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Nightmare Cruise Story! 80 Year Old New Jersey Couple Kicked Off Allure of the Seas In Mexico!

Nightmare Cruise Story! 80 Year Old New Jersey Couple Kicked Off Allure of the Seas In Mexico!

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce today’s date February 25th 2019 and I have a story for you guys
about a couple who went on a cruise and ran into a nightmare and you know what
this is a story that can happen to any of us listen to this or here we go
I have two people here they’re from New Jersey I have Carol she’s 80 years old
I’ve got Bertram he’s 82 they went on a cruise on the allure of the Seas their
16th cruise together this couple knows what they’re doing when they go on a
cruise ship they joined their Rotary Club friends and went on a one-week
cruise out of Miami and it was headed to Nassau and headed over to Roatan in
Mexico and it was gonna be great a couple of days into the cruise Carol
noticed that she was having issues because she noticed that there was blood
in her stool and she did the right thing she thought she went to the ship’s
doctor to talk about it ship’s doctor took her vitals and ended
up with a blood sample and wanted to take account of her red blood cell count
he didn’t like the level thought it was a bit low we told her if it drops
anymore I’m gonna have to make other moves and when they got to Costa Maya
that was the problem they took another sample there and her blood count was way
too low for the doctors liking and he told her you have to get off the ship
here go to a hospital or get back to the USA right now because it’s gonna be at
least 2 more days before we get Becky get you back home on this cruise ship
they arranged a cab for $600 200-mile cab ride to Cancun Mexico they flew them
from Cancun to Mexico City and from Mexico City they were supposed to fly to
Miami but the couple changed the flight to get them home to Newark or they’re
from on United Airlines once read back in Newark they went to their doctor
right away doctor ran some tests and she’s fine it’s not serious whatsoever
she does not have to go to the hospital the couple now is home and they’re
licking their wounds counting the amount of money they lost $3,400 plus to get
them from the ship in custom IMX ago back to Newark on an emergency basis and
luckily for them she did have to go in an ambulatory type
scenario she got to fly regular commercial airlines the stress alone of
the trip if that wasn’t bad enough was tough but despite all that at 80 and 82
years old they made it home they’re okay but their cruise is ruined the cruise
line has offered a 20% credit on a future cruise they’re not impressed and
you gotta wonder if you don’t feel well on a cruise ship would you take a chance
going forward to go see the ship’s doctor when you’re 48 hours away from
getting back to your homeport you might get kicked off the ship too
it kind of makes you wonder how this is gonna work I don’t know join me monday
to friday 5 o’clock eastern saturdays of 2 we talk cruise ships 6 days a week and
we’re gonna talk about this story going forward subscribe today and we’ll talk
to you later bye Burnett

76 thoughts on “Nightmare Cruise Story! 80 Year Old New Jersey Couple Kicked Off Allure of the Seas In Mexico!

  1. Glad she's okay. I'm thinking that the lab was inaccurate with their findings?…Also, with cruise doctors getting into so much trouble these days with "under diagnosing", this particular dr. was going the opposite extreme.

  2. Glad she is well, but if she was not., The cruise ship would catch holy heck, right. Blessings and HUGS. Ty GOD that the cruise ship doctor didn't pretend he could see into the future and KNOW exactly what her ailments were. I would want no less cautionary action for my own parents. 🛳👣🔥😎

  3. Elderly are at higher risk of heart attack when they are bleeding…a 40 year old may tolerate a lower blood count, that might endanger a 80 year old.We do not have all the facts.The ship doctor erred on the side of caution, in his opinion and actions….I never travel without additional insurance, that even includes someone coming to assist me home, or to have air ambulance transport, or to bring back, ahem my remains…..It is the cost of peace of mind.Hopefully they have insurance separate from the ship. Glad she is ok.

  4. Having just lost my brother to colon cancer, they did the right thing, my health is more important than a cruise. Also carry travel insurance this is when you need it.

  5. This is a bullshit headline. The ships medical facility can only handle certain emergencies. The cruise line was looking out for the welfare of the passengers. It’s the passengers responsibility to pay for evacuation and medical care. All cruise lines offer insurance to cover these costs as well as reimburse for a lost cruise. The passengers weren’t kicked off the ship as you sensationally stated.

  6. I think the cruise ship should at least refund the two passengers for their neglectful dealing with this situation they have means of getting help from contacting outer sources via communication such website contacting hospitals and so on if not a refund should be given and a 50 percent offer for the next cruise . I personally will never go on a cruise ship with all I am hearing about the lack of responsible dealings . In my opinion the cruise line better start getting smarter or Americans won't travel the seas anymore

  7. I have a story to share. While on a cruise port visit to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, the ear dome in my hearing aid became stuck inside my ear, and my wife could not fish it out. I went to the medical nurse and informed me it was to cost around $60 and I balked. I got off the ship and walked around the town and I found a private audiologist who removed the dome without charging me. Nevertheless, I gave her $20. End of story.

  8. not saying the Dr was right or wrong, we don't have both sides of the story, but i think it's sad that no matter what the cruise lines do they are always the bad guys, danged if they do and danged if the don't if they said she could wait until the cruise ended then go see her Dr and then something happened then they would still be the bad guys. as my Dr say Dring is 95 guess work the other 5 percent comes from seeing the problem before, he has been a Dr for over 40 years very smart man.

  9. Your narration and video tile are based on what medical facts?
    Unless your've read the medical notes from the ship's treating dr, I think yr video has an unbalanced slant, suggesting the ship's medical opinion is poor and was unjust.
    Assuming this couple had no repatriation insurance cover, it would be reasonable to expect the couple to Pay for local (mexico) health assistance and return travel costs back to their home country medical for followup.
    A ship's medical team would need to way up: a potentiality unwell pax with limited access to treatment services Vs extensive land based hospital facilities. What is the risk for both options?

  10. The ship's doctor seems really stupid. I know ship's doctors really only can put on bandaids,. How about a conference call with their doctor, or sending the blood results via email to their doctor. This story seems really fishy. These ships can see 310,.000 passengers in a year. If they cannot invest for a basic medical facility then why even bother with the facade of a doctor?

  11. Look, the medical facilities on a ship are limited to begin with. The onboard doctor I think took caution in hand when saying they should go to see a doctor at a hospital on land for follow up. Doctors on cruise ships are certified. They were NOT "Kicked off the ship" as the title describes. And for "seasoned" cruisers, they had no cruise insurance that would have covered EVERYTHING related to their event? I was on a 15 day cruise to the UK from Florida a few years ago and when at sea, a passenger had appendicitis and the doctor was afraid it would burst so he ordered a medivac from the ship while at sea. The land doctor confirmed that her appendix WAS about to burst and the ships doctor made the right decision to medivac her to a land hospital. So you can look at this both ways BUT having cruise insurance here would have gotten her well cared for. If it had gone the other way, would they still be screaming that the 20% discount for a future cruise was not enough? I think it was a safe and good call on the Captains part here.

  12. If they were such experienced cruisers and given their advanced ages, they should have known to take out evacuation insurance. Secondly, they should get a copy of her medical records from Royal Caribbean to present to her family physician. If they can prove medical incompetence by the ship's doctor, they might have grounds to sue Royal Caribbean.

  13. Medically that makes sense! How is that kicking her off?? And if she wasn't ok then that doctor would be liable! This is ridiculous.

  14. They were not “kicked off” the ship. Like someone said, this is nothing but click bait. Shame on you. RCCL did the right thing. Sorry their cruise was ruined, but it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

  15. Better safe than sorry. The ship's doctor did the right thing regarding the test results. Thank goodness he erred on the side of being safe.

  16. I would strongly recommend Bruce to be more careful with his titles. Royal Caribbean’s doctor did, exactly, what a doctor was supposed to do. Furthermore, had the couple be more cautious they should have bought Travel Insurance and would not had spent a cent. Soon or later you, Bruce, will be caught and sued for false judgement and fake news ! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  17. Yes, definitely have travel insurance. Sounds like this physician was practicing CYA medicine. And one ship I was on the doctor was a dermatologist, doesn’t really inspire confidence for a serious emergency

  18. im sorry but the doctors did the right thing, if she got worse and stayed on the ship they would be blaming them as well, never heard of your channel before but will not be watching again if this is how you get your likes and sub,s TOTAL CLICK BATE.

  19. Bruce you are a good guy , I enjoy your videos , but I think the title of this vid is misleading.
    Royal Carribean cruise did the right thing it's not their fault.
    I feel for the 80 year olds , but Royal Caribbean was concerned about the lady's health

  20. She could have suddenly bled to death! GI bleeds can be unpredictable. I'm a RN and have pt horror stories. The cruise made the right decision. She was lucky she stopped bleeding and her count went up. Travel insurance!!

  21. A story along the same lines. My husband gets migraines. I forgot to pack his Medicine. We thought he was getting on our 1stevening at sea. Fortunately he did not get a true migraine (just travel fatigue and lack of caffeen) and we did not need the doctor. Note to self, never forget migraine meds. Shout out to the RC staff for their concern, they were wonderful.

  22. It's too bad what happened to this couple, HOWEVER, they placed themselves at risk.  Anyone who boards a cruise ship should know that a cruise ship's medical staff can barely handle a stuffy nose – anything severe like internal bleeding, stroke, heart problems must be handled by advanced medical staff and that exists off ship.  Also, this woman had a pre-existing condition (severe ulcer) so she's asking for trouble the minute she steps on the ship.  I feel sorry for the couple, but I side with the cruise line.  Unfortunately, this won't stop our litigious society from finding a scumbag lawyer and suing the cruise line, which in turn will jack up rates for the rest of us.  Remember the old days when people admitted they were wrong?

  23. The cruise is doing the right thing to ‘’kick off‘. If her conditions deteriorate or gets critical, the whole cruise may be delayed just to make sure she get medical treatment in time. The children may sue and hold the captain responsible for all sorts of blame should she die or things like that.

  24. There’s probably little or no Quality Control on the ship therefore the lab results not performed by a licensed clinical scientist ( medical technologist) are in doubt. I am almost positive that their “labs” are not heavily regulated or at all again putting lab results in doubt. This situation proves this. The doctors and nurses are able to treat general illness and emergent situations. Sending this couple home on their own dime suggest it wasn’t emergent in nature.

  25. Get your act together Bruce. They were not kicked off, they were sent back to the USA because you had internal bleeding. They could not look after her on the ship. Insurance really should be mandatory. You are really not medically trained to comment. Loser.

  26. You should be ashamed. They were not kicked off. The cruise contract says medical issues may result in having to leave the cruise.

  27. Get the story straight. They were not 'kicked off' the ship. They were warned that if her blood levels dropped lower that what the first tests revealed, the facilities on the ship would not be able to help her, they'd have to leave to get medical attention on land. Her blood levels dropped. They were told to gather their belongings and be ready to get off at the next port of call – which was Mexico. They did not want to seek medical attention in Mexico and asked to be flown to the US. That's why they have a $600 taxi bill. It is standard practice to fly emergency cases to Miami, but they didn't want to go to Miami, they wanted to go home to Newark N.J.
    By the sounds of it they didn't have travel or medical insurance. If this is their 16th cruise, insurance should be the first thing they buy after they buy their tickets.
    While I'm glad she's OK, I don't have any sympathy for them. No one should ever travel to a foreign country (or even out of state/province) without insurance. Especially at the advanced age of 80!

  28. So, to recap, the cruose line was so concerned that the passenger might be having a health issue they took her off the ship. AND offered to gice them a.credit for the unused portion of the cruise. It is always prudent for people of a.certain age to CARRY CRUISE INSURANCE.

  29. Unless you are dieing never go to the ships dr. they cray cray. However, 2 days till home port, bit of blood in stool, that could be constipation, sadly, she should have applied (polysporin to the area and relaxed for the rest of the cruise, kept an eye on any other symptoms.).

  30. #1 travel insurance. We just got an email from carnival to remind us we need to ensure we have travel insurance on our next cruise that covers repatriation- getting flown home in case of emergency

    #2 unless she was bleeding profusely staying on the ship for a leisurely 42hr journey home would probably be safer than a stressful, multi leg journey that definitely would’ve been very difficult for two 80yr olds!

    I broke a bone on a cruise ship and they couldn’t do anything more than give me ibuprofen, thankfully we were only 24hrs from home so I stayed in bed

  31. That’s just horrible. To miss your cruise and spend all that money to get home only for the doctor to say you’re fine. I guess Royal did what they had to do.

  32. Kicked off? stfu man. u r a dck head.. she was sick.. she was told she had to get medical attention.. they supposed to have insurance to cover her expenses.. finish..full stop.. don't sensationalize

  33. A G I Bleed can be a life threatening incident. This is exactly why you should have travel insurance. The Doctor on board absolutely made the right call by sending her back to the states.

  34. Poor reporting. Kicked off? Probably not but better to err on the side of safety and get off. This is exactly what travel insurance is for and if they didn’t have insurance after cruising 16 times, shame on them

  35. Medical attention was needed the ship board doctor could not provide and the couple chose to travel without insurance.
    It was not the cruise lines problem.

  36. Better to be safe than to be sorry. If the ship doctor had declined to do anything and it was a serious matter you would have been questioning the doctors decision. Just can’t please everyone, stop playing Monday morning Quarterback.

  37. The cruise line is correct. For all the ship’s doctor knew, she could have had internal bleeding. All the doctor can do is rely on the test results he sees.

  38. Following the doctor's advice is not being "kicked off". He perceived a medical emergency and advised the couple accordingly. They followed his advice.

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