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ROASTING Red Velvet’s ‘ZIMZALABIM’ Outfits, link to 2nd Generation KPOP?

ROASTING Red Velvet’s ‘ZIMZALABIM’ Outfits, link to 2nd Generation KPOP?

Hi, Welcome! In today’s video I’m going to be roasting Red Velvet’s ‘Zimzalabim’ outfits and you know what guys? It’s that time in
the video where I give a quick disclaimer: KPOP idols are not their outfits, if I don’t like an outfit, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the idol
themselves and style is super subjective. You might
think Wendy’s poofy shirts are disgusting, and I might secretly really really like them. I don’t know… I’m not trying to start any rumours or
anything! so the first set of outfits we’re going to go through are one of their Music Bank performances every member has fringe on their outfits
except for Wendy Irene, even though her shirt is not fringe itself, her pants have fringe at the bottom which is really cute but her shirt at least has a flow to it, whereas Wendy’s outfit seems a bit stagnant however I think Wendy’s
outfit makes up for it with the colors and the layers because that kind of
makes it a little bit extra, you know what I mean? and I think if there was
fringe on that, it would be borderline too much there’s definitely this trend
going on in kpop of these extra outfits and it’s kind of reminiscent of old
school kpop where the outfits were super colourful where there were so many
accessories and then sometime in kpop things started to get a little a little
boring not gonna lie the accessories were less, outfits started to be a bit
more normal. I feel like we’re kind of going back to that, going back to layers, going back to colors going back to accessories accessories and I think it’s really good
but it’s so easy to overdo it I know I mentioned Somi in all of these videos
but I think her styling is just a perfect example of where it’s taking a step too far, where there’s just maybe one too many accessories one too many
layers where it just kind of doesn’t really fit anymore and doesn’t look
aesthetically pleasing in my opinion moving on to the next set of outfits
this is one of their Inkigayo performances performances so here again we see the
perfect amount of accessories I want to point out Yeri’s outfit because it really
reminds me of Jisoo’s outfit in one of their ‘Kill This Love’ performances so I
definitely prefer Yeri’s outfit because it doesn’t have that poofiness and I
think that poofiness kind of makes the outfit cross that border into cheesiness
into ‘too many layers’, into too much if that makes any sense
and also a really cute detail is that she has shoes of different colors so
one is bright neon green and the other is bright neon pink and for some
reason this really makes me think back to old-school kpop back to 2008 back to
2009 I can’t think off the top of my head of an example of this happening but
I feel like I feel what I did that in middle school, I don’t know! it’s- I like
it. Another outfit I want to point out is Seulgi’s outfit because, just a fun
fact, it seems to be the same fringe as Somi’s outfit in her ‘birthday’
performance and the ‘birthday’ music video Joy’s outfit as well it’s kind of like
borderline too much but somehow it does not cross that border but the thing is
when all the members are wearing really ‘out there’ outfits, outfits that are
really in your face it’s very cohesive because all of them
are fitting the same theme. Now for Wendy this is probably Wendy’s most hated
outfit by fans because in all the comments of my videos I’m seeing a lot
of people complaining about this outfit I actually like this outfit, I don’t know!
I think it’s fun, I think it’s flowy, I think it’s reminiscent of parrots… I
don’t know… that’s definitely the color of a green napped rainbow lorikeet! so now we’ll move on to another Inkigayo performance I think a few of the outfits
missed the mark in this performance simply because my pet peeve is when
people wear brand-name outfits on stage and then they have to cover the brand
name with tape. I think it looks ridiculous and I think it’s just a flex
at this point, it’s just a flex! you know that your tape looks dumb and you know
that people can still tell what brand it is regardless of the tape, so it’s just a
straight up flex and I don’t like it Wendy’s dress it says ”vêtements” in French which means clothing but like the ‘ve’ or ‘ts’ at the end is covered with tape, she just has a bunch of tape all over her top it doesn’t look like
anything from far, you think it’s just a normal pattern top but then when you get
closer you realized she just has little pieces of tape literally covering every
single logo on her dress, it looks like not my cup of tea!
Wendy’s outfit, aside from the tape is still not my favorite cuz her outfit
seems so stagnant again, it’s very reminiscent of the first outfit she had in
this video. As for a performance outfit, it’s not my favorite cuz it doesn’t
really flow, but that’s just my opinion compilation of me saying ‘that’s just my
opinion’ so 10 year olds don’t come for me I don’t care anymore!
it looks like ‘not my cup of tea’ okay! now we’re gonna move on to a music core performance.
These outfits to me are reminiscent of the 70s, now obviously I don’t really
know anything about the 70s. So for this one, I really want to point out Joy’s
outfit I think it’s really clever to have like a dress and then one sleeve
from a different outfit, I like that look I think it’s really nice and it adds
texture and it adds like a point of interest to her outfits but Seulgi and
Yeri’s skirts are not my favorite, I think what saves them is the fact that they’re
kind of like peekaboo skirts you can kind of see through them and they’re
slits in them so it’s more interesting to look at. Wendy’s outfit is actually
super cute – I think it’s nice and flowy and Irene’s outfit is nice as well. I
really like a lot of these outfits except for you know, Seulgi and Yeri. But the rest of the outfits are super nice moving on to another Music Core
performance, I feel like this is where they really really really missed
the mark because these outfits seem very safe for them, they’re still very out
there in my opinion but for Red Velvet it seems safe to me. This white dress
with pink tulle is very reminiscent of Somi’s outfits and we already know how I
feel about Somi’s outfits! I hate this dress, I hate it so much I think this is
one of the worst outfits out of every single one of their performances for ‘Zimzalabim’ that’s my personal opinion there’s something about this dress that
rubs me the wrong way and I don’t like it and I know it’s expensive, I think
it’s like Balmain or like I don’t even – Balanciaga? I did say that I liked
Wendy’s shirts when they’re like the poofy feathered ones, but I do not appreciate
the fact that they made her perform in jeans that seems very illogical to me so
Seulgi’s wearing jeans too but her jeans seem different, they seem like a
different material, they don’t seem like very obviously jeans
and of course she has one leg cut out so that’s already a bit better! But Wendy’s
wearing Jean jeans, you know what I mean? and that just- that seems wrong, that
seems wrong on so many levels to make someone wear jean jeans on a performance,
where you’re likely gonna sweat a lot moving on to a music bank performance
Joy’s outfit is my favorite she’s wearing like this black leather dress
with green fringe and then a green sleeve, she’s using like a random sleeve
from a different shirt on this dress – maybe the dress is made like that I don’t know I feel like it’s a DIY job but it looks like a good DIY job you
know what I mean? and Wendy has graduated from wearing her
feather thing as a shirt to wearing it as a skirt and I still like it! I think I’m
always gonna like it because it’s nice, it’s flowy and it’s fun even her sleeves too
she is wearing these cut up sleeves and they add just like this
texture this volume this movement and I think it’s really nice. The other outfits
are very simple very classy in my opinion and of course I really love the
fringe as well okay everyone that is it for this video
I hope you enjoyed! Leave down in the comments below what your favorite outfit
was out of all of the ones we saw in this video! if you like me, if you like my
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is *mind blown* like I’ll announce it soon at 50 K I’m gonna do something really dumb yeah
you can also follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my vlog channel I will see
you guys next time bye

97 thoughts on “ROASTING Red Velvet’s ‘ZIMZALABIM’ Outfits, link to 2nd Generation KPOP?


  2. Wendys outfit is so cute💜I think their stylist is doing a really good job i get the outfit are "ugly to wear" but thats the reason it not like they are walking on street with those outfit their outfits are uniqe and people hating that is just so weird like what do you expect? Some jeans and a tshirt??

  3. Personally I didn’t like almost any zimzalabim outfits. Maybe cause I didn’t like the old kpop looks? (I like some of the music tho no hate).

  4. I don't mind Wendy's fluffy shirts but my problem is, with the green one, they only put it on the front of the shirt so it kinda seems like they just slapped some Sesame Street fur on the front of the shirt.

  5. I do think that kpop is going through that "2nd generation" trend again not only through their outfits but through their sound as well! a lot of the recent releases have reminded me of past hits

  6. 3:29
    am I the only one that thinks selgui looks like a lifeguard here 😂
    the purple dad shorts, fanny pack and red top are just such a weird combination to wear on stage?

  7. When I saw Wendy wearing that green thing in the MV srsly I was like is she wearing a pompom tin can whAT IS THIS

  8. Wendy's outfit (with the bag) looks like garbage, her body looks too boxy.
    But I like the rest of the cloth, Jisoo's and Somi's too

  9. OMG that tape thing is so stupid!!! I hate it so much!😂 like what's the point u can tell what brand they're wearing but yea yea I get it.. u can't have brand names on broadcast but c'mon. Korea should change this rule cuz it's getting ridiculous at this point

  10. Non dress related but tbh, I cringe on how Wendy dances. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Reveluv since their debut but yea, i don’t like how she dances.

  11. This isn’t even the first time someone’s worn an ostrich. Irene wore something similar in an rbb performance. HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO OUR FAVES HAVE TO SUFFER BEFORE THE STYLISTS LEARN

  12. Can someone explain the tape on brand names cause I can't really explain it properly. All I know is that they are not really hiding the names but only shows that they are not aiming for any copyright violation or they don't own the products or they don't have the right to use it so they covered it with tape so they don't get sued?

  13. In my personal opinion (no one asked for) I don’t like the style direction RV is going. I seriously, with the passion of Christ want to slap the stylist( if they can call themselves that). The whole concept reminds me of going to a buffet and filling up my first plate with food, then I realizing I went overboard.

  14. Tbh I like pretty much all of the Zimzalabim outfits! I think the stylists must be having so much fun picking and matching all these crazy clothes for the girls – and I totally agree, it's like a throwback to 2nd gen!
    4:47 is my favourite set of outfits on the girls ^^

  15. People be complaining about their outfits and how they look cheap but they don’t realise how expensive each piece of clothing is particularly Wendy’s feathered clothing 😂 Like you said style is subjective and people may not agree with it so I’d like to see them try style someone and receive hate

  16. Your voice is litreally pretty😍, like something I can hear to one hour on loop!😂

  17. For me, I don’t mind if there is a bunch of layers, accessories, weird embellishments, that sort of style. But I think if you do have outfits like that the group has to at least match in some way: color. These outfits would be fine to me if there was some sort of color theme but most of the time they don’t look cohesive at all because everyone is wearing different colors, or clashing shades of the same colors. Idk if this made sense lol.

  18. Y'all… If there are ReAl UnDerStanDinG ReD vElVEt fAns you would know that "Zimzalabim" would be a meaning for unique

  19. Unpopular opinion:
    I like Somi's and Red Velvet's outfits.

    JK JK I love them somehow(?) Yeah ok I am weird but I don't care🤣❤

  20. A lot of these outfits look like shit. My favorite was the joys sleeve dress and seulgis (i guess it was her) half jeans half high boots

  21. right their outfits fit really those outfits of 2nd gen but the thing is that even its ugly (especially for Wendy) the concept is based on old school kpop. Like zimzalabim was produced 6 years ago ! that’s why the song give a snsd f(x) shinee vibe.
    Even those outfits are fucking ugly I really love the weirdness and the uniqueness of the styling. It kinda make red velvet more original and unique.

  22. Wendy's outfit (the poofy green one) is BOMB but honey, I prefer shorts than pants cuz it's looks freaking weird. Not to short than you can see to much of her bum.

  23. I feel like id like the outfits more of the colors and patterns actually match on a lot of them, I get they’re being experimental but on a lot of them it looks like a kindergartner designed them

  24. I think the reason the stage outfits r a little bit weird it’s bc of Zimzalabim,it’s unique it’s weird (in a good way) but one thing i don’t like is that Wendy always gets the worst outfits,like she literally wore a BAG as a shirt even tho in my opinion she rocked that lewk.some of the outfits r good some of them r not but they diff need to get a new stylist.

    Also,who think that Joy literally slayed this era❤️

  25. Yeri and Irene had the best looks this comeback, especially Yeri's mismatched shoes. Iconic.
    Also, the green fluffy "shirt" can burn but Im down with the pink one. Maybe because it was and ACTUAL shirt.
    And I've never even noticed the tape before….thanks a lot for that lmao.

  26. Am I the only one who kinda forgot that this comeback happened? They were HUGE for like 2 weeks then just disappeared.

  27. I was dying when you half yelled “it looks like shit OKAY”

    I think the outfits fit the concept of Zimzalabim, but at the same time you can still make it look weird but cool and aesthetically pleasing. Most of the time, especially for poor Wendy, they missed the mark completely.

  28. Wendy's green dress shirt reminded me of Mike Wazowski's Body from Monster Inc.

    Somebody needs jail for this

  29. I really hated Wendy's fringe it the first one gave me Oscar the grouch realness

  30. i 100% respect your opinion, i just wanted to say that there's a level of comedy to watching seriously review and praise outfits on the screen when you just think theyre looking like clowns

    like imagine a clown outfit and someone seriously saying "i like the color scheme, its flow-y"

    again this is not a roast towards you i wanted to explain why i found this video funny. iss just clothes. ofc no one will like the same clothes

  31. I think the outfits would be better if they would actually flatter their bodies, like I don't necessarily think the colors were bad and materials were the worst because I feel like in this comeback Irene got the best outfits since they actually flattered her body every performance but the colors were pretty bold just like other members, same with Somi, she had some outfits that weren't bad because they actually fit well but the material and colors were experimental and unique which I liked but when they just don't even fit and makes the idols lose their body in the clothes its just looks bad idc if its unique it just looks ugly

  32. The thing is, it's sad how they give Joy, the TALLEST member, super short skirts and expect her to dance in it. Like wtf? There's this clip of her wearing this tight black dress that moves up when she dances and her fiddling with it to move it down, you can clearly tell she is uncomfortable. And, SM gives them opposite outfits. None of it matches eachother's clothes, and it looks bad.

  33. Completely random thought: but 1:17 You put Chocolat?? Here I thought I was the only person who knew about their existence. 😂😂

  34. I do agree with you. I actually really like Wendy’s green puffy outfit. The green gold colour, the puffiness and the flow of it just screams fun. It’s appropriate to wear with the theme that the whole song carries. It’s different and unconventional, which is why i can see how much hate it gets, but I don’t think deserves all that hate. At least it’s not some crop top with shorts that we’ve seen almost EVERYONE wear in different versions.

    That outfit brings something new to the table, and in my opinion, it’s really not Wendy’s worst look. She has been put in things that are much worse than that. Red velvets still need to come up with better and more coordinated outfits for the girls, but my point is that the green “tote bag” or “carpet” outfit isn’t as bad as everyone makes it sound.

  35. i like how you don't straight up say shit about their clothes lol.
    this was mostly a video of you complimenting their clothes instead of roasting them.
    cause they obviously talk to their stylists and agree on what clothes they would be ok with wearing people straight up says their stylists needs to change which is like…..you don't need to like it but their are people who likes it


  36. I hated Wendy's green furry outfit BUT I wouldn't have hated it if the green furry thing had been a dress instead of a shirt, if that makes sense. IDK I just think it should have been like five inches longer and it would have been okay

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