it will surprise people this is my first video of the day cuz hey I've been sitting on this one for a couple of days actually I would like to thank Ben Ben eSports for sending me the first jersey of the 2019 2020 season and saying we'll settle this up after I'm sending you this Jersey you know he knew as a connect fan I needed it now I'm gonna use a comparison here and I'm wearing the old of course they have not released the new version of of this yet without the Vancouver wordmark so this is the Jersey that I think we all think of with their their classic look right this is the classic stick and rink this is from I want to say 2010 2008 around there when they release the stick and rink and they used it as a third and we all loved it so what they've done this year is this and it is it is very very similar but I like the logo better on this I think it's a sharper logo now where people have a problem with it is the green stripes because there's no white in between but yeah that's forgivable and I would think that since this is a heritage Jersey they said it's a 50-50 a–the anniversary heritage Jersey this is probably the only year they're gonna have it it's gonna be like the Ducks last year with the black one with the old Mighty Ducks logo on the front which was just a 25th anniversary thing and because we can't have things that are nice for very long they've already retired it which is sad I like this though I do there's no green on the neckline which is one of those things I could nitpick I really really could I could nitpick this if I wanted to but I really liked the logo I think the logo sharper on this than it is on the original like the original logo design anyways I am well aware this isn't the actual original Jersey I have that one up here too but I only have it in white I don't have it in blue so yeah I I'm glad I have it I haven't worn it in a video yet because hey I haven't had Kinect stuff to talk about and B I wanted to reveal it to you guys I didn't do an unboxing so people like what do you do when did you do the unboxing for that this is one of those personal things this is one of those hey that's that's for me that's it's a it's it's it's really really nice I like it I know Ben's got other ones available as well this wasn't the only one he got in or anything and it's a nice shirt I I don't know what else to say about it other than the one thing that kind of surprised me was Tampa Bay their logo is basically just the outline because the inner part of the logo is is blue and the jerseys blue they just they just make it so that the outline if you've seen the temperatures you guys know what I'm talking about if you haven't it's kind of hard to explain but basically I was kind of surprised a little bit that this here wasn't just the jersey material and that the logo wasn't just this so they didn't go that far I think it would look really sharp if they had but again that picking ring is it an absolute essential for every collection no for mine yeah probably because I like doing Jersey history videos and the countdown stuff which yes that's coming soon this is one of the ones I was waiting for before I could do it but it's it's a nice one I'm anxious to see the new jerseys which don't come out until September the new home in a way but this this will tide me over until then and that's definitely going with me to Vegas booked the room for Vegas last night so very excited about that as well and that of course will be happening August 7th we arrived in Vegas so fun stuff and yeah so that's it's a nice Jersey I have no complaints about it I understand there are some people that wish it had white in it in between the green stripes I get it I would think it would look really nice if it had it but maybe they wanted it to stand from the other ones that they've released the other stick and ring jerseys they've done and they thought no we're just gonna keep it simple let me know what you guys think in the comment section below and I have to say in person it definitely looks better than it did on Instagram or online I think it's a pretty nice shirt but let me know your thoughts don't forget to hit like and subscribe and yeah nice easy just a simple little video today to start things off thank you guys so much for all your support and I'll talk to you again soon

47 thoughts on “Looking at the New Canucks Heritage Jersey

  1. Aleesha Harris of The Province wrote an article after the reveal wherein she interviews Max Young, art director for the Canucks. In it, she states: "The Canucks players will wear the heritage design for 10 games next season, and Young says it will also be put into play beyond the 50th season, as well."

    Which I'm stoked about. At first, I thought it needed more green. But it literally took a day, and I'm sold. I think they're classy, and good on "em for being bold. I believe they'll be wearing their normal striped pants as well, so it'll balance out the look once the names and numbers are there.

    Can't wait for next season!

  2. The logo looks like someone's been reading my YouTube comments about it. The striping sucks though. It's beer/rec league looking.

  3. Give Seattle the blue and green colors lets get the orange yellow and black rolling again. A new logo without the spaghetti plate too.

  4. This is the best Canucks jersey I’ve ever seen. Make it the main jersey and get rid of the other crap.

  5. I know that this may sound like recency bias, but other than the Vanucks all black jersey w/the orange/yellow ‘V’ this new one is by far, my next favourite.

  6. I like it more than the original stick in rink, but I'm in the minority and I don't like the stick in rink in general. Give me 90's spaghetti skate all day every single day. Reminds me of Bure and our run back then before my heart was torn out of my chest by the Rangers.

  7. I would absolutely love this alt if they had not made the collar white. The white throws it off completely, I think it would have been an amazing two-tone jersey if the collar was blue or even if it was the half-collar style. It would have been a lot more slick and classic feeling to me https://www.reddit.com/r/canucks/comments/c101yg/blue_collar_ftw/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  8. I’ve got one of those too except it has the 50 patch on the top corner of the jersey? How comes your doesn’t have it

  9. As much as the idea of the stick being outlined is sharper, you know those corners wouldn't stay true for that long. As a solid patch, it will maintain it's condition longer.

  10. Also wanted to note that on the new jerseys, the shoulder logo will have a white rink with a blue stick. Also, the heritage jerseys will have perforated numbers to look like rain is streaking down them.

  11. So now the neck will show beer stains as well as the chest lol. Looks sharp though, I bet the aways would look equally or moreso, if they existed.

  12. Updated logo is a huge improvement. The lack of white stripes on the jersey is really going to mud the green and blue though. I can't imagine how poorly this will look on TV. If they would have added even small white accent lines, this would easily be a 8/10. Unfortunately, it's a 6 without those simple additions.

  13. Well it was that “insane in the membrane” jersey that got them to the cup (or in spite of it-depending on where you stand). I actually liked that crazy Canuck uniform, but I liked Tiger Williams too, what can I say? Has there ever been a more radical change in a sports uniform than that one? As far as the blue and green I like the original better than these (the one you have in white, as you mentioned).

  14. Cutting out the stick would not only be pointless it would also compromise the structure of the crest and often be folded in on itself which would make it look weird in a lot of game pics

  15. I have to say, I think that logo could work as the main logo and grow with people. Change the stripes and the jersey could be the best jersey we've had in my opinion.

  16. The reason the logo is sharper is not only the redesign of it, making the stick more understandable but also because of the lack of white stripes on the sleeves, it makes the stick and rink POP!

  17. I myself got myself a heritage white stick'n'rink jersey few weeks back.
    Only just learned that the green rectangle (rink border) is actually a 'C' representing Canucks.
    Canucks jerseys are all beauts

  18. I’m with you. Like it, but wish there were some white stripes. I still think I am gonna have to get me one

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