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Quit RUINING Suede Shoes Jackets & Boots | ULTIMATE Guide To Cleaning Suede Leather

Quit RUINING Suede Shoes Jackets & Boots | ULTIMATE Guide To Cleaning Suede Leather

Quit RUINING Suede Shoes Jackets & Boots ULTIMATE
Guide To Cleaning Suede Leather [0:00:00]
Suede is an awesome for boots, jackets, and belts. However, men are afraid to wear this great
material because they aren’t sure how to take care of it. Now, you do want to be careful not to wear
suede in heavy rain because of its porous nature. However, do not be afraid to bring this into
your wardrobe. Suede, because of its texture because of its
look is going to be one of those fabrics when you bring it in, it’s just going to get
you so many compliments. So, in today’s video, we’re going to cover
everything you need to know about caring for suede. The best way to keep suede clean and looking
great is to brush it after heavy use. There are three tools you can use to clean
and brush your suede. The first tool is a suede wire brush. You use this tool for very short suede. The bristles are very effective at getting
deep into the fibers to clean out dirt and dust. Use quick light strokes, but be careful not
to push too hard or you could damage the suede. The crepe brush is another great tool and
it’s softer than a wire bristle brush. It doesn’t clean quite as deep, but it’s
gentler on the suede and is less likely to cause damage. Finally, you have the eraser block which works
very well at removing marks and stains. Like the crepe brush, the suede block won’t
damage the suede if you get a bit rough with it. In a pinch, you could also use a standard
pencil eraser for stains if you don’t have a suede eraser. Now, when you’re cleaning or removing stains,
you can brush back and forth when working on a tough spot of dirt or scuff. But, to finish, we’re talking the final
go around, you want that final pass to go in one direction so the nap is laying in the
same direction across the whole shoe or jacket. Now, if the nap is looking very tired, flat
all over guys, don’t be afraid to use a little bit of steam and a good brush to bring
it back to life. Unlike normal leather, you never want to use
conditioners or polishes on your suede items as it’s going to disrupt the fibers. Now, let’s discuss how to deal with certain
types of suede stains. If you spill water on your suede, dab it with
paper towel to absorb it and pull the water off. Then, you’re just simply going to let it
dry. If you get water stains on your suede boots,
well, guys, we’re actually going to use water to get rid of the water stains. What you want to do is carefully apply a thin
layer of water to the entire boot. Next, put cedar shoe trees in the boot to
absorb moisture and let it sit until dry. Do not put it next to a heating source. So, don’t put it next to a fire, don’t
put it next to a heater. Give it a quick brushing when it’s completely
dry and the stain will be gone. For other types of liquid stains, you want
to dab the liquid with a paper towel to remove as much of it as possible, then apply cornstarch
or talcum powder. Let it sit overnight, then use the suede brush
to remove the dried powder. Never brush a wet stain, this will only spread
it and make it worse. Now, if there’s a particular stain that
you can’t get rid of, take your suede boots your suede shoes to a cobbler or your jacket
to a drycleaner that specializes in leather to have it professionally clean. Understand guys that rain, snow, and salt
can damage any type of leather and it will damage suede over time. The best thing you can do for your suede gear,
gentlemen, is to treat it with a spray that is made specifically for suede that will help
it to resist water damage and will repel dirt and dust and anything else that it comes in
contact with. What you’re looking for is a silicone-based
spray in a neutral color. Now, guys, you want to test it on a small
patch of the suede before going over the entire item. Now, understand that some darkening is natural
and what you’re looking for is it if it darkens, it doesn’t return to its lighter
color once it’s dried. If we’re good to go here, you want to spray
in a well ventilated area evenly over the entire item. Be careful not to over saturate it. Once you’re done spraying, you can give
one final quick brush in a single direction to make sure the nap is lined nicely and then,
you want to let it dry for about twenty-four hours. The trick here is to apply the waterproof
silicone-based spray when you need it. Now, when that is depends on how you wear
the garment. I would say for a jacket, once every two months,
but for shoes that you wear almost every day, probably at least once a week. There you have it, gentlemen, armed with this
knowledge you can confidently wear suede knowing that you have the skills to keep it looking
its best. For a more in-depth look at caring for suede
especially on how to deal with different types of stains, read the support article at RealMenRealStyle.com. [Music]
[0:04:52] End of Audio

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  1. How do you clean your suede products?

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    Video Summary:

    0:32 – Cleaning Suede
    0:41 – Brass Wire Brush
    5:57 – Crepe Brush
    1:06 – Suede Eraser
    1:55 – Treating Stains

  2. What can i do if my shoes got damage from the rain there are just wrinkles in the by the toe can i do anything about it?

  3. and it just doesn't rip
    it lasted 3 months until a small rip on my skateboarding shoes where as they usualy last 1 month
    DC supersuede is amazing

  4. Protectant is the key. Apply in at least 3 LIGHT applications before first wearing, reapply frequently. The cheapest silicone protectant spray is as good as the most expensive.
    Make sure you don't get grease, oil, wax or fat on suede. The stains from those probably will not come out.

  5. Nice video! 😉 Can you please explain how to clean them from the inside if they smell? Is baking soda the only option or can you wash them…? Thanks!

  6. Take it to a cobbler? I came here for a restoration of abused suede boots. Maybe I was expecting too much. I’ll continue to search.

  7. Well… wish I watched this before treating my suede Chelsea Boots…

    Is it okay to wear the boots if they haven’t been drying for 24hours? I have a party in about 4 hours and didn’t know that o needed to dry them for 24hours.

  8. Learned a tough lesson yesterday. I did everything I SHOULDN'T have done with my Air Force 1 Wheat suede shoes. I soaked the oil/grease stain, blow dried it with hot air, brushed it hard with a toothbrush, and made the stain 4 times bigger than it originally was. I was naive and ruined a nice looking pair of shoes. I took them to a cobbler who responded by saying, "Your shoes can't be cleaned. The suede is pretty much dyed black at this point. Take some sandpaper to at least remove some of the color." I don't know where I'm going with this, but I feel like I just had to put this out in case any other people have had the same experience of ruining their shoes.

    Edit: Sandpaper does work, but you must use a fine grit (1200+) and know which way to sand.

  9. Antonio please help me on this one. I sprayed a water proofing spray on my suede. I know some darkening is normal but it dosen't turn back to normal color now its dried. What should I do?

  10. I love the look of suede, but I don't think it's practical enough for me. I live in Sweden and it rains or snows almost all the time. So I prefer going with a material that is more water ressistant. But maybe I'll get a pair for the summer 🙂

  11. What about Oiled Nubuck Leather? (Like the ones found in Palladium Boots or Birkenstock) Do you need (or can you) you leather conditioner like leather honey?

  12. I never clean my suede jacket or shoes becuase i tend to buy a new ones often. So i just donate or throw the items out and get new ones. Once they get badly stained or to the point where i get bored of them. But intersting video.

  13. If your shoes or boots have lugged soles, spray them liberally with Scotch Guard or silicone spray. Mud and snow will release easily.

    A large gummy art eraser works far better than a pencil’s.

  14. Good video bro, but it reminds me that I will never own suade. I want my clothing to work for me and not me for it.

  15. Antonio, mate I love you, but as a cobbler and owner of a shoe store I would not recommend this video to my customers.you say a few things that indeed are true but a lot is wrong and even damaging to the leather in the long run. but on the other great that you are trying to make people wear suede. but do not worry it's even easier to take care of suede now days you think with the right products and almost every proper shoe shop should have them in stock, at least here in europe.

    I just wanted to put this out there and keep up the good work

  16. I’ve got water and oil stain on my “waterproof” suede boot and it’s darkening. If I have to brush and powder the boots every time I take it out in the rain, it is not worth my time. It is just too much maintenance. Sorry.

  17. i have a suede hat and it is starting to have a weird smell. any tips on how i can get rid of the odor? i was thinking of hand washing it while using detergent and warm water.

  18. Hey Antonio, I'm considering purchasing a pair of waxed suede monk straps. Any ideas and how I can take care of those?

    Thanks, loving your content!

  19. I got like a slide mark on my suede jacket where the little hairs got kinda pressed. Brushes don't help 🙁

  20. Dark spots on my suede shoes from riding my Harley and changing gears…Will this work on black spots?…

  21. Thank you. I got a nice pair for my 18th birthday and its lasted me nicely for years. Now I know how to properly care for them to last me even longer.

  22. I sometimes like suede; suede is suede, but I hate nubuck: Nubuck is impossible to clean properly and once the leather dries out, it's fxxked, you can't nourish nubuck like you can with regular leather. I suspect that's why I'm seeing so many cheaper shoes now being made of nubuck; the manufacturers and retailers know that it's going to wear out fast and the customer won't be able to restore it.

  23. suede products, which require you to re-up the purchase of protectants , end up being a really costly fashion statement that isn't all that worth it to me.

  24. Best suede protection.
    When u buy the shoe. Buy a suede protection spray and apply it before wearing them.
    U dont need any fancy equipments .
    Just a regular toothbrush and an eraser.
    Always brush ur shoes very lightly after wearing them for keeping them clean.

  25. Check this brand out i ran across on amazon top 3 “Combat Cleaner” 🤾🏿‍♀️🤺 for your ultimate shoe cleaner needs 👟 . Now offering three types of kit for your needs
    From a regular kit, to a travel kit , to a more low price kit then the first two kit but all in all they are greats prices .
    Check them out !!
    First kit


    Second kit


    The third kit less expensive kit

  26. Long shot, but was wondering if you could help me out, so i dropped a few drops of hot wax by accident on my suede shoes and yeah, it left some pretty terrible marks on it, is there any way i can remove them, fix it or just sort of make it a bit less noticeable so i can wear the shoes? To anyone out there with a good suggestion, thank you in advance!

  27. Compliments looking for outward affirmation pretentious I click on to see what's new and interesting and this cat voice is familiar the one with the mouth shaping like a speech therapist

  28. Man I have these suade retro 12s…. I BARELY BARELY BARELYYYYY WEAR IT…. everytime I wear it, it starts raining man and my shoes get wet. At this point I feel like I don’t care anymore,

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