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#MoreThanABusiness Young’s Jersey Dairy

#MoreThanABusiness Young’s Jersey Dairy

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAN YOUNG: I’m Dan Young. JOHN YOUNG: I’m John Young. DAN YOUNG: That’s my son. JOHN YOUNG: That’s my dad. DAN YOUNG: And here at
Young’s Jersey Dairy, our mission is, we create
fun for our customers. DAN YOUNG AND JOHN YOUNG: Moo! JOHN YOUNG: That sounded good. DAN YOUNG: Yeah. JOHN YOUNG: We didn’t
even practice that. DAN YOUNG: Young’s Farm
was founded in 1869, when relatives of the Young
family built the red barn. And in the late ’50s, we started
selling our milk directly to the public. We noticed that folks really
enjoyed coming to the farm, and we kept expanding
that part of the business. Since, we’ve added the
batting cages, driving range, and the miniature golf. We built the first
course in 1992. JOHN YOUNG: I
thought it was ’91. DAN YOUNG: ’91,
OK, you’re right. JOHN YOUNG: See? Told you. DAN YOUNG: All right, yeah. These days, being online
is critical for a business like ours, especially on mobile. We’re experts at making
memories, not marketing. That’s why having a
business profile on Google has done wonders for us. It helps people get to know
us before they even get here. We’re getting more visits,
more calls than ever before. And now, we manage our
profile with the app. It helps us connect with our
customers wherever we are. JOHN YOUNG: This app is
very convenient, especially when I’m not sitting at my desk. The photo feature
on the app allows us to take pictures, add
filters, and share that photo with our guests as an offer. SPEAKER: I Google-searched,
things to do around town, and this is one of the
big things that popped up. You walk in, everybody is very
welcoming when you come here. DAN YOUNG: We’ve come a long
ways from the beginning, with just some cows and
some bottles of milk. I’m hoping that
Young’s can continue to make great family
memories for another 50 years and beyond. JOHN YOUNG: That was
pretty well said. DAN YOUNG: All right.

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