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Red Jacket Tamil Short Film HD

Red Jacket Tamil Short Film HD

Welcome Gaja I have been waiting for you Have you got the consignment Any doubts? There is no such consignment, that misses Gaja There is no doubt about that Right from your gambling days, I have seen your expertise and recruited you You had been earning in 100s Now look at you dealing in millions You are very successful This success does not suffice I need to be more successful Don’t be in a haste The way you are making progress Looks like you will replace me I am not dead yet I couldn’t wait for 9 months in my Mom’s womb Now I can’t wait till you die Gaja, this is betrayal Betrayal? Just think about the past I just followed what you did to rise to the power Its time for me to wear this Red Jacket Gaja I’ll be back Vetri Can you kill him? He is very powerful now Reddy, I don’t care how powerful he is He is living the life of my father The Red Jacket he wears should belong to me This happened 20 years ago. Revenge need not involve killing him Our business is doing well. Lets beat him in the business What happens to my father’s dream The pain I bore for 20 years Should I forget all of these My father was world to me After he died I was lost like a kite without a string I was hungry I did small thefts Spent years in juvenile prison for 10 years Every day I spent there increased my hunger for revenge I had vowed to kill Gaja and restore my father’s dream You had told this to me several times Your father’s power was limited to a small area Gaja is the don of this city Very soon he will enter politics and become a minister You need to give up your revenge No! I can’t give up Why do you want to kill him by yourself Why don’t you hire some assasin you had met someone last week right? You mean Ghost? I did meet him What do you want? I want you to kill Gaja This payment is too less Finish the work and you will get more Here is the location details This is very important to me Will you be able to complete it? After I commit, its not your work anymore, its mine Why are you called Ghost? You might be able to track down a real Ghost, but not me After that, he is absconding He has eloped with the money How many times will you fail? Give this up No! I can’t give up I had been trusting others to do this for me I will kill him myself You are taking a huge risk today If you fail… Both of us won’t live to see another day Are you afraid? Fear huh? Have you forgotten the past Fear is different from caution I am asking you to be cautious I am stepping inside a lion’s den I am not sure if I would come back alive Before I leave… I am grateful to all the help you provided Don’t thank me too soon I haven’t done anything great Today’s help is very significant Above everything Lets walk through the plan once more I have setup a meeting with Gaja We are meeting him to sell our drugs to him Will he meet? Definitely, the value is 200 million rupees His drugs got raided recently. He needs it now Will he believe me? No he won’t Thats why you should carry a sample and the drugs container number in shipping yard He has men in yard. He will confirm with them Then he would believe you Ok I will leave now I will drop you. Don’t carry any weapons His men would get doubts I have a mole in his gang He would have placed a gun for you under the table I will kill Gaja at an opportune moment Hey, Are you new to this city? No, I belong here I had been out for few years Will you join us for a card game Yes Welcome Vetri Don’t be afraid My aim is perfect You look familiar You are a very famous man I am surprised that I look familiar to you I don’t forget two kinds of people One. Dogs that are grateful to me Two. Wolves who are out to kill me I am neither a dog nor a wolf Just a businessman I know I have men at the shipping yard Do you know something? In a game of cards You are valued only till you keep your cards concealed I can kill you now Get hold of the container Definitely you can You are not a fool to kill the goose that lays golden eggs I like you We both carry the same attitude Well, I am at the right place then Vetri, I don’t like competition Me too I am not here to compete lets do business together I can beat anyone who competes face to face with me But I am always cautious of backstabbers You don’t seem to trust me I trust no one In the past few days someone is trying to kill me I have a feeling that my enemy is here right now Is this him? I will kill him now You! Sit down now Not so soon Men can lie to me These cards have never lied to me I am going to find the wolf in the crowd using my cards Who is the joker here? I am going to shuffle these cards Each one of you take one card One who gets the joker is the wolf It’s a 9 Hey See what he has got Here is the Joker But… You don’t have the joker card now Who holds it now? How dare you? You had tipped off the customs about my drugs You had been a mole in my gang F**k you ♪ Deep inside a lion’s fort ♪ ♪ A wolf performs its hunt ♪ ♪ The rules have changed ♪ ♪ A revenge is fulfilled ♪ ♪ The thirst for revenge is about to be quenched ♪ ♪ The hunt begins ♪ Do you remember? Gaja I’ll be back Its been 20 years! The scores are even So that you know Your man betrayed us He did not load the gun I would have died He was not capable He couldn’t finish the job I gave him. So what? The job he has missed I will finish it myself You were right There is a sense of pleasure to take revenge by myself I never thought of taking revenge for my father’s death But your desire lit the fire of revenge inside me How do I Identify Gaja? Simple. The one who is wearing the Red Jacket is Gaja ♪ Blood freezes, War ends ♪ ♪ The hunger for revenge lives on in the graveyard ♪ ♪ The hunger for revenge ♪ ♪ Preys upon the one who is hungry as well ♪ ♪ An endless drama ♪ ♪ Its a Labyrinth called revenge ♪ Subtitles by: Gani, K.V. Raja Saravanan

5 thoughts on “Red Jacket Tamil Short Film HD

  1. Good one with a message to the society that revenge motif always ends in disaster…… Awesome performance by Kowshik in dual role as Vetri n his father

  2. Congrats team 'Red Jacket',
    Glad to inform, your film is featured today on our page. Welcome to our content-creators network.
    Hope you will LIKE it.
    Best wishes – team 'Shubha Media'

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