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MSU College of Human Medicine Matriculation and White Coat Ceremony 2018

MSU College of Human Medicine Matriculation and White Coat Ceremony 2018

– This is a really amazing day for us. One of the things we do at
the College of Human Medicine is we don’t just select
for really smart students, but students who will care because there’s an aphorism
that goes like this, “They won’t care how much you know “until they know how much you care.” So of the 6,395 applicants, we chose 190, and what we selected for, of course, was really bright, really
driven, but caring. Do they care and can they show that? And when the White Coat
Ceremony was started, it was to present these incoming trainees with their white coat as a symbol to say this is not only about curing patients, it’s also about caring for patients, because it is in caring
that curing happens. So this day, more than
almost any other day, is incredibly special. (uplifting music) Our entering class has 30 students who’ll be entering the Leadership
in Rural Medicine program where they train in
Marquette, Traverse City, and Midland in their final
two years in medical school. The class is about 60% women and 40% men. – I’ve been dreaming about this
day for a really long time. I’m really happy that I can do this and have my parents watch me
as I get my white coat today. – I am so excited to be here. I feel like it’s such an honor that we get to wear these white coats and they symbolize so much of our future. – [Dean Beauchamp] 71% are from Michigan and the rest of the class
represents 14 states and Canada. – Go Green, Go White! – I feel great, I feel
nervous, but excited. – Our class is great,
so I’m looking forward to making friends with everyone here. – I’m feeling ridiculously excited. – This is where I belong, and I’m excited. – This is a day of great
joy and great pride. – For today is really all about you. – This class comprises
75 men and 116 women. – There’ll be lots of love, but sometimes it might
be a little tough love. That’s what families are for. – [Dean Beauchamp] There are 18 students who’ll be entering the Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved program. (audience cheering) One of the programs
that we started in 1986 that we’re incredibly proud
of is the ABLE program. 14 of our students will come into the Advanced Baccalaureate
Learning Experience program. This is a program for students who come from challenged backgrounds but have a clear potential
to be amazing physicians. (audience cheering)

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  2. Saint Raphael, from the Book of Tobit, what a creepy sideways glance from a Luciferian infection from Freemasonry you have. Punk. Ride the pine. Jesus is in, you're out.

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