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Casey come in seriously hey guys welcome back to our Christmas countdown it is officially are you excited for Christmas yes oh it's beautiful okay so you may have noticed it's just us in the car because we are going who's getting fed up fussing noogie hey hey we're on a mission we are in competition with each other we have 50 pound put for Casey 50 pound for grace and we are going to pick a Christmas outfit then they have to try and guess who picked what outfit and then they have to choose the winner to say who picked the best Christmas outfit comment below who do you think is gonna pick the best outfit for Casey who do you think is gonna pick the best outfit for grace if the outfit is all black we know it came from dad what we say in Christmas outfit as in that they look that what they would wear Christmas Day yeah I can't imagine that they're gonna actually wear what we choose them for Christmas Day but you have to choose it as if it's their Christmas Day outfit so we're gonna head into Primark now are you ready I am ready listen I'm at a disadvantage because I've never bought clothes for the girls before anyway it doesn't matter I'm still gonna give it my best and you never know the underdog might win why are you pulling my heart I feel like we should probably also get Sophie something – oh yeah we should definitely get Sophie okay come on let's go shopping to do is Casey in the cows or really from you what size they're okay me and Sarah have split I'm not singing not that way just split up while I go and choose Gracie's outfit I feel a little bit lost in here I don't even think I'm in the right section and though grace likes jumpsuits but I'm not sure it's just gonna like this one this looks very Christmasy oh I thought is a dress it's a t-shirt she does like knitted jumpers I think even though these don't look Christmassy know that grace doesn't really like wearing dresses so I'm thinking if I get these kind of leggings with like the mask Christmasy jumper I feel like she will perfect she likes to be comfortable so I just need to find a jump and it goes with these this might go overnight this is what I'm gonna go for red Christmas he looking jumper and that's only 12 pounds so I'm well within my budget he's watching me steal so go away he's cute our Minnie Mouse I don't think my mouth is really grace anymore I think she's a bit too grown-up for Minnie Mouse although she does like sequins very much here but she does like a playsuit oh that's nice got future like a jumpsuit I'm gonna get her this little bag how much is the place only ten pound target then pound for the jumpsuit six pound for the back if I could find some shoes to go a bit I'm looking at shoes and I found some gold little pumps I really like these and I think she would like them but I don't go with the bags and I've got change of the bag okay so I've got a fine grace some shoes thought like these will probably go well if they've got these in her size that that would go really well these boots are quite nice I'm not sure she's gonna like that bow I think that's the closest thing to anything she's gonna like I've changed the bag I've got a pink backpack zip and when I was out the other day she told me that she actually prefers backpacks okay I'm gonna show you what I've got Sophie weave Sophie it's not necessarily about the outfit looking like it matches it's more about the wow factor I got her this sparkly dress she loves bags so she's gonna like that she likes accessories so I got this headband and in the shoes again the wow factor so they're nice and sparkly and I've got her these tights okay so I just got Sophie really cute blue and white dress it's very scared and the heart goes up and down sequins which she would love and I got these really cute little shoes look at these pom-poms she's going to love these and I've got her a little matching princess headband gold to match the gold heart okay I'm gonna get this bag for grace I've got Casey's outfit and I'm not going to show you what it is because I want it to be a surprise for you guys I've taken a massive massive risk is he we're going to pay off or it's gonna be a complete failure oh my goodness it is busy in here okay so I've got Casey's I got Casey a little black velvet does pop is up and then I got a high-waisted black jeans yeah I know I've gone all black if the outfit is all black we know it came from dad I didn't mean to go for all black bars we're looking around and there's nothing I can put that she would like I've added a bit of color I've got it a yellow belt it's in a bag I got her purse I have some earrings and a necklace and then I don't want her to have these and I bought them for the wind she's been desperate for a pair of stilettos although I did pick these for grace just found these in the women's section is a little bit more grown-up all done got a stuff 50-pound budget actually is quite a lot in Primark like four pack of about five or six hopes one pound fifty hula hoops I'm confident with what I got I'm grace and Sophie case is so hard to buy for like seriously she has hardly any clothes in her wardrobe because she's fussy I'm excited I'm really excited actually I actually really interested to see what I think of why I picked them okay so you just got home but before we forget the sixty second squad shout out goes to mr girls me and mommy have bought you Christmas outfits Oh Christmas outfit like Christmas thanks oh so you have to go and try them on and we're not gonna tell you who bought which one then you have to judge who you think bought the best outfit bag alright this is the one daddy picked daddy picked sparkly dress sparkly shoes Minnie Mouse and a bag blue heart dress we have gold types and tissues what do you want to wear you want to wear daddy's won wow that looks beautiful love Minnie Mouse thank you and what shoes do you want to wear yeah they're nice shoes kind of tight she liked to wear Oh done I'm feeling very smug over here because she picked everything that I chose she's tights dress headband everything I knew should pick that you did good okay grace come in oh wow I like everything in ironies trousers because I don't like you like truck I don't like genius I only like their games and their Christmas Day this is something I would wear Christmas Day okay Casey come in basically first of all you can see on my bra and won't pull our second world to see this would be kind of cute outfit what is the hell like a rustic color the shoes they do like a woman's shoes like why they should have pointed I like the Dean and this is quite cool and the hoop really okay so outfit number two Casey grace go get ready okay she's upstairs trying on the outfit that I bought her and I can literally hear her shouting like what is this so I don't think the risk is gonna pay off Casey come in seriously who actually hates me so if rude outfit I feel it's gonna do what is like no second wall you do know we're sort of sliders okay us lots of sodas all the time sick of all a coca-cola tracksuit Rick are you for real coca-cola it says Christmas I think you're wearing this wrong no it's supposed to go across here yeah that's how people as a wear Bombay now and you are looking Gangstar I think it looks really good on you you actually really do pulled out though you've seen both outfit now go and put on the outfit that you choose to wear and Christmas Day as well but like with the fun bag she actually really pulled that off okay wait okay great you ready come in I like it and it's not a dress is like very jazzy jazzy jazzy oh and you've got a nice backpack go in your room and go and put on the outfit that you most want to wear on Christmas Day what did you graces I think this is the moment of truth they've both gone upstairs who put on their winning outfit for the day so guys while we're waiting for them to come down leave a comment below and let us know whose outfit you would have chose for Casey and for grace okay grace is ready she's behind the door so we're gonna ask her to shout from behind the door who she thinks brought her the outfit we don't know what outfit is that great who do you think bought you that outfit you've got on okay you ready I can't come in and let's see what the winning outfit is that means a point for you for guessing it right and a point for mummy for getting the win an outfit for base so Casey is now behind the door Casey shout who you think got you your outfit mom don't okay come in so that means that Sarah is the winner of the 12 days of Christmas okay so tomorrow is Christmas Eve it's the final countdown for Christmas we will see you tomorrow bye [Applause] you

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