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MISSGUIDED 2018 TRY ON HAUL! – Fall/Winter Outfit Ideas

MISSGUIDED 2018 TRY ON HAUL! – Fall/Winter Outfit Ideas

hello guys welcome back to my channel
today we’re gonna be doing a misguided haul I’m so excited I’m gonna show you
guys of course fall looks and I also have a few winter looks that you guys
can use as well misguided has so many beautiful pieces they’re always keeping
up with the trends and the styles and I’m also wearing my gem and company
necklace I’m also gonna show you guys another one of my favorites do you guys
already know I absolutely love them they are linked on shop my fave Stefanie mr.
Tom and your accessories I also have a 30 percent off coupon code so make sure
you guys check that out this one from them is my initials of course they have
every single letter again I have a 30 percent coupon code down below and also
in shop my face but I lost my train of thought durian kitchen this collection
is so me I am wearing a sweater from them right now I’m gonna have a big like
split slit on the front here I’m just wearing like a bralette I’m currently
like really struggling with bras right now because my chest is extremely small
I’ve tried on 30 for a bras you guys and I’m swimming in it the struggle is real
right now like the struggle is really really it’s a struggle so right now I’m
basically on like bra that life like that’s just where I’m at at this point
you know because when you don’t got much you don’t really need much this is the
first top that I got it’s actually a crop top and this one I got in a size 4
I love their tags with that kind of shine on it it’s so cute it’s in the
most perfect of course stone color this is my favorite it is very very stretchy
as you guys can see it has a ribbed detail and this is a little bit more of
a dressy fabric that’s what I kind of loved about it because I can wear this
to dress up and outfit and I can also make it super casual with a pair of
joggers it’s just a really pretty cami it’s definitely not a stiff fabric I
just want to show you guys it’s extremely stretchy so her to find camis
like this so when I come across them I always love to grab them it’s super
comfortable just because you get really good stretch with it if I flip it around
it is the exact same thing on the back and it’s very very plain and I just
think it’s really good basic that you guys can use underneath cardigans sweat
shirts hoodies crew necks you can basically wear with anything this next
is a bodysuit I got this one in a size four as well us for all these sizes I’m
going to be mentioning is in aus just so that you guys are aware this one also
has stretch to it the one before it’s more of that ultra like stretchy fabric
this one is in more of a cotton feel were the one before is a little bit more
of a dressy like polyester I would probably describe it as but this is in a
really pretty buff beige bust nude I would kind of say this is another great
basic I’ll turn it around it is very plain on the back there’s nothing really
on there it has almost like this line detail it’s very fine line pattern in
the fabric I’m not sure if you guys can see also has these buttons I love kind
of undoing two buttons or just doing one button and it does have the button
closure at the bottom I always love showing you guys the button closure
because some of them don’t have it and love the button detail it’s still quite
basic everywhere else and it just has this on the front has a little bit of a
rim detail on it as well it’s not completely flat but I just think it kind
of adds something to it and I’m so in love with it these are actually not from
misguided I just got these yesterday with a me at brandy Melville I think
that a lot of the pieces from this halls they look really cute with this and I
have been dying for a pair of white joggers so I just wanted to bring it
into this try on haul this one’s actually one size $38 for these and this
is just a really nice thick cotton for me these pants are really tight on my
legs and meaning me were dying because she’s like please don’t tell them that
these are Dockers because they feel like they’re tight we were dying you guys but
I have been wanting joggers that are more fitted I’m kind of over the dogs
that are extremely loose on me I don’t really want that look I don’t really
like when I look it’s too masculine I like to still feel feminine and I love
how fitted these are on me and I’m just so happy with them so if I can find you
the exact same ones I will leave a link the other thing Manning me loved about
them is that they don’t have the drawstring here
they’re completely plain and they just have the really thick band they fit me
really nicely by my waist but then as it gets to my legs
they’re extremely fitted ok this top I am so excited for it has BH Beverly
Hills it’s so cute I have been watching this top on their website I’m not gonna
lie for a while now I’m like so obsessed with their tag I can’t this one I got on
this sites for and I tried it on it fits me absolutely perfect I wanted it to be
fitted on me I didn’t wanted to obviously be too tight but I wanted it
to kind of just grab my body and that’s exactly what it does it’s in it comes in
two different colors I think it comes in a darker seiji kind of taupe sort of
color but I wanted of course the stone color I am so happy with it you guys
I love let me just tell you I love the contrast of when you have this stone
color and then you have like the rich black it’s so chic and I just think it’s
so classic I absolutely love it this first shirt 100% I’m gonna wear with my
light jeans over here from sirens like look at the contrast there I love
putting like this is my favorite color Jean by the way this is my absolute
favorite I love a really light bleach wash kind of Jean so this top here I’m
actually really excited about it is a three-quarter sleeve and I’m like you
know what I don’t have anything like this it kind of like this baseball look
where it kind of cuts over here and then it has this neckline over here I don’t
know it’s kind of baseball in a way so that’s one I also got in a size 4 it is
not extremely fitted on me you guys will see how it fits I could have gone with
the two just so that you guys know if you guys are my size if you’re a 4 on
the topper and you want this to be really fitted I would say that you can
go with size down to be honest with you it’s in the most beautiful beige color
pretty much the same as the sweater that I’m wearing right now
but I really love it it’s super plant on the back as well this is so cute tucked
inside of a pair of joggers that with the white tigers oh my god you guys I
don’t really have a lot of great pieces this is a very dark charcoal the body
suit it is not a top it is a body suit also has the button closure as well so
that you guys can close it up this has been a very stretchy fabric as well very
very stretchy also the t-shirt I forgot to mention to you guys is very stretchy
as well this is in the most like basic cotton polyester sort of fabric this one
I got in a size us 4 as well I think I’m going to pair this one with these black
jeans these are high waisted they’re my ultimate favorite from forever 21 I will
link down below to a similar pair if you guys are interested it’s the most
perfect color though they find out what charcoals you can go to purpley or to
blue this one is kind of like dead smack in the middle it’s very neutral this is
your ultimate basic long-sleeve bodysuit this table over here that is basically
exactly what I’m currently wearing right now except mine just has like this slit
on the front here and this one has a zipper on the front or you guys can zip
it all the way down and have it open enough to go on this one is also in a US
size for the one that I’m wearing right now is also a US size four it is in the
most beautiful like buff beige color it’s very cottony super cozy it’s
definitely more cotton on the inside it’s not fuzzy the one that I’m wearing
right now has a band at the bottom whereas this one just kind of has like a
stitch at the bottom and mine kind of comes down more by my hip whereas this
one is a tad bit more cropped it’s funny because amy was telling me about this
piece on their website and I saw it and I felt absolutely in love let me tell
you this fall in winter I have so many of these pieces these very fuzzy cozy
lace plushy pieces this one is more of a crewneck styling and it also has the
dual pocket here where you can put your hands on either side it is so cozy it is
not fuzzy on the inside I feel like it’s already so warm over here this one is a
size 2 the model had a size 4 on and it said oversized and I could tell that her
arms were so baggy I said you know what I’m gonna actually take a chance I’m
going to take a chance that I’m gonna get it too anytime something says it’s
oversized I go down one size because I don’t want it to fit me oversized it
isn’t the most like seiji taupey color I would definitely say it like a light
sage it definitely has an undertone of a green compared to what I’m wearing over
here as you guys could see I have pants that are similar in tone a size exact
but it’s very close from forever21 so I was thinking of pairing these two
together and I got the exact same one in a career so this one is also at us too
so this is more of your yellow creamy and then this is more of like your CG
greeny gray the cream looks so nice with the jeans the fresh blue underneath
these I know we’re gonna sell out so fast because they’re so popular these
leggings over here I’m always going to be honest
you guys I found the minute that I got them I found that the leg was extremely
wide I ended up getting a four because with leggings you never know if they’re
gonna be too tight and I wonder if they made a little bit thicker on the leg so
that it doesn’t stretch when you’re wearing them I think that they described
this color as brown on the website it’s definitely not Brown it’s more of like a
burgundy color so I just want you guys to know these are your regular basic
joggers that they have the pocket on this side over here they are in your
most basic like medium gray they’re not a heather gray and this one I got on a
size four I found that over in your leg by the crotch area it’s just a little
bit too long for me and they are high waisted I just hate when there’s like so
much by the crotch area these are really good basic joggers I’m not going to say
they’re not they have the nice band over here as well I don’t know what else to
call this guy so that’s Chris crotch weird the crotch area that’s kind of how
I feel about these I’m being honest with you I’m not happy with them but I just
wanna let you guys know it was like on the US size four these are eighties
style joggers yeah the leg is like massive I don’t
like the way they fit on me so this is like your oversized jogger they almost
like in a lot in sort of pant look if you guys are looking for an oversized
jogger I still will try them on for y’all okay I’ll do it I will look like a
fool in front of y’all so I said I’m the last piece but that was the last
misguided piece you guys oh this is from H&M this is my like first of work sort
of jacket I don’t think I’ve ever had one before have I yeah I don’t think so
as you can see in the most beautiful taupe color I’m so in love with it it
has a little bit like a biker edgy style to it but then there’s like a touch of
stuff in it because now it’s in a lighter color so there’s zippers over
here we’ve s can open and close them this one I got in inside us for there’s
two pockets on the side that are different as well
Reba’s can open them this with the light jeans oh my goodness and a bodysuit
underneath I have to do a look in this video today to show you guys how cute
this jacket is because I actually love it on the back here it is absolutely
plain just has like a stitch down the center I’m going to link the exact one
down below because I believe I found the exact one and I’m not really a jacket
person I always stop myself now because I’ve gotten so lazy where I just want
we’re a bunch of these sweaters like these plush letters and I don’t know
where jackets I just want to mention to you guys for you Canadians just so that
you guys know I did get charged customs fees I am in Canada for those of you who
don’t know a whopping eighty five dollars my order was around $220 I
believe with the discount code obvious in the US you guys are not gonna have
this issue for those of you in Canada if you guys are placed in like an order I
would say like 70 to 100 dollars you’re popping in charge around $30 customs I’m
not gonna lie at first it was really hard to swallow because I’m like
eighty-five dollars but number one I got a discount code so at the time they were
having 30 percent off the money that I kind of got off by painting customs it
just has to be worth it for you it happens right and I don’t want you guys
to order and be like oh my gosh you didn’t tell us that happened to me okay
so this is the charcoal bodysuit the long-sleeve bodysuit and then these are
the pants so here’s my thing I want to kind of pull them down over here right
and then when I pull them down like that I feel like I have too much room here
like I have this access sort of fabrics you don’t want you guys are actually not
that bad as I’m seeing them in the mirror I think it’s because I have it on
with something so the bodysuit is actually making it not look that bad
because if I pull it up over here I don’t have that much by the crotch area
to be honest with you and they go really really up high because my waist is right
here but yeah it’s actually not as bad as I thought now that I’m trying it on
with you guys in the mirror again this is a size four it’s not really tight on
my waist over here I’m gonna just show you guys it’s not extremely tight over
there the legs they’re not extremely tight but this is the kind of fit that
I’m wanting when it comes to joggers and then as for the charcoal bodysuit I
absolutely love it I love this color I honestly never thought I would be a dark
gray kind of girl and I love how my necklace just kind of like pops that
contrast there so I have put on my black jeans look how cute this Loft so this is
a little bit more of a dressy dinner look and I’ve also put on my knit bootie
I actually got these from pretty little thing but I think they have something
similar on Amazon so we’ll leave a link down below if I can I didn’t really
mention the fit about the bodysuit so the body so this is how much room I have
I was telling you guys it’s not extremely fitted on me it gives me a
little bit of room I am so happy with this bodysuit I’m so glad that I got it
I don’t want to come out and show you guys I
guys look horrible yeah just like kids if you guys are tall like look like look
how my chicken oh my yeah you guys I feel like a clown right now I’m not
happy with them you guys I just don’t like the way they look on me this is
that T oh my god it is so cute I absolutely love it the one that says
Beverly Hills this is the size four and this is how it fits on me like I said
it’s not extremely snug this is exactly how I wanted it to fit to be honest with
you I am so in love with it look how good it looks with the jeans it’s a very
comfortable material it is very stretchy as well and I just feel like I can move
in it it’s not stiff or anything like that but I love it it’s just a really
cute accent tee that you guys can add inside of your wardrobe if you want
something a little bit different and not always like a very very plain so this is
that really polish e cream sweater so as you guys can see it’s very loose and
relaxed it’s not extremely oversized I didn’t want the oversized look if I got
the four it definitely would have been I’m so in love with it look how cute it
looks with my jeans it looks so cute even with a pair of sweats my white
sweats would actually look super cute with us as well I love this collar line
over here guys I’m dying because I just post on our IG I’m feeling so fluffy
right now from Thanksgiving fluffy as in like a little bit chunky like I’m
feeling just a little bit more full than usual especially cuz I’m on like my
little weight loss paws and I’ve gained a few pounds like guys life is just here
to live and I just don’t really care because I know I’m innocent at bag honey
like just watch me so if you guys are looking for something super cozy and
fluffy and you guys want something ultra comfortable especially with this pocket
over here oh my god it’s so cozy I would definitely say to try out the sweater on
the side here there’s a lot of room even over here on the sides it’s definitely
more of your loose relaxed fit so can you guys imagine if I got the for like
the girl was wearing this is that jacket from H&M as a board jacket how cute is
it I’m gonna show you guys a close-up I am so in love with it I’m actually
wearing it with the crewneck underneath it has like the zip up from misguided so
I’m gonna take this off and show you guys that but this is what the jacket
looks like this is how the four fits me and I still kept my jeans because this
color just looks so fresh and just punches out with the blue it’s so cute
this jacket is so warm I am dying in here like I am dying actually have the
crop top underneath that I’m gonna show you guys next but I absolutely love this
this is these dip down once I’ve zipped it all the way down so you guys can see
how kind of low it goes there and then you can zip it up if you want to enclose
it up all the way I’ll also show you guys that this would look so cute with
my white chalk or cell like I’m not even gonna lie it’s gonna look mad cute this
is the size 4 so as you guys can see it is like kind of an oversized relaxed fit
but I wouldn’t say crazy oversized I can wear it over the shoulder like that
because that’s how relaxed it is – do you guys like this top I think it is so
cute and it looks so good with jeans as well okay guys so if these are the
leggings that I wanted to show you so as you guys can see they do fit me by the
waistline they do grab me there and then all my legs they’re kind of just like on
my legs and I have a tiny bit of room I have really thick thighs so if you guys
like if your ratio is you have a small waist and you have small legs you might
find them a little bit looser on your legs for me they’re just like a perfect
comfortable kind of fit from the side I’m just gonna show you guys so they are
like really fit it on my waist over here and then they kind of just go a little
bit like I said a little bit more comfortable on the leg this is your
really basic cotton legging I’m not overly disappointed with them to be
honest with them I thought that they would actually be worse and I thought
they felt worse before I’m only 5 foot 1 and they are basically cropped for me if
you guys have six eyes like me and you guys are looking for one that doesn’t
really grab you here I would definitely say to try these out because they are
overall very comfortable so and this is the crop top the one in the beautiful
stone color I am wearing it with my forever 21 joggers and then my boot is
the exact same color as my top can you imagine for my joggers were my god
I think I got these boots from boohoo yes that’s when they were from but I
just thought I would do like a very easy inspired look cuz let’s just be real all
these pieces are very like easy inspired this is the one that is really really
stretchy again this is a size before I could have gotten a 2 if I wanted it
like extremely fitted but I actually like the way this fits I love the color
of it it’s just a really cute cami that you guys can use underneath a sweater
you guys can put a cardigan you guys can do it you Jack it over top and it gives
you a little bit of cleavage you guys could pull it up if you want
and make it more crop but I’m kind of just trying to show you what I got left
of these puppies honey okay I am so in love with this sweater you guys it is so
cute this is the exact same sweater as the
cream one still in the size two it gives me a lot of room even on the side I have
a ton of room even on my arms it has like this elastic sort of feel to it
which I absolutely love because it’s just so cozy and it moves with you guys
are wondering again if you do see like a green tinge there is I love that tone I
absolutely love it I feel it’s so different and I feel like it’s so hard
to find pieces with that tone it was probably my first piece inside the cart
I loved it so much and I cannot wait to wear these like over and over and over
so I decided to do a full nude look with this bodysuit I absolutely love this
bodysuit it is so cute I’m wearing my track pants from H&M these are linked in
shop my faves I also will leave a link down below and in this bodysuit I am
wearing at these ties for the four fits me so well it’s actually really fitted
but you can button all these up but I just decided to give you a little bit of
a peekaboo I’m saying like it’s not gonna hurt y’all or anything I am
barefoot right now cuz I’m like you know what I just feel like a rock in this
love this bodysuit I’m super happy with it once you have it on you don’t really
see the lines in the pattern there’s like I don’t know there’s like a mixture
of like white and nude these track pants if you guys are gonna be shopping them
on my website or down below I am wearing a small they also have extra small they
would just be a little bit more fitted if I got those I actually wish I got an
extra small so that they would be a little bit more tight it’s just so cute
I just I can’t get over it I just can’t and then again it looks so cute with the
necklace I’m really really glad I chose to get it definitely think that Kim
would wear this I’m just saying I’m just saying I cannot with this look love okay
there’s just something about white pants this look is so super cute this is the
first time I’ve actually like put this together I just kind of thought of it
today so this top is in a size 4 I was telling you guys I could have got a 2 do
you guys see how I have a little bit of room there I’m so in love with this top
it is the perfect perfect beige like I can’t even tell you absolutely love the
3/4 sleeves I think it’s so feminine and so classic and chic and so in love with
my joggers as you guys can see me and he we were dying because she’s like stuff
please tell her that these are these are leggings because they are way too tight
to be joggers but I like when they’re kind of fitted
like this I just I don’t know it just makes me feel a bit more feminine I
really kind of like that throw a little bit tighter on me they could be a little
bit more loose but again these only came in one size I will leave a link down
below to a couple of similars if I can find them for you guys they’ll probably
do like two or three similars the white is just so cute it just is
I love the white and the beige kind of together too I love the high neckline on
this top but this is the last look of the video you guys the last piece of the
try for you oh and by the way I can’t believe I’m just gonna forget this I’m
gonna try not to get emotional ah the wire uh spicy is so crazy and
emotional thank you guys so so so much 460k I just never imagined myself doing
this it’s funny because life brings you things in front of you that you were not
expecting it at all and you look back and you go whoa
what happened I just want to give you guys a big big thank you for all the
love you guys show all of the support that you guys show all of your comments
on my videos thank you guys so so so much I try to get back to all of them as
much as I can even on IG all of your support I just
appreciate every single one of you and all your genuine love that just comes
through in all of my videos all of my photos that I post thank you guys so so
so much I can’t wait for 70 k8k 98 100 K to infinity and beyond
y’all always making me cry it’s you it’s not me I have no that’s a problem you’re
the problem not me event it’s basically if my clothing haul I hope you guys
enjoyed if you guys want to shop any of the items that I showed you guys today I
will be leaving a link down below and I also of course will be leaving a link on
Sean my face Stephanie SOCOM if you guys haven’t checked out on there I have all
of my favorites I also have my merch linked on there if you guys are
interested in getting my merch thank you to all of you who have supported me on
my merch I am so so so grateful thank you guys so much for watching and I will
see all of my beautiful babes in my next video

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