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Protesters burn LeBron James’ jersey over Hong Kong comments

Protesters burn LeBron James’ jersey over Hong Kong comments

100 thoughts on “Protesters burn LeBron James’ jersey over Hong Kong comments

  1. HK kids protesting for justice, but also on streets burning down public properties, bullying innocent Chinese civilians, yelling racist chants, hating on immigrants – information you don't have access to if you only read and watch English content. News media is the one making the $$$ while the public is split to the extremes in a binary world.

  2. LeBron James
    Show them your emancipation papers you know, the one Lincoln gave us that said we free…lolololol
    Did you hear what they said about you they said if you wasn't blessed with that Talent they wouldn't even know who you were…lolololol
    And that are so privileged you never had a parking ticket…lolololol
    And so you make one mistake for that franchise and now they want to take your emancipation paper away, you know the one Lincoln gave us that said we free…lolololol

  3. The school thing was bull. Hey let me put my name on it pay a few million and force the tax payers to pay for it without their knowledge. It's a public school not a private school. Plus those scholarships weren't as accurate as possible. It's all bull crap just so he can write it off on his taxes.

  4. let's face it, if you're in class with LeBron James, his is the last test paper anyone would want to cheat off. So nobody should be shocked to hear incoherent BS when he opens his grocery hole.

  5. I respect the charity causes that LeBron supports, but does this earn him the right to use his freedom of speech to slam dunk on others using his personal opinion to attack whoever he wants? Is LeBron's freedom of speech more important than other people's freedom of speech? Is King James protecting his own court?


  7. Shame on you FOX, shame on you Josh Hawley especially you Josh Hawley since you were just in Hong Kong. People in Hong Kong are in the street risking their lives to burn down subway, risking their lives to block the street, terrorize citizens trying to have a normal life, risking their lives to attack police!

  8. Uh No, LeBron is not building a school in Akron, the taxpayers are. All he did was donate a little money and they put his name on it.

  9. See that's why you'll fall from their Grace seems so heavy, because they consider you to be there hero…
    But because you have done something bad they must chastise you by showing you that you are still black…lolololol
    I just want you to remember that you contract is no better than the Emancipation paper that Lincoln gave us, you know the one that says we free….lolololol

  10. All Lebrat cares about is his money and his new movie "SPACE JAM2"! At the end of the day, he needs China to promote his movie so he can make his millions off of them, only to turn a blind eye as China continues its dictatorship against human rights and those who oppose them. If he had a spine he would have called China out as the ruthless thugs the truly are by keeping over 1 million refuge muslims in concentration camps!! China, including Nike and Adidas are only trying to suppress those who oppose them.

  11. I could give two sh-ts about the NBA or what any of the players. The whole league should move to china they hate the United states and the people any way I would like to see how they would fare any way. All they care about is the money $$$$ to hell with the people who are suffering The Big money players need to get paid.

  12. LeBron is as dumb as a rock. Lord help any kid who looks to him for life guidance or wastes their or their parent's money on way-overpriced sneakers. There are way, way, way better individuals to look to for life inspiration and guidance. If one desires personal wealth, not buying Nikes is a step one can take.

  13. Fox fake news. I am a HK citizen. You should take your own advice. Go to HK talk to the silent individuals and business most people are against the rioters, but when the silent majority spoke up they are bashed. Maybe you should go to HK ask protester to stop beating up on elderly, girls and even attack police with weapons. Maybe you should go to HK stop them from destroying the train system and shops.

    If your country is so good. We dare you to send your police force to the frontline of the riot dressed in HK police uniform and with HK police salary see what they will do, with your strictly no violence policy in US.

    In US you guys would have shot them for beating up police with steel pipes, wrenches and hammer. You rats. There are many videos out there on those rioters destroying HK what have you done about pointing out their wrong doing.

    Do you even know what is happening. You talk about Lebrone James not knowing what is happening but do you? Maybe LeBrone James do know more than you from where I stand. You criticize him for not knowing. So what the situation is like in HK. In your whole clip you made no mention of what they are even fighting for. Fox is a joke.

  14. Dumbo Lebron's James a true idiot he should stick to playing basketball…… he puts down our president of the greatest country in the world this country has given Lebron's is wealth and freedom and he craps on our country and our president….. He should move to China I lived in China it's a communist regime look what they did to Lebron's they shut him up quickly… Go to hell Lebron ……. go Donald Trump

  15. One thing u dont know we chinese call ur american cities as big villages.cause u guys are so backwards and lagging behind the times.u guys still know nothing and been brainwashed by ur biased media. So backwards.

  16. I want to know what point these losers be trying to prove, when they burn jersey's…the Athletes dont care, because the jerseys have already been paid for..and they will still be rich.


  18. Heres why I WOULD have cared what lebron had to say:

    Whether we like it or not, he is in the spotlight and people are watching.
    Not only is he super famous, he is also a major representative of the NBA and is by default at the center of the leagues attention.
    As an AMERICAN who is directly involved with the same organization that is dealing with the tensions with china, what he COULD have said WOULD have had a MAJOR impact on the chinese; both protestors and government.
    Had he decided to put money and personal interest aside, that COULD have been historic for human civil liberties. It would and could have shown china that they have no hold on us and that we as a nation support the freedom that their people deserve. Because lebron decided not to take a stand, because the NBA has not decided to take a stand, China now knows how to keep its biggest threat subdued, and the people of Hong Kong are left feeling abandoned by even thise who SHOULD be standing with them. I hope they find freedom, but I guess I hold a different opinion than supreme leader lebron. As a laker fan, I couldnt be more disapointed. America needs to restore its identity as the prime example of a structured, powerful, and free nation. Thanks for screwing it all up socialists…

  19. Lebron better watch out before he loses his Nike endorsement. That’s gonna put money in his pocket long after he retires. Learn a thing or two from ab lebron keep quiet.

  20. One of the biggest issues in the U.S. is that sports stars and Hollywood stars are idolized like Gods. It is absolutely disgusting that most college students have no idea our Forefathers were or what they did for this great Nation but they can name every Kardashian or name the entire lineup of Miami Heat and recite their college stats and where they went to highschool. And as a matter of fact….a lot of them are speaking out AGAINST our TRUE American heroes. It is absolutely disgusting.

  21. The fear is that China will reinforce their views on the people. China will not become democracy and most intelligent people acknowledges that. Once the 50 year agreement is over it will be just like China.

  22. The reason we talk about celebraties comments is because if the influence they have in masses of those that look up to them

  23. Maybe Lebron saw the chaos those riots caused to ordinary people! Take a look at those people burn his jersey, can you imagine you. Once a different opinion than those “protesters” on Hong Kong street, you will probably get burned in person! That is not the freedom or democracy!

  24. So lemme get this straight, when it's our Kurdish allies fighting against ISIS, a Syrian dictator, and a Russian dictator, Republicans are all like "not our problem".

    But when Hong Kong, a city in China, is protesting against China, y'all just can't wait to jump in? C'mon now, don't be so obviously hypocritical, at least TRY and stick to the same script.

  25. What makes you American think you can impose your standard into other country domestic issues? Hong Kong is not another Syria nor Iraq, you neocunts picked the wrong fight. I stand for LeBron! Save the Kurds ! Disgusting americunts !

  26. If Hong Kong is to blowup and get wipe out back to the fish villages by China, still non of your American business. Hypocrites!

  27. The life of the professional athlete is marred with controversy at times… here's a few names… lance Armstrong, mike Phelps, kobe Bryant, aron Hernandez, lyle allzado,tiger woods, i could keep going but what's the point

  28. The Hongkongers have all the "basic liberties" there are. They just do not get to choose not to be part of China. And being part of China, there is a line not to be crossed. The protesters are very free, free to throw petrol bombs and do rioters in UK and the US cannot dream of doing for more than a few days.

  29. I wish republicans cared about the corruption that's going on in a White House likely do what lebron James says on Twitter

  30. lesbrons 8th grade brain isnt equipped for taking a stand or criticizing morey and the people of hong kong. hes a racist

  31. fox the right wing sjw. people can have different opinions. lebron is brave to expess his opinion in a country with no freedom of speech.

  32. I love when a bunch of white men/woman, talk down about a black man…… I wanna hear what Lebron got to say point blank

  33. Lebron and his people are the same group trying to silence everyone in the USA. MSM, Big Corporations, Soros, Nike etc… So why are we even surprised at what this communist liberal is saying?

  34. I wish Americans who are speaking against the Chinese government would do the same with Saudi Arabia government. But I guess a loyal dog never barks at it's own master.

  35. It’s not that we care what he says it’s about his hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of the NBA.. that’s what pisses people off! We’ve sat back and let NBA players and coaches blast our President repeatedly… talk about black lives matter, I can’t breathe etc etc.. yes we are going to call him out!

  36. Remember when LeBron James pulled a Jussie Smellyette fake hate crime and claimed someone painted racial slurs on his mansions gate? Gated community, video security everywhere yet no one seen a anything? No pictures of the racial slurs or vandalism? Claims it was quickly painted over. Then speaks to the press about being a "victim"…

  37. LISTEN to what Lebron has been saying about other issues. He actually knows so little, He's just using his celebrity status to talk about things he should have kept to himself instead.

  38. When Morey speak about politics: Defend his speech of freedom!
    When Lebron speak about it: Sports stay away from politics.
    How hypocritical you guys are!

  39. Funny how those who support HK protests were the same ones angry about Colin Kaepernick's peaceful protest, and now angry at LeBron for not automatically demonizing China. I'm sure if you all knew and understood the Chinese POV, most of you would support China on this issue.

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