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Mix & Match: Dress & Cardigan

Mix & Match: Dress & Cardigan

hi everyone today video is about Valentine Day tonight outfit ideas I love to mix and match cardigans and dresses I think those pieces would bring out too girly and sexist I of us in this love day so this are two of my outfit ideas for Valentine's Day one is the day outfit and the other one is the night outfit and I hope you guys would enjoy this video for the day outfit I am wearing a bright blue dress with manly red violet and orange colors and a gray cardigan with more neutral tone to make this look not too showy and I'm also wearing bright red knee-high socks which matches with a dress and a pair of cognac flats to complete the look for this bright outfit I am only wearing a very simple necklace on my neck to make this look not too overwhelming however I am wearing many rings in gold and silver to make this look have a soft and fine touch and I think that bull or indigo nails is gonna be a pop of color for this red and violet tres oh my gosh this purse was so cute I know that is super inappropriate for my age but look at it I can't help it it was so cute that I stole it for my little sister and here's my complet look for the day outfit okay forget all about a cute innocent or a lovely look let's move to the night outfit which is more mature and sexy what you done to me here's a creamy page tres – telling seashell Pardons which is nice and elegant I'm matching this dress with a very comfy new page cardigan and I think this combination of pieces would bring a soft and gentle touch for this look and here's a pair of leather booties in tan color they are a lace-up and mirror front which I think are a kind of fun and check it would be nice if I'm wearing a clutch or a smaller purse but like I said in my previous videos I am NOT a clutch person so I'm wearing a floral satchel from Tory Burch and I think is really classic here's I'm wearing a rose gold and watch from Marc Jacobs to give this look a girly touch and I'm wearing my go earrings from Tory Burch as well so this is my complete outfit for the Valentine's date night and they are my day and night mix and match dresses and cardigans I hope you guys like this video thank you for watching bye see you next time

2 thoughts on “Mix & Match: Dress & Cardigan

  1. The first outfit:  I love the dress.  I think it would have look better without the cardigan and the long socks. The nail color was so killer! Love it.  Your hair is gorgeous. 

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