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Power Support Air Jacket for 9 7″ iPad Pro Review

Power Support Air Jacket for 9 7″ iPad Pro Review

Hey everyone, it’s Colin. How’s it goin’? If you’ve seen some of my previous reviews, you may
know that I like to keep cases on my mobile devices. My tablet is no exception, so this time, we’re gonna take a quick look at
the Power Support Air Jacket for 9.7 inch iPad Pro. [♪ Music – Intro ♪] For those familiar with the Air Jacket
series, this one’ll feel very familiar. Power Support sent me the clear version to check out. One of the goals of this case is to
provide protection that’s thin and light, and the Air Jacket really excels in this regard. It doesn’t really add any noticeable
bulk or weight to the iPad. Yet, at the same time, the case feels solid and sturdy. That’s largely due to the excellent fit that it offers. The dimensions are just right. The iPad fits snug and all of
the cutouts are in the right places. Previous models of the Air Jacket came in two varieties: one with the cutout for the Smart Cover and one without. There’s only one version for
the iPad Pro this time around, and it’s compatible with both
the Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard. The clear version of this case does
a surprisingly good job at resisting scratches, though it does tend to pick up fingerprints
and can occasionally feel slippery. If you’re concerned about grip, it also comes in
a black rubberized finish with a soft matte texture. Something I really like is that Power Support includes
one of its AFP Crystal screen protectors in the box. The film is high quality and reasonably easy to install. Like the case, it does a decent job at resisting scratches, and as you’d expect, it doesn’t interfere
with the operation of the touch screen, including use of the Apple Pencil. So overall, the Air Jacket for iPad Pro
continues in the tradition of its predecessors. Being a thin case, if you’re
really clumsy with your devices, you may wanna look for
one that’s a bit more rugged. But for everyday protection
that doesn’t get in the way, the Air Jacket is a solid option. Big shoutout and thank you to Power Support
for sending an Air Jacket my way to review. I’ll include a link down in
the description if you’re interested. If you like this video, I’d appreciate a thumbs-up
and be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at
thisdoesnotcomp, and as always, thanks for watching.

10 thoughts on “Power Support Air Jacket for 9 7″ iPad Pro Review

  1. I had a screen protector and case for my first smartphone and it made me feel more secure about the health of my device. Now that I'm grown up and can eat food unsupervised I don't need these pieces of junk.

  2. Love your videos man! I don't even have an iPad and still enjoyed the video, I really like the way you make videos. I was wondering if you have something in mind to talk about Vita, did you hear the Henkaku hack to enable homebrew on the Vita and PSTV? Now the whitelist can be modified to run games like Uncharted.

  3. Seems crappy. if it's not rubberized it's pretty much useless against drops. A rubberized case with raised lips can still be thin and way more protective. Also, screen protectors like that are usually thrown in for free because they're obsolete. throw tempered glass on instead and you'll never get back.

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