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Men’s Buffalo David Bitton Six-X Basic Slim Straight Stretch Denim Jeans

Men’s Buffalo David Bitton Six-X Basic Slim Straight Stretch Denim Jeans

today we’re looking at
Buffalo Jean brand…David Bitton Six-X basic slim straight stretch…. beautiful
material.. so this is the out side back side back pocket there as you can see
I’m going to go back a bit here and these are just amazing I mean look at
these marks here on this this side of the design and just the way the
bleaching is done on them it’s just totally amazing
I’m 5′ 10″ average height average size so I’m like 5’10” 180lbs so this is going to be
kind of your typical guy jeans so there’s 32 length … most guys
that are 510 are gonna have about a 32 inch inseam and these jeans here if you
normally wear a 32 you could squeak into a 30 size 30 a nice which these are and
because of the stretch fabric.. lets open these suckers up.. oh… look at that.. it’s not just amazing…
look at the bleaching in that that is phenomenal this is like art.. just like
art.. all this cut bleaching.. a lot of work done in these…. cuts up here
to look at that they are the most phenomenal looking jeans out there… right
there guys so I’m gonna come back here and try these on.. okay so now we have our
Buffalo David Bitton jeans on here there stretch denim here…a little
bit of pulling around the calf here but I wouldn’t say they’re too tight they
fit a little low nice little pocket areas here nice little design here..
do you see the back pocket here walk away here.. this is more for your
average build guy look on the back got some nice pleats at the bottom here
some pleated here yeah let’s take off this belt here even though I’m normally
a 32 waist there’s like lots of flexibility here as you can see like I
mean these hidden be twenty eighths and you still have room but you won’t want
to have them too tight so this is without the belt… clear these without
belt you’re not going to like these are super nice if you’re like working right
you can stretch these jeans and you have no problem with them like you can
totally stretch with them just take a look at the tags here… so I got these on
sale for 30 bucks got these nice embroidered stitching area here.. little
bit of stitching here to us just take a look here see the stitching on the
neither I like to say I’m average build here 5’10” 180 pounds… all right there guys thanks for watching and of course if you like to see we do
another video like this here with another pair of my David Bitton just
let me know in the comments below… thanks for watching

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