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Pullover crochet pattern – Узор крючком для пуловера

Pullover crochet pattern – Узор крючком для пуловера

I am glad to welcome everyone to my
channel today we will knit a pattern for pullover
the pattern is simple easy to fit quickly and easy
here we will learn how to add strings change color anyone interested stay
with me so we start pattern rapport 4 loops into two types for example we will type
10 air loops 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 let’s get 20 eleven
twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen
eighteen nineteen twenty scored now one air and we knit this row in columns without
nakida and but I knit a row with single crochet
now take another thread change color now we take stretch this thread we
we will drag it all over with knitting and and hide knit we knit 2 columns with
double crochet 1 2 air pass 1 column below then we knit 3 columns 123 knitted inside out front 1 air
hold the thread one loop 1 skip the column knit 3 columns with
yarn 1 2 3 1 aerial skip 1 column at the bottom and knit three more
double crochet 2 3 1 aerial skip one column and knit
last three double crochet 2 3 tighten the blue dove
contrasting color we knitted here first row according to the scheme
this is our wrong side and this is the front now we change the thread knit 3 air
lifting loop contrast thread we will now stretch the white thread
pull the length of knitting work with arches we had one between the three columns
air loop we go into this arch knit SC 1
airy and in the same arch column without double crochet so on two aerial thread
pull the pattern go next an arch between three columns and knit
tighten the same SC thread 1 single crochet
knitted two airy strings now we apply knitting
next crochet single crochet 1 single crochet 2 aerial
We go in the next arch column without single crochet 1
air and in the third lift loop we knit a single crochet we
you tied the second row change the thread 123
turn over the work now pull the blue thread but you can
crop of course three aerial now y us in this first arch which we two we knit 2 double crochet 1 2 1
pull the air string over the next group we have these three
column a couple and knit 3 columns with
double crochet 1 2 2 3 1 aerial go to the next group here
where a couple 2 3 1 aerial
go to the next little arch where to the floor
3 at the end of the row we go into the arch
1 aerial go in a couple at the end of lead and knit three double crochets 1 2 3 this is the wrong side of the thread 123 flip and knit
apply white to contrast and in a different color we knit the second row
we go in PM between three we knit the columns without
double crochet 2 air find the next little arch
single crochet SC 2 air drop in
following next crochet
single crochet 2 aerial We go in the next arch column without
nakida 1 aerial single crochet one aerial and at the end of the row a third
we change the loop of lifting the column of impunity a thread
a model that can be connected with this I will leave a pattern under the video
thanks for watching my video before end like share your friends in
groups and social networks as well subscribe to all my link groups
are in the description below the video for now until

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