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OUTFIT IDEAS FOR SCHOOL!! Back to School Outfits! 2017-2018 | #fashan | Back to School Lookbook

OUTFIT IDEAS FOR SCHOOL!! Back to School Outfits! 2017-2018 | #fashan | Back to School Lookbook

everything I've got I'm dragging in your direction got some stop no time to pause for just crash sure I'm following charge trail feet read together my dad's slipping back this might be hard to endure when I was never ashamed I like a changing landscape fun nipping at my heels uncertainty never stop reading bouncing just keep don't I'm stepping nine cuts me over even broken bones couldn't stop my love emotion recollections reconstruct and no point review my plans to sustain stamped upon through cuz I was never the same I like a changing landscape one nipping at my heels on sir stop bouncing just keep it together [Applause] back in the my life in a suitcase baggage left behind gotta keep pace it's just one foot in front of the other just keep it together just keep it together I was never the same for I like a changing landscape on nipping at my heels uncertainty is every step rebounding just keep it together [Applause] hope you guys like that video I used to do these videos all the time and they were called fashion weeklies this time around I'm gonna bring them back and we're gonna use the hashtag fashion weekly which is awesome because that's kind of like a play on my name obviously my name is Shannon and it works out really nicely so get ready for these in the future I'm gonna be doing a ton they're my favorite to film so yes and also hopefully you got some inspiration for some back-to-school outfits because this is like a part too I did part one last week check that out hopefully you guys found something out of both videos that you could wear and get inspiration from that's what your girl is here for be sure to follow my instagram twitter snap check out any giveaways that i'm doing on my channel right now be subscribed like this video if you want and that's it I love you so much and I will see you next time spice everything

39 thoughts on “OUTFIT IDEAS FOR SCHOOL!! Back to School Outfits! 2017-2018 | #fashan | Back to School Lookbook


  2. These r totally cutttttte!!!
    The ideas r all amazing and they all look good on u!!!
    My favorite has to be the first one


  3. Most of Asian students don't have to worry about OOTD to school bec. we have boring school uniforms, the advantage we don't need to buy new outfits and the disadvantage, we all look the same…but I like wearing uniforms, bec, it looks decent and clean. πŸ™‚

  4. My favorite outfit is outfit #1 since I always wear that to school. Just some graphic tee or basic tee with jeans or denim shorts and white sneakers. Btw , love the video , it gave me outfit ideasπŸ’–

  5. and once again this outfits inspired me on wht to buy thnx for the vidsπŸ’•there soo classy n pretty

  6. OMG ANOTHER VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU VIDEOS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE NEVER STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #shanfam

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