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My Top 10 Favorite Coats & Jackets of 2019!

– We’re kicking off
the Best of 2019 series with coats and jackets you will love. Hi ladies, it’s Erin, and
welcome back to my channel. Where are my OG viewers? Where are you? You guys remember, I’ve
done this series for years. Every single year I
feature my best of series, where I take specific categories,
like coats and jackets, shoes and boots, handbags, beauty, and I talk about what are my favorites, what are the standouts of the year? And so when I’m thinking about
what makes this top 10 list, it’s quality, it’s cost per wear, it’s what makes me feel the
most special when I wear it, in terms of just style and adding something a little
bit special to my wardrobe, and then I’m also thinking
about function and wearability, so kind of rolling all
that up into one ball, and then selecting my top 10 list. Now, I wanted to kick off the
series with coats and jackets because quite frankly, that’s my favorite thing to talk about. How many of you are coat
and jacket girls like me? I’m sure quite a few of you so you’ll really appreciate this video. Some of the pieces I’m
featuring are very high end, are very pricey, and so I will
put options for less below, because there’s always a dupe. There’s always a
recreation of that concept, and so I will put the best dupe I can find for you below the higher end version, so you can have options
there if you want to. I’m gonna tackle this by
category, starting with blazers, and then moving on to more winter wear type coats and jackets. One of the first jackets
I want to talk about is this jacket. It’s by Veronica Beard, it’s
called the Cooke Blazer. It is actual genuine leather. It’s just a gorgeous piece. I featured this a bunch on the blog. You can see that it does
have a U-shape in the back and then more of a V hemline in the front, and then beautiful gold
buttons that are very luxe. The leather is so soft, it
really does mold to your body. You can see that it’s creasing where my arm is bending. People are like touching
me when I wear this. They’re like petting me, like I’m a dog. It’s just a stunning piece and that was one that really stung and I had to contemplate and think about in terms of investment, but I’m so happy that I did. I wear it all the time. You guys are probably
sick of hearing about it. You’re sick of seeing
it, but that’s the thing. When you find a piece that
you really, really love, you’re gonna wear it over
and over and over again, and sometimes it’s hard to
buy those higher priced pieces because of the price tag, but when you start thinking
about cost per wear and how you feel when you wear it, then it becomes a bit more palatable. So something to think about. The second blazer I wanted to
feature is actually this one. It’s by Cinq A Sept. It’s called the Kylie Metallic blazer. So this blazer, I haven’t
seen it in this exact color which is like an icy blue but it does come in like five other colors and the colors are just so stunning. It’s like gold and silver
and beige and pink and navy and I love the fit of this jacket so much. I love how it feels. Feels so good on my skin. I love the three-quarter ruche sleeve and then I do like the length ’cause it is a bit on the longer side. So I love that as well. It adds a bit of sparkle but in a very subtle sophisticated way. It works well with jeans. It works well with skirts and dresses so definitely this would be on my list for top 10 coats and jackets of the year. The next jacket I wanna talk
about is the Smythe Blazer. So here is one, this is the Duchess and the Duchess is really cool. It’s a one button blazer. I like the lapel. See how the lapel’s a little
bit different and unique and then another unique
detail is this little square shaped hem in the back which is really cool and
different and modern. The fit of these jackets, here’s another one, it’s hard to see on the white background. This one is the wrap one and you can see it just
has asymmetrical buttons. An asymmetrical button closure. So it’s basically the same jacket, just a different closure. This one is one button,
this one is three buttons and they both fit about the same. They’re narrow through the shoulders. They’re on the shorter side so this line, if you’re petite like me, is so good. I feel bad for like all of
you broad-shouldered ladies out there because you
can’t probably wear Smythe although maybe if you size up you can but I just wanted to let you know that it’s an amazing quality,
super luxe, super nice. It’s a solid amazing blazer and you guys will absolutely love it especially if you’re petite. My number four favorite is this. It’s the Veronica Beard Scuba Blazer and my ladies who are in the hive, the Busbee Style Hive, that’s
the private Facebook group, they have talked about
and finally investing in their VB blazer and being
so happy with the investment and it’s just one of those
pieces that once you buy it, once you make that
decision to invest in it, you’re so happy that you did because you wear it all the time and you can change the look of the blazer by swapping out the dickies. Mostly I get them on sale so there are a lot of dickie sales that you can take advantage of if you wanna change
the look of the dickie. This is a puffer, leopard
print hoody dickie that zips in and out of the jacket so I can have my basic black blazer or I can create something a
little bit unique and special with different dickies. This is just a solid piece. Like you’ll wear it again and again and again, I promise you. I stand by that. Like you can yell at me
if you don’t but you will and then you’ll be like all
right, I get it, thank you. Okay remember this one
from the Nordstrom’s sale? It’s by L’Agence. This one sold out pretty
quickly during the sale but then they subsequently
restocked it in this color and then it sold out in this color. Now it’s available in other colors but not this color. I wanted to talk about the blazer because for those of you
who like the Balmain look and we’ll get to the
Balmain blazer in a minute, but you don’t want the
heft or the structure, this one is a lot lighter weight and it’s a lot more fluid. So it has some structure but it’s not like super rigid structure, it’s very soft. It just flows a lot
better if that makes sense and the fabric itself is thinner. So if you’re in a warmer climate, you like the Balmain look but you’re like, there’s no way I’m gonna
wear that wool blazer, this is an awesome option and I really love this line. If you haven’t like checked out L’Agence so you’re like, what is that? It’s really modern,
sophisticated edgy pieces that you will definitely love and this is an example
of one of their pieces. It’s a little more classic than edgy but it’s really, really a beautiful piece. Okay, my biggest investment
in terms of a jacket or a coat or a blazer this year, was this piece. This is the Balmain Blazer in wool and it is a stunner. It’s just an unbelievably beautiful piece The quality is impeccable. The fit is impeccable. The tailoring is impeccable and the fabric is terrific. It’s on the warmer side
like I said, it’s thicker. Every single time I throw this on, it doesn’t matter what it’s with, like jeans, could be jeans and sneakers. I throw this blazer on and
it’s like whoa you know. I could throw on a skirt
and a t-shirt, whoa. It takes everything up a zillion notches. Like you just look so
much more like polished, sophisticated, elegant and luxe you know. Like you really look expensive. It is expensive so rightfully so but I just want you to
understand that this definitely will enhance any outfit
that you pair it with. I do think that it’s worth noting that there are built in
structured shoulders. So if you are wide through the shoulders, this is probably not the style for you. Probably not the line for you. Not the jacket for you. YOu’re gonna wanna go
with the L’Agence one or maybe the Veronica Beard Scuba Blazer would be a better bet for you too. There is a dupe for this by Lioness and I’ve talked about it ad nauseam that’s a really good
price point like $88 okay? So I will put a link to that below and then there’s another
dupe by Veronica Beard that’s in like the mid-range price point that’s also beautiful and
I will put a link to that. So you could go like
mid-range price for this dupe or you could go lower under a
hundred with the Lioness one but I’ll put both below. Now I wanna move past
blazers and into jackets. So the first jacket I wanted to show you is this one by Blank NYC. It’s called the Next Level Suede Moto. I love this one because
it doesn’t have the belt. I don’t like the belt like dangling around and jingling and stuff and I also love this particular color. I think it’s called coffee bean. It’s just such a lovely color and it’s soft and feminine
and it’s very wearable and neutral versatile. It’s just a great jacket
and this is an example of one that’s in an
accessible price point. It’s not inexpensive but
for what you’re getting it’s accessible and it’s
a really nice quality. It’s tough to find really great moto’s that don’t break the bank, that also look this great and Blank NYC does it like no other. One of the things you may notice with my best of list every year is that somethings make the list over and over and over again and that’s the true mark of something that is really special, worthwhile, worth investing in and so this next line
that I wanna talk about is an example of that. It’s SAM. Sam with a period, SAM. New York and here’s an example of a SAM. puffer. I bought this one last year. I have two other SAM. puffers
in addition to this one. I have a long black one and I also have a short navy one. This one I got as like a fun ski jacket and also just a fun jacket to wear kind of day in and day out but I wear it a lot skiing
with white ski pants. I love it, I just think it’s really like happy and joyful and fun. This line makes puffer
jackets and puffer coats that feel very modern and
fresh and different and new. So it’s really bringing
that fashion component to the warmth and the function. So that’s what I really
love about their jackets in addition to them being
insanely warm and functional, there’s also the fashion component to it. Before I move on to the next coat, I would just wanted to mention this puffer by Blanc Noir and so I
saw this line originally I think a couple years
ago and I was intrigued ’cause I really liked
how edgy the pieces were and they’re all designed to
be like sort of athleisure. Like something you’d wear
to the gym and then beyond and so I saw this puffer. It has these mesh inserts here which you think would
make it like super cold but it is really, really warm and I got this because I loved the hood and I love the way it looked. I thought it looked really cool. So I just wanted to point that out for all my puffer girls out there in cold climates like me. The next piece I want to highlight is this stunning wrap coat by Line, l-i-n-e. It’s spelled just the way it sounds. It is a belted wrap coat. They have it in a few colors. I bought both the olive
green and the camel. It is just such a beautiful piece. I love it so much. I love it so much I
bought it in two colors. So what I do with this in the winter here in Telluride Colorado is I wear this over a lightweight puffer. So I’ll take like a really
light weight, long black puffer, I will zip it up and
then I put this over it so I feel like I still look
feminine and sophisticated and pretty but I’m also incredibly warm. So I just add that extra
puffer layer underneath so that I get the look of
that beautiful wool wrap coat but I have the warmth
of the puffer underneath and that’s really how you
can get out of the puffer rut you know ’cause wearing
a puffer every single day in the winter months really
starts to wear on you and so peppering in a couple
of beautiful top coats that will definitely
button up the whole look, elevate the whole look. It just makes you feel
better in the winter season. If you live in a truly
cold, winter climate, you know exactly what I’m talking about but I don’t think if
you’re in a cold climate this is enough on it’s own. You definitely need something else. Last but not least, I wanna
talk about the IRO Moto jackets. Here are two examples. This one I got on sale at Neiman Marcus. This one I got on sale
at intermixonline.com. What’s so awesome about these
jackets is first of all, they are beautifully made. They’re high quality. They’re super gorgeous but then also, they’re great for petites again. So they’re a bit narrow
through the shoulders. The sleeve length is shorter and also the length of the
jacket itself is shorter. So if you are petite and we’re
talking five four and under, this is an amazing jacket for you. Actually, any jacket that
I have is amazing for you because I’m five four. That said, if you’re really tall, this jacket may not work for you. We’re gonna have to think
about other moto jacket options for your body shape but for those of you who are
either proportionate, petite, I feel like this is just
such an amazing piece that you’ll wear again
and again and again. This is also one of those jackets that you wear kinda year round. I wear this in the winter
like either under a puffer I can wear it or I can wear
it underneath a wrap coat. I wear it almost like a
layer if that makes sense and then I wear it in the Spring. I wear it here in the
summer ’cause it gets chilly here in the summer and I wear it with dresses and skirts. I also wear it with jeans. So it’s very versatile jacket to have and a terrific investment piece. So remember when you’re thinking about whether something is worth investing in, think about the cost per wear. So if you’re gonna have
something for five years and you probably are gonna wear it like five times a month, do that math. See what that shakes down to be and then it might be worthwhile
for you to spend a bit more on that investment piece
like a leather moto jacket or a faux leather moto jacket. One bonus coat I wanted to talk about that was on my list last year that was in my video last year, is this piece by Velvet. It sold out last year
and then it restocked and I’m so happy it did
so I can talk about it and share it with you guys and you guys can scoop it up if you missed the boat last year. So this is one side faux fur
and the other side faux suede and it’s in this beautiful like somewhere between
red and burgundy tone and it’s long so it really
does keep you very warm. It’s so soft and it’s also very glamorous. Like you feel so glam when you wear this. Like add a lip color
that’s the same color, some glowy cheeks and you’re
like a winter princess you know it’s just so awesome. So those are my 10 overall favorites. Which one was your favorite? I would love to know or do you have a favorite piece that I didn’t talk about that you think, it’s a crime
not to share with all of us. Please don’t keep that stuff to yourself. Share it with us ’cause
we really want to learn from each other and to know
what are those special pieces that you invested in this year that you think was worth
every single penny. Tell us in the comments. You guys, also don’t forget that I am over on Instagram @BUSBEESTYLE there if you want just some more
daily, regular outfit inspiration or to follow along with the
Busbee family holiday season. Thank you guys so much for watching. I really appreciate your support. Don’t forget, there’s gonna
be more of these coming so I’ll put links to that playlist below. I’ll see you next time guys, bye.

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