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Patagonia Women’s Down Shirt

Patagonia Women’s Down Shirt

The ultimate in a lightweight, but warm layering
system, the Patagonia Women’s Down Shirt is the perfect piece when you need an extra
touch of warmth. As the name suggests, this is a Down Shirt, so it is meant to be worn
as a shirt in a layering system or as an out-erwear piece in slightly chilly temperatures. If you think about Patagonia’s line of insulated
jackets you have got the Down Shirt, the Down Sweater which is warmer and then the High
Loft Down Jacket which is warmer than that. So this is meant to be worn as a shirt in
a layering system where you can pack it down and be really small and then bring it out
when you need that extra touch of warmth. You have got 600 fill power down. That is
the insulation in these baffles here. It is extremely lightweight, so, as you can see,
it is a very airy jacket. It is very lightweight and that down is 100 percent traceable down
which means the plumes of down can be traced back to birds that were never force fed and
never live plucked. In addition to that, the face fabric here
is 100 percent recycled polyester. So you can feel good knowing that this shirt was
made with those environmentally conscious principles in mind. The shell also has a durable, water repellent
finish. So you are protected a little bit with… from moisture with that down insulation
there and it is just a very lightweight shell mate-rial. It is very minimal, but you do have a full
length zipper, so it is easy on and off. You have always open pockets here in the front
so these are nice for just chilly hands, very minimal design there. So when you are wearing
layers over top of it you don’t have any zippers on those pockets to get in the way.
Just stretchy cuffs down here at the bottom so no ad-justability there and then you have
a nice little collar up here at the top, so if you do need to protect your neck there,
you can certainly do that. This is meant to be worn close to the body,
so I am just wearing a lightweight t-shirt on underneath of it and I am wearing a small
right now, and smalls from Patagonia fit me really well, so it is tight fitting. It is
meant to be worn with maybe a shell over top of it or something like that. But overall
this is just the ultimate in minimal warmth when you need that extra touch of insulation.
It is extremely packable and you can pull it out when you need it. It is the Patagonia Women’s Down Shirt.

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