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Pairings: Denim Jacket

Pairings: Denim Jacket

Hi everyone, welcome to Wendy’s Lookbook.
We’re doing something very special today, we’re doing a pairing episode in the Los Angeles
Botanical Gardens. And it is gorgeous here, it is so beautiful
and there’s all these little creatures that we’re going to see that’s so awesome.
But there’s one right now, he’s just chilling there. But they roam everywhere, him and his
friend were just up there. But we’re going to have a lot of fun today. So we’re in the area that’s dedicated to South
African plant life. And it’s just like Jurassic Park a little bit.
But, our featured item today is… our denim jacket. And the jean jacket has been around for ages,
so it’s truly a timeless piece in any closet. But to give our old friend here an updated
look, I like to look for ones that are semi-fitted and a little cropped. We’re going to play
with floral pieces to casual pieces and also a layering piece for Fall and Winter. We’re
going to have a lot of fun with our jean jacket. And… And this is our first outfit. I like to pair
the denim jacket with something fresh and light for summer, so I like pairing it with
the white pants. And this is what I got from American Eagle. And my white pants are from
Zara’s. And just adding a little bit of jewelry, I have my Chan Luu bracelet, my cross
body, my flats and we’re ready to go. And this our floral pairing. I love pairing
the rugged denim with something very feminine and floral, like a tier dress. But this dress
I got from Forever 21 and any flower motif dress will be perfect for that denim tough
look. But we’re changing over to our wedges, we still have our cross body bag, we’re putting
our hair down. And this is the perfect look for brunch, but also to explore… the rose
garden. And we are in the lush, jungle portion of
the Botanical Gardens. And thank goodness because it is so cool here because I have
so much on. And this pairing is dedicated to all the women out there who are experiencing
late fall, or even, you know, the beginning of winter. But I borrowed this layer look
from men’s street wear. And what they did was that they layered a denim jacket underneath
a leather jacket. So here we are, we have our leather jacket, and this is by Theory.
And we have our denim jacket, and a nice pair of thick jeans, pants and our rugged boots. And we’re ready to combat the cold. And I’m off, to hunt for some treasure. Wah pah! Thank you so much for being with me today,
I hope you enjoyed our jean jacket pairing. The Botanical Garden is so full beautiful
plants and flowers and cute little creatures. Our turtle are saying by to us too.
Ohh! he’s stretching. The reason I’m whispering is that I don’t want
to scare this little fellow over here. He’s so adorable. Oh! He’s turning around. Thank you so much for being with me and I’ll
see you again on Youtubeland. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Pairings: Denim Jacket

  1. Wendy,!you re hilarious 🙂
    Love the last pairing, denim jacket underneath the leather jacket.. so cool!

  2. what's not to like w/ her vids, the locations are awesome, great clothes, valuable fashion tips & wendy has impeccable taste & likable personality.. 🙂

  3. i love how your so considerate for nature and animals! so sweet! i love the second outfit, i will deff try that

  4. honestly she really does need her own TV show. She is the BEST youtube fashion blogger! I LOVE you Wendy!

  5. Hahaha! Wendy, you are so adorable. <3
    *waves to peacock*
    peacock stares at wendy then goes back to grooming. BAHAHAHA. XD

  6. Hi wendy, what size did u get for that denim jacket? I am going to buy that exact same one on ae.com, and I think were about the same size. 🙂

  7. you are such a positive and upbeat person despite everything you've been through! it's very admirable.. (I follow your blog :)) i wish you the best and i hope you keep smiling.. 🙂 ps i love the denim jacket, do you happen to know if it's the same one they're selling right now as well?

  8. I can't decide if I love the 2nd or the 3rd look more. Doesn't matter anyhow coz I'll never look as amazing as her. bet she looks great even in a paperbag

  9. Whenever i feel sad i just go and watch your videos wandy! You are so cute, you brigten up all my days with your smile!I love you,you are a true role model

  10. these "pairings" videos are unlike anything i have ever seen! dont take this the wrong way but you are like part news anchor woman..part mister rodgers..and part jenn im. just sayin..

  11. Hi Wendy I need help hope you could answer my question I love denim jacket I bought one but my question is how to do this should fit doe's this need to be tight or a little bit baggy or just ok look my it doe's closes and but the arm's are kind of a little bit longer also the jacket I got ends a little bit more longer it pass my waist just a little bit please tell how doe's this need to be and I like you video please answer.

  12. loved how you make your videos and mix them with different elements that makes it very interesting to watch ^^ 🙂 I will subscribe:)

  13. Wendy, you are so amazing and inspirational ! Your videos are always gorgeous and you made me fall in love with fashion again 🙂 <3

  14. more jean jkt pairings…like colored denim ones and also leather jkt pairings…..and lots of other stuff, but just those for a start!!

  15. Really don’t know how anyone could downvote this video. Besides the beautiful setting and the helpful inspiration, you are always a delight to watch, SO likable! I’m having a bad day, and this was a little bright spot that put a smile on my face; thanks for that! Subscribed 😁👍

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